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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 12 May 2020

With at least 656 nursing home and long-term care residents among the 1,779 who have died from COVID-19 in Florida, the state is mandating continuous testing for 200,000 staff members who work in the facilities.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) issued emergency orders this week that require nursing homes and assisted living facilities to permit Florida Department of Health (DOH) officials into their buildings for infection control and to conduct COVID-19 testing of residents and staff.

According to ACHA’s order, “When the department enters the buildings, the nursing homes and assisted living facilities will need to require staff members to submit to tests” and make those who are off duty “available” for testing.


Failure to comply could result in license revocations, suspensions and fines, ACHA said.

“The challenge we face is mitigating and containing the spread of this deadly virus in our long-term care facilities,” ACHA Secretary Mary Mayhew said in a statement. “To guard against the rapid spread of COVID-19, I am issuing emergency rules for our nursing homes and assisted living facilities requiring that every facility allow access to the DOH or their authorized representative for mandatory testing for all facility staff. These rules will also require every facility to allow access to the DOH or its authorized representative for infection prevention and control purposes.”

DOH has established a COVID in LTC daily update webpage that charts COVID-19 cases in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. As of Tuesday, 482 of 3,800 Florida nursing home and assisted living facilities reported 1,667 positive residents and 1,738 positive staff members. Another 1,848 positive residents have been transferred.

According to DOH, the 1,667 who have tested positive represents 1.1 percent of 147,204 nursing home and assisted living facilities residents statewide.

The number of deaths among nursing home and assisted living facilities residents, however, accounts for about 40 percent of state fatalities attributed to the disease.

DOH has a separate document that updates COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes and assisted living facilities weekly. As of the last update May 9, it listed 656 residents, eight employees and one person of “unknown status” among the dead.


Seminole Pavilion Rehabilitation & Nursing Services in Pinellas County, with 22 residents and one staff member dying from the disease, listed the most. Three others – Braden River Rehabilitation Center in Manatee County, Highlands Lake Center in Polk and Suwannee Health and Rehabilitation Center in Suwannee – reported 18 deaths, and at least six others reported at least 10 deaths.

Gov. Ron DeSantis banned nursing home and assisted living facility visitations in late March, but the state has encouraged – not required – the facilities to screen employees when they report to work, until this week.

Among other measures taken to protect nursing home and assisted living facility residents are deployments of 50 four-member National Guard strike teams and an RV with a lab capacity of conducting 3,500 45-minute tests a week.

DOH's dashboard reported Tuesday afternoon that 41,923 people in the state had tested positive for COVID-19, with 7,418 hospitalized and 1,779 dead from the disease.

The numbers reflect an increase of 9,193 new cases, 1,819 hospitalizations and 615 deaths since May 1.

New cases continue to demonstrate a roller-coaster pattern with 650 new cases reported on Monday, 398 on Sunday, 707 on Saturday, 783 on Friday and 353 on Thursday.

DOH reported 580,316 people had been tested statewide through Sunday, an increase of 79,736 over the past four days, with an overall 7.2 percent positivity ratio.

Positivity ratio of test results is a key indicator in DeSantis’ three-phase reopening plan, which will gauge progress in slowing the disease’s spread by declining percentages, not declining case counts.


John Haughey

The Center Square

Published in Business

This is exactly what the global dictators have dreamed of. They have taken full advantage and used their mass media once again to create fear and hysteria. They have successfully gotten the lower masses of humanity, as they look upon us,   accepting that they must be treated like cattle for their own sake for their own survival that there's no other option than for Big Brother to take charge of the masses of adults who are too stupid to take responsibility for themselves and make their own decisions based on their own research and cognitive abilities.


That's the whole purpose of the handling of this disease, to move the masses further towards collectivism; towards the willing relinquishment of free movement, personal responsibility and thinking, in favor of easily accepting whatever figurative pill BIG BROTHER WANTS TO SHOVE DOWN THEIR THROAT!  


Life and liberty destroying decisions are made by AUTHORITY based on ignorance/fear and then FORCED upon the rest of us.






Napoleon and Hitler could only dream, no they couldn't dream of this it's beyond what they could have imagined. But oh how they could have wished for it, new subjects willingly OBEDIENT without ever having to fire a shot.


To have billions of people actually begging for the BIG BROTHER AUTHORITY OF GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS RUN AND OWNED BY THE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS to rip their basic human rights and their fortunes away from them and tell them what to do.


It's a shame that humanity has sunk into such depths of spinelessness.


There once was a country, the United States of America where the majority of the people were not like that.


I am saddened to see her dying after the great sacrifices made by her founders and by people who believed in her like the immigrants who came here for her promises of freedom, Hope, an opportunity to THEMSELVES CREATE a better life through PERSONAL ENDEAVOR AND RESPONSIBILITY IN A SOCIETY WHERE THEY WERE FREE TO PURSUE THEIR OWN IDEAS OF HAPPINESS. The key words in all this being "FREEDOM, PERSONAL ENDEAVOR".


Even those brought here against their will, how saddened must be the long gone black Africans who were torn violently from their homelands to lose their cultures, their loved ones, their freedoms, their very lives . Yet survivors were so strong, so heroic that they could rise up and make major contributions as Free proud people in this country despite conditions here being so against them. Against all indications to the contrary, they still believed in the founding principles and had hope that they could Take that freedom and they did! They never gave up, but then too many of them were beaten down and told over and over again for many generations that they were victims and could not do for themselves, that Big White Brother would help and too many swallowed that pill to their current degradation, but that's another sad story. Yet still how Noble our forbears from many lands.


How disappointed they must be to see our decadence and weakness of their descendants. Our spirit has been diluted by lack of gratitude and ignorance of what we were privileged enough to have been born in to; by an education that no longer teaches the principles upon which this country was founded, by a culture that embraces victimhood instead of Independence and personal power.


Some call it a "corporatacracy" that we live in now versus the old monarchies/feudal systems because even the people that we elect to represent us and our interests are more beholden to the corporations that insidiously push their agendas upon governments across the globe.


It is the Specter of Genghis Khan, Stalin etc down through the ages of humanity the small minority that is defective and is our enemy. It is that ancient spirit of conquest and suppression that has ever sought to have full power over the rest of us. That force is now succeeding on a global scale as we sit with full bellies watching our television sets.


We, in the U.S., who have come so far having tasted freedom and the luxuries it brings, having the most to lose. We who were the hope of the people of Earth now spiritually weak, sniveling brats selling out the people of Earth by being ignorant of and ungrateful for what we have here.


We owe it to Earth's People to stand up and save what still remains of our founding hopes and dreams.


Seek your own truth!


It is so much easier today with the internet although not so easy as continuing to open wide your gullet to swallow the propaganda and sound bites of the suppressive merchants of chaos.



Published in Politics

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