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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 12:09

Chimo is Back!!!




Many long time residents of Fort Myers Beach will remember a very cool dining local called the Orpheus. It was located on the corner of Crescent Street and San Carlos Blvd. Ocean Jewels now has the building.

It was run by three Greek brothers, Jimmy, Tony and Chimo Mallous.

Jimmy ran the breakfast and had your dish served up to you in minutes. Tony and Chimo ran the rest of the day which sometimes was till very late as they had Live Entertainment, with Jazz nights on Mondays, and various plays were performed there too. And the food...  WELL the food was GREAT!

The freshly made Gyros, not the stuff you get at most places where the meat comes to them already cooked and frozen.... no... they did it the old fashioned way, cooked slowly on the rotating spicket.

When you ordered a Greek salad it was prepared after it was ordered, tomatoes cut fresh for your salad etc etc... that did take more time but when you got it and ate it realizing how wonderfully fresh it was.... you were okay with a little wait.

Later in there tenure they added a Blodgett Pizza Oven and started making some of the best pizza on the island.

When Jimmy retired half a dozen years ago and the business closed.

chimo1 sm

Little Dina, Little Chimo with grandpa Chimo

You may wonder why I have taken you on this ride down memory lane.... well Chimo with his wife Dina and his sons, Harry and George, his grandson Chimo and granddaughter Dina have opened up a new restaurant, located off the beach at 17633 San Carlos Blvd. Chimo's Taverna

chimo grandma dina sm

Grandma Dina

Due to Covid -19 and parking issues they are trying to clear up with the county, they are only open for takeout and FREE delivery at this time. I was by myself so I didn't order a bunch of food but the pizza was great.

orpheus pizza sma

So come on out and welcome Chimo back to the neighborhood or give him a call at 239-437-2717 for some FREE delivery and help support this new local mom and pop business.

Bobby Mimmo

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