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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration has undertaken a vast scheme against Russian economic actors, which it characterizes as "sanctions." The scheme consists in seizing assets, freezing assets, and prohibiting lawful and constitutionally protected commercial transactions.

All of this is aimed at dissuading Russian President Vladimir Putin from his determination to use extreme state violence to neutralize the government of Ukraine and install a government more favorable to the Kremlin. Yet, the targets of these sanctions are neither Putin nor the Russian state. Rather, his friends and political supporters, as well as Russian banks and commercial entities, and even American banks and commercial entities, have been targeted -- and hundreds of millions of consumers and investors have been harmed.

By prohibiting the use of assets and international money transfers, the sanctions have severely harmed folks in Russia who have nothing to do with Putin's war by radically reducing their purchasing power and eliminating many everyday choices from their spending options. All of this was done by presidential edict.

Can the president constitutionally prevent Americans and foreign persons from the lawful use of their own assets and from engaging freely in lawful commercial transactions?

In a word: No.

Here is the backstory.

The Constitution was written to establish the federal government and to limit it. The same document that delegates to Congress the power to keep interstate and foreign commerce regular also prohibits the states in the Contracts Clause from interfering in private contracts. But there was originally no comparable prohibition restraining the federal government.

In 1791, James Madison, the author of the Constitution, argued as a member of the House of Representatives against legislation establishing the First National Bank of the United States because he feared federal control of commerce. Of course, it became law, caused recessions and was sunset 20 years later.

Yet in 1816, shortly before the end of his second term in the White House, Madison caved to corporatism and signed into law the Second National Bank of the United States. After its constitutionality was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1824, the feds insinuated themselves into all sorts of economic activity, none of it enhancing personal liberty, all of it favoring their patrons.

While still a congressman, and fearing federal insinuation into commerce, Madison authored the Bill of Rights -- the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. He crafted the Fifth Amendment to protect life, liberty and property from the government.

By requiring due process -- a trial at which the federal government must prove fault -- prior to interfering with any person's life, liberty or property, Madison arguably crafted more restraints on the feds than the original Constitution imposed upon the states.

Similarly, by requiring a search warrant issued by a neutral judge based on sworn testimony of probable cause of crime before the feds could seize any person or tangible thing, Madison again added strength and vitality to his understanding of the Constitution's protections of the primacy of the individual with respect to property and privacy.
Both the Fourth and the Fifth Amendments protect all "people" and every "person," not just Americans. This is critical to an understanding of why the sanctions imposed by the Biden administration -- upon those as to whom there has been no due process or against whom there have been no search warrants issued -- are profoundly unconstitutional.

For generations, the government argued that the rights to privacy and due process protected Americans only. In the post-World War II era, the feds have lost those arguments.

Thus, when the feds seize a yacht from a person whom they believe may have financed Putin's political rise to power, or even his personal lifestyle, they are doing so in direct violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment. Similarly, when they freeze foreign assets in American banks, they engage in a seizure, and seizures can only constitutionally be done with a search warrant.

As well, when the feds interfere -- whether by presidential edict or congressional legislation -- with contract rights by prohibiting compliance with lawful contracts, that, too, implicates due process and can only be done constitutionally after a jury verdict in the government's favor from a trial at which the feds have proven fault.

As if to anticipate these constitutional roadblocks to its interference with free commercial choices by investors, workers and consumers, Congress enacted the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 and the Magnitsky Act of 2016. These constitutional aberrations purport to give the president the power to declare persons and entities to be violators of human rights and, by that mere executive declaration, to punish them without trial.

These laws turn the Fourth and Fifth Amendments on their heads by punishing first and engaging in a perverse variant of due process later.

How perverse? If the feds seize assets or interfere with contracts involving foreign ownership or interests, and the victims want justice, the persons or entities whose assets have been seized or whose contractual rights have been diminished must consent to the jurisdiction of American courts and prove that they are NOT human rights violators.

These statutes are a federal version of "Alice in Wonderland," whereby the punished person or entity must prove innocence. Such a burden defies all American concepts of property ownership, fairness and due process. It is antithetical to our history, repugnant to our values and mocks the Constitution that all in government have sworn to uphold. All persons are presumed innocent. The government must always prove fault.

The restrictions that the Constitution imposes upon the federal government have no emergency exceptions, nor are they theoretical or fanciful. They were crafted by men who knew and had tasted the torments of unbridled government power. They wrote the restrictions to assure that the new federal government could not do to Americans what the British had done to them.


They failed !!


Andrew P Napolitano

Published in Politics
Saturday, 19 March 2022 18:19

The Right Side: THE EMP THREATS!


The instant a country initiates a missile launch we know from where it was launched, who did it, (what country), the type of launch, the direction and after minutes, a good idea where it’s heading.

If you don’t order an immediate, devastating, retaliation…an annihilation… of whoever did it, there will be none…absolutely, no retaliation, and the United States will die!
Airplanes and 500,000 people in the air, will fall from the sky. All electric will stop and cease to exist for years…decades!

You buffoons will have not only killed America but will also have killed many who were traveling in computer controlled vehicles…there will NOT be anyone for you to Rule as Socialists…you will have eliminated any future for anything that was!

Anyone of your advisors who is/are telling you otherwise doesn’t know shit!

Nobody will die from the blast or blasts nor Radiation. We will all, eventually, revert back to the dark ages…no refrigeration, no fuel, no food, no generators that survive an EMP, no banks, no FDIC, no Rule of Law because all the enforcers (police and military) will be fighting to save themselves and protect their own families! No food except what we kill, no water except what we purify, nothing…you morons have no concept what devastation will take place, from your greed, stupidity, recklessness. AND, if you two geniuses shut down our grid, as I personally believe you will try to do (and blame someone else)…it will have the same effect as an EMP! Making you two…our enemies!!!

UNLESS…and I am very serious…UNLESS…you park our Trident fleet of Submarines in close proximity to Russia, China, N Korea and …Iran with orders to completely destroy which ever one launched, that attack on us…and then make certain those morons understand that our Subs will launch an attack on all 4 Nations if there are no orders to step down…because we cannot transmit or don’t want to!

In other words …if we get hit from an EMP device, from anybody…we will kill them …if we cannot identify who did it, within the few minutes we will have…we will launch an all-out attack on all 4 Nations that we believe has the capability, because we know they will attack us if we’re hit with an EMP from anywhere!!!
Let them understand, that they will be committing suicide!

Keep in mind, just one nuclear missile, from a Trident Sub, carries numerous, GPS guided war heads and once locked on, cannot be stopped! Just one missile can wipe out every major city in either Russian, China, Iran or ALL of N Korea… 4 missiles…4 enemies gone, too…see you in Hell!

You, Obama, are out of control…we know what you are doing! Cloward and Piven said to weaken the US…not destroy her! If you leave us helpless, without electric power, you will never be able to repair what you did! Certainly, not enough to make Allah proud of you…not if there’s nothing left!

Besides…what makes you think, that with all the millions of armed Americans, who hate you, that you will even survive to rule, after you have destroyed our Republic?

Listen, here’s the deal, Venezuela is an oil rich country, albite, their product needs cleaning. It’s still valuable and they need a Commie leader, like you. Why not go down there with your black ops and do your thing there? We’ll let all the damage that you have caused go and let bye-gones be bye-gones…but if you destroy much more…we won’t be able to forgive and forget…get it? P.S. take Soros with you!

gary small



Published in Politics

March is the absolute height of tourism season on Fort Myers Beach. Between residents and Seasonals to Spring Breakers and Spring Training fans, there is always something for everyone on Fort Myers Beach, so while on our 7-mile island, add a visit the iconic Mound House! One of Southwest Florida’s most-beloved historic sites, the Mound House traces its roots to the ancient Calusa of over 2,000 years ago.

Celebrate “Archaeology Month” on Saturday, March 19, as the Southwest Florida Archaeological Society presents “Calusa Coastal Days” at the Mound House! In addition to the Mound House Museum being open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., it offers a “Guided Kayak Tour” at 9 a.m.; “Cool Calusa Tools” at 10 a.m.; “Shell Mound Tours” at 11 a.m. & 1 p.m.; and the “Family Fun Kayak Tour” at 2 p.m. The Kayak Tours require advance reservations at 239-765-0865 or

As the oldest standing structure on Estero Island, the Town of Fort Myers Beach operates the Mound House as a museum complex and cultural and environmental learning experience that offers numerous monthly entertainment and educational programs, including for children. The Mound House is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., enforces Social Distancing guidelines and requests that all unvaccinated visitors wear masks. It is at 451 Connecticut Street with overflow parking at 216 Connecticut. Admission is $10 for ages 13 & up, $8 for students with IDs, $5 ages 6 to 12, and 5 & under free, with Fort Myers Beach residents receiving a 50% museum admission discount. For information, reservations, and a monthly programs schedule, call 239-765-0865 or see

Shell Mound Tour
For all ages every March Tuesday through Saturday at 11 am & 1 pm.
If you dig archaeology, the Mound House’s signature program is for you! Tour the one-of-a-kind underground 2,000-year-old Calusa Indian Shell Mound, explore the site’s archaeology to unearth clues about this ancient society. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission; Free for members.

FREE: Newton Beach Park ‘Guided Beach Walk’
For all ages every Tuesday and Thursday weather permitting at 9 am.
This twice-weekly free outdoor nature program is different every single time, walk roughly a half-mile down the beach and back, discussing whatever you find that morning. Meet at the thatched hut closest to the beach, with Social Distancing in place. Bring sunscreen, shoes to get wet, sunglasses and hat. No reservations necessary; while free, parking is $5-per-hour, with one hour generally enough. Newton Beach Park, 4650 Estero Boulevard.

Cool Calusa Tools
For families with children ages 6 & older every March Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday at 10 a.m.
Learn to hunt, fish, and make masks and pottery, just like the Calusa! In this exciting hands-on tour of the Mound House grounds where staff demonstrate Calusa tools and artifacts, then help you make Calusa-inspired artwork where your imagination runs wild! $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission, Free for members.

Garden Tour
For all ages every March Tuesday & Friday at 2 p.m.
Stroll through the Mound House gardens to discover how its unique plants conserve water and protect wildlife, while learning how the Calusa and other Native Americans used them in their daily lives. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission; Free for members.

Latino History Tour
For all ages every March Wednesday at 2 p.m.
Perfect for Florida history buffs! Learn about the Latino fishing village known as a “Rancho” that existed on the shell mound between the ancient Calusa and Anglo-Pioneer eras. Explore the site’s archaeology and history through unearthed clues about this multicultural society. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission, Free for members.

Guided Kayak Tour
For ages 12 & up every March Wednesday through Saturday at 9 am as well as Thursday, March 31, at 2 pm.
Explore the winding mangrove creeks and hidden waters of the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve as only a kayaker can on this Environmental Educator-guided tour of the ancient realm of the Calusa! Witness birds, fish, manatee and dolphins as you paddle through the natural beauty of Estero and Hell Peckney Bays in a tandem kayak. All paddling & safety equipment provided; $45-per-person with Mound House members $15 that includes Mound House admission. Advance reservations necessary at

Archaeology: Can You Dig It?
For all ages every March Wednesday & Friday at 10 a.m.
Learn what it takes to be an archaeologist! Handle real artifacts and discover how archaeologists study past cultures in a program perfect for families. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission, with Mound House members free.

Family Fun Kayak Tour
For ages 6 & up weather permitting every March Wednesday & Saturday, as well as Thursday, March 24, all at 2 p.m.
This specially-designed Environmental Educator-guided kayak tour is perfect fun for families with children ages 6 & up! See birds, dolphins, manatee, and other wildlife while paddling through the Estero Bay mangroves. $25-per-person ages 13 & up; $15-per-person ages 6 to 12 that includes Mound House admission. Equipment provided. Advance registrations necessary at

Full Moon Kayak Tour
For ages 12 & up on Friday, March 18, at 6 p.m.
This unique tour offers kayakers the rare opportunity to experience the backwaters of the Estero Bay in the quiet of twilight by the light of the full moon! Participants explore the estuary’s tidal creeks, winding mangroves, and abundant wildlife illuminated by the full moon. Weather permitting and reservations required at; $45-per-person with Mound House members $15. The Mound House provides all paddling equipment.

Sunset Kayak Tour
Ages 12 & up weather permitting on Friday, March 25, at 5:45 p.m.
In addition to catching a breathtaking sunset, explore the tidal creeks and winding mangrove tunnels that extend into the hidden backwaters of Estero Bay while experiencing the estuary’s abundant wildlife in the quiet of twilight. Equipment provided. $45-per-person; Mound House members $15, with advance registrations necessary at

Gary Mooney

Published in Outdoor

Millions of rounds of ammunition, vast quantities of body armor, and a multitude of small arms are now being sent to help Ukraine fend off Russian forces. The Biden administration has already sent Ukraine more than 600 Stinger missiles2,600 Javelin anti-armor systems, an unmanned aerial system tracking radars; grenade launchers, 200 shotguns, 200 machine guns, and nearly 40 million rounds of small arms ammunition, along with helicopters, patrol boats, satellite imagery and body armor, helmets, and other tactical gear.

Weapons have been pouring in from across Europe, as Belgium, Portugal, Finland, and other nations have responded to Ukrainian calls for arms and equipment. More than a dozen other NATO countries and several non-NATO European nations have started or expanded their weapons shipments to Ukraine. Even Germany broke its long-standing policy of not sending weapons to conflict zones, and as part of an initial package, Berlin announced that it would send some 1,500 rocket launchers and Stinger missiles to Ukraine.

In the Wrong Hands?

As the weapons shipments continue, there is the fear that some of those weapons might not end up in the hands of those defending Ukraine. Some experts have warned that without controls in place to track and monitor the flow of small arms, some of the weapons could end up sold on the black market and even used by the pro-Russian paramilitary groups in the breakaway regions of Eastern Ukraine.

“There is the real threat that the Ukrainian government can potentially not control all of these weapons,” Kelsey Gallagher, a researcher with Project Ploughshares, a Canadian non-government disarmament group, said in an interview with the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC). “They could end up anywhere.”

Canada, like other NATO nations, has stepped up efforts to provide weapons to the Ukrainian forces, and since the start of the Russian invasion, Ottawa has pledged military aid valued in the tens of millions of dollars. That has included anti-tank weapons, rockets, handguns, machine guns and caches of ammunition.

While the weapons from Canada are being provided “exclusively” to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the Ukrainian military, experts are warning that it is impossible to know for certain where some of the small arms could end up.

“We cannot exclude entirely the possibility that some of that weaponry will end up in the wrong hands,” explained Costanza Musu, a University of Ottawa professor specializing in international security. He added that past western weapons shipments to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Libya had gone missing or were misused.

United Nations report found that in the chaos of the 2011 Libyan Civil War, some of the weapons intended for the provisional government ended up in the hands of terrorist groups including al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS. That included automatic rifles, machine guns and even advanced surface-to-air missiles and man-portable air defense systems.

Since ordering the so-called “special military operation” into Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he would welcome the donation of captured “western-made” weapons to Russian-back militant groups in Eastern Ukraine. While it isn’t clear at this point if any of western weapons have been captured, it is likely some will likely end up in the hands of the paramilitary forces, which will only add to the suffering of the civilians in Ukraine.

However, the United States and NATO remain committed to helping Ukraine fight off the Russian invasion, and on Wednesday it was announced that NATO countries will continue to deliver weapons.

Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren made the point clear, “Ukraine has the right to defend itself.”

Peter Suciu

Published in General/Features

If you're a woman who's been struggling to lose weight using mainstream methods, you're far from alone. Many women struggle to lose weight using calorie deficits and cardio. This is because women gain and lose weight differently than men. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways women can tackle weight loss effectively. 

Check Vitamin D Levels

Many women battle low energy. While many things can cause low energy, vitamin D deficiency is one culprit. If you don't often get outside or rarely eat dairy products, it's worth getting your vitamin D levels checked. You can boost low vitamin D levels by taking supplements, consuming dairy products, and getting outside.

Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Another cause of low energy is not getting enough sleep or having an erratic sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation can lead to daytime sleepiness, mood swings, depression, or a lowered immune system. 

Where possible, aim to create better sleeping habits. If you can, go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. Remember, adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night to function optimally. 

Invest in New Athletic Wear

Buying new athletic wear can be a great way to boost your confidence and help motivate you to work out. The right clothing can also make exercise easier and more comfortable. Three popular types of comfortable athletic wear include leggings, sports bras, and sneakers. Choose leggings and sports bras that fit well but aren't too tight. Purchase sneakers that feel comfortable and offer plenty of support when you're on the go. 

Set Small Goals

Setting weight loss goals can generally lead to better results because it gives something concrete to work toward. However, setting small goals can be even more effective because it creates a sense of achievement throughout the weight loss journey. This is an excellent idea if you have a lot of weight to lose or find it hard to stay motivated. 

Balance Cardio and Strength Training

Although cardio is an excellent way to shed a few pounds, balance it with strength training. Many women are afraid to lift weights because they don't want to bulk up too much. However, women don't build muscle in the same way men do. Instead, weight lifting helps tone your body and make you stronger.

If you're worried about building too much muscle, consider doing bodyweight exercises instead of weight lifting. Aim for two or three days of strength training and three or four days of cardio each week, depending on your current fitness level. Always start slowly and add extra days or increase workout intensity as your body adjusts to higher activity levels.

Use These Tips to Lose Weight as a Woman

Using the tips above can help you lose weight as a woman. Check out the Sun Bay Paper if you're looking for ideas on fun ways to get outdoors around the Gulf Coast of South Florida and boost your vitamin D. 

Published in General/Features

The Benefits of Creative Arts for Children With Learning Disabilities

Creative arts are beneficial to children with learning disabilities. Through the medium, they may learn how to express themselves in ways they can't through regular conversation or online texting and messaging. These practices can become an important means of communication.

Music, dance, drawing, and acting can also teach children with learning disabilities about shapes, colors, numbers, and emotions while helping them become more self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses. These lessons, in turn, provide a basis for a higher quality of life.

Why Is Music Good for Kids With Learning Disabilities?

Music is therapy for the soul and can be used as a vessel to relay emotions when children are struggling with them. Children with learning disabilities often struggle with handling certain emotions, and using music can help them understand and feel them in a way that they can relate to. By using music to address physical, mental, emotional, and social needs, children can understand and process feelings in a way that they are able to.

Healing Through Art

Research has shown that creative arts provide a unique form of therapy. By allowing kids and parents to express themselves in whatever way they feel comfortable, creative arts serve as an outlet for feelings and emotions. This can help disabled children to communicate in ways that they might not have been able to before.

Art can also assist children with becoming comfortable in their own skin and gaining a sense of control over their environment by creating something. This kind of self-assurance via self-expression is important for everyone.

What Other Types of Art Therapy Are There?

While numerous methods can help children with learning disabilities, creative arts therapies are non-invasive and often provide calming effects through engaging activities. If your child has a learning disability, you know all too well that it's not easy to find effective treatment options—especially when there are so many alternative approaches out there. 

Creative arts therapies can help children with autism, down syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), Tourette's syndrome, and many other ailments learn about themselves and become more active members of society. The ability to improve quality of life is part of what makes creative arts therapies so valuable for both patients and their families.

Art Projects can be Therapeutic for Everyone

As parents of a disabled child or a child with learning disabilities, you might be on a journey that you didn't plan for, and you have needed to give up your original career. If this is the case and you have found yourself loving the creative outlets that art offers, then it's a great idea to start a small tutoring center. If you find a medium of creative arts that is beneficial to your child, you can create your own business in creative arts and offer lessons at times that suit your schedule

You can register your business as an LLC which is the most straightforward setup and offers much more significant tax advantages and less paperwork. It's so simple to set up, and if you need assistance, there are formation services that serviceFlorida that can help.

Share the Love

Art is a passion, but it can also be a useful tool in raising the quality of life for your child with a learning disability. Use this guide as an introduction for your own journey in the creative arts with your child.

small smiley face with sunglasses1

Published in Lifestyle

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