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Friday, 03 January 2020 13:18

Life Is Short, Smell More Roses!

With the coming of the new year I send to you all.... Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Happy 2020!

This time of year we look back at the months that have passed and reflect, ponder and resolve to improve ourselves.

As life goes on, certain things happen that shape our lives, our perspectives and help mold our futures. Recently, my best friend was diagnosed with Cancer, there was history in the family so it wasn't a complete surprise but knocked the wind right out of me. Another good friend had a brain aneurism burst, needed emergency surgery and spent Christmas and New Years in ICU and is scheduled to be released soon.

A few months ago a friend died while on a Sunday ride on his Harley, he was hit from behind at a traffic light. Last month, some friends were involved in a multi-bike accident, while riding in a group something went wrong with the lead rider and he went down, I only got third hand information so it is hard to say what actually happened, but 5 motorcycles were involved and one man lost his life with others dealing with multiple operations and some still in ICU. Makes one wonder if riding is still a good idea.

Then the other day............ a good friend came down with an illness and became deathly ill. It crept in slowly over a week's time, we finally took him to ER on Christmas Eve. We still are not sure what it was, tests were done and speculations were made........... leaving only more questions than actually offering answers...some CDC epidemic? Some strain of the flu that had mutated? Who knows? The doctors sure didn't......... after a few days, it appeared to many, especially himself, that he was not going to make it.

I'll never forget being in his hospital room the other day when he took my hand in his and told me "Please take care of my wife" I told him NO...he wasn't done here yet and he needed to be strong and lick this thing whatever it was. He was weak, he looked drained and defeated........In my heart I wondered if I was lying to my friend but I was hopeful that he would pull through, sometimes a true friend lies to you to give you strength to push through such obstacles! But he was too weak to be hopeful and believed he would soon die.

As fate would have it...... it was not his time yet! He is not completely out of the woods but is doing much better and looks like he will be okay!

And now, a few days ago, on the next to last day of 2019 another friend, Benito "Benny" Mata died from a heart attack at a very young age of 45...He turned 44 last September and had just started on his 45th year!

He was a good man, a hard worker and good friend to many.... he always had a smile on his face, and would literally give you the shirt of his back.......he will be missed. As soon as I have any information about any celebration of life I will post it to our Facebook page.

You may wonder why I am sharing all this with you? It is because I have decided that life is too short and I am working too much! I need to take some more time, do some traveling and smell a whole bunch more roses before it's too late!

My labor of love that is the Sun Bay Paper has been an incredible ride..... But with all this in mind..... I have decided to sell the Newspaper! Previous owner Trent Townsend spent a small fortune establishing this paper, I will be selling it pennies on the dollar.

On another note: I could really use an advertising sales person to help bring in more revenues, so if you are a people person and have the gift of gab, please give me a call. I'm offering 30% commission.

This paper would be perfect for a couple who have a passion for sharing conservative values and believe that the main stream media is way too biased. I will be happy to train you in all the software I use and will be available for a smooth transition.

I have about 20 new paper boxes ready for placement in an expansion plan I was going to implement but will leave that for the future owners.

Over the next few months, I will entertain offers to purchase the paper, if you are interested, I have listed it with a Broker and I am offering some owner financing, his name is Don and you can reach him at 239-216-7062.

Bobby Mimmo

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