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Saturday, 28 July 2018 13:08

Happy Birthday To Sun Bay Paper!

Sun Bay Paper is celebrating our 3rd birthday, (in a singing voice) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUNBAY.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US.....

Our fist issue hit the streets on August 6th 2015, that means our birthday is right around the corner and will be here before our next issue hits the streets.

While daily papers are dropping like flies around the country and the world..... local, weekly papers are growing. We credit our growth to you, our readers and we would like to thank you for making this labor of love all worthwhile.

And let me tell you, it has been quite a ride.... From stolen paper boxes, vandalism, graffiti, broken windshields and more. The opposition to our message has been “over the top,” but that's the difference between the left and the right! On the left they say "I don't like_______ (fill in the blank) and don’t want to do it so no one should be able to do it!" on the right we say "I don't like it and don’t want to do __________ so I won't do it" .......... .....there's quite a difference....

We have been through a lot of changes in these few years but sharing our conservative message has allowed us to gain popularity with our conservative base and create dialog among the blind followers of mainstream media who are becoming awakened by the obvious bias and hatred they have been bombarded with.

I would like to thank ALL of our advertisers, for realizing our readers are people you would like as customers. Our readers are smart and spend money, a good combination.... thank you for understanding that and supporting our endeavor. At the same time, I would like to thank our readers for supporting our advertisers. If you like our paper, I thank you for your support, and the best way you can show us that support is by shopping and frequenting our advertisers. If you have a business and want to support us, give us a call, we have the best rates in print advertising, if you don’t have a business and would like to support us, your support is still welcomed, you can send us a small non deductible donation to our mailing address below.

I would also like to thank all my liberal readers for drinking from the fresh waters of our messages and putting aside the Kool-Aid talking points of main stream media. And YES.... I realize some of you only read our paper to see what "ridiculous thing" we'll say next but thanks for being here just the same.

Every week, I run into another person who tells me they read our paper and like our paper, I thank you ......... and PLEASE ... keep sending in the letters, we will truly never tire of hearing your words of encouragement and your point of view on current events....but unfortunately .... for every one that praises us ... we get one or two hate mails, but this only confirms to us, we are on the correct path and doing a good job...... recently, due to Maxine Waters, some comments have gotten uglier, we don't share many of those but that's ok, we do and have shared the ones that are "clean enough" to print. This is why we publish our paper from deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker....... somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building... 

But seriously folks, we like to promote facts and letting people think for themselves, give the information that no one else is telling you and allow the thought process to happen.

From the bottom of our hearts.... mine and that of my better half and editor... Jennifer ... we thank you for your support, and look forward to many more Birthdays!

Oh..... Here's the rest of the birthday song, people always forget this verse at parties....


I'm getting some .... hope you do too!

Bobby Mimmo

Published in News Around The Bay
Saturday, 28 July 2018 12:56

Once upon a time: A short history lesson

Once Upon a Time every student of history and that meant pretty much everyone with a high school education knew this, the Democratic party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow and the Republican party was the party of emancipation and racial integration.

Democrats were the Confederacy and Republicans were the Union, Jim Crow Democrats were dominant in the South and socially tolerant Republicans were dominant in the north, but then in the 1960s and 70s everything supposedly flip, suddenly the Republicans became the racist and the Democrats became the champions of civil rights. Fabricated by left-leaning academic elites and journalist, the story went like this, Republicans couldn't win a national election by appealing to the better nature of the country they can only win by appealing to the worst. Attributed to Richard Nixon, the media is all-purpose bad guy, this came to be known as the Southern Strategy. It was very simple, win elections by winning the south and to win the south, appeal to racist. Southern Republicans the party of Lincoln, were to now be labeled, the party of rednecks, but this story of the two parties switching identities is a myth.
In fact it's three myths wrapped into one false narrative. let's take a brief look at each myth in turn.

Myth number 1: In order to be competitive in the South, Republican started to Panda to White racist in the 1960's...

FACT: Republicans actually became competitive in the South as early as 1928 or Republican Herbert Hoover one of the 47% of the South's popular vote against Democrat Al Smith.
In 1952 Republican president Dwight Eisenhower won the southern states of Tennessee, Florida and Virginia and in 1956 he picked up Louisiana, Kentucky and West Virginia too and that was after he supported the Supreme Court decision in Brown versus Board of Education that desegregated public schools and after he sent the hundred first Airborne to Little Rock Central High School to enforce Integration.

Myth number two: Southern Democrats angry with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 switch parties.

FACT: of the 21 Democratic senators who opposed the Civil Rights Act, just one became a republican the other 20 continue to be elected as Democrats or were replaced by other Democrats. On average those 26 didn't go Republican for another two and a half decades.

Myth number three: Since the implementation of the Southern Strategy, the Republicans have dominated the South.

FACT: Richard Nixon the man who is often credited with creating the Southern Strategy lost the Deep South in 1968. In contrast Democrat Jimmy Carter nearly swept the region in 1976, 12 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and in 1992 over 28 years later Democrat Bill Clinton won Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. The truth is, Republicans didn't hold a majority of Southern congressional seats until 1994, 30 years after the Civil Rights act.
As Kevin Williamson National Review writes "if Southern rednecks ditched the Democrats because of a civil rights law passed in 1964, it is strange that they waited until the late 1980s and early 1990s to do so, they say things move slower in the South but not that slow"

So what really happened? Why does the South now vote overwhelmingly Republican? Because the South itself has changed, its values have changed, the racism that once defined it, doesn't anymore, it's values today are conservative ones, pro life, pro gun and pro small government. And here's the proof, Southern whites are far more likely to vote for a black conservative like Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina than a white liberal, in Short History has moved on! Like other regions of the country the South, votes values, not skin color.

The myth of the southern strategy is just the Democrats excuse for losing the south and yet another way to smear Republicans with the label racist! Don't buy it

Carol Swain
Professor of Political
Science and Law
at Vanderbilt University

to learn more about Carol Swain, watch from GED to PHD on youtube:


Published in General/Features

Beerfoot or Barefoot Rugby tournament is 7's rugby that has been taking place for the past 16 years. Proceeds benefit different organizations along the years, and have included Fort Myers Beach Elementary.

7's Rugby is 7 players per side, playing two 7 minute halves. The Try Zone is split into sections, with the middle worth the most points, in lieu of kicking through uprights as you would on a grass pitch.

Boasting a wide variety of playing levels and skills, and with Rugby 7's having just been in the Olympics, it popularity is only growing quickly.

People are most surprised with the physicality of our sport. We play without the pads as you see in Football, but all of the tackling. Same rules apply for the men's and woman's teams.

Fort Myers Beach is hosting the event this year, with it’s wide spread beaches needed for this type of Rugby and also has a community of down to earth fun, it’s the perfect location.

Sponsored each year by local restaurants and bars that host the Pub Crawl. This year the main event is sponsored at Junkanoos! Our Pub Crawl will begin there immediately following the tournament and then proceed to our other local sponsors; Sandbar, Tuckaway Cafe, Shamrock, Lani Kai, Cottage, Mermaid, Sunset Beach Grille and also Sponsored by Momentum Brewery in Bonita. Other Sponsors include Chiropractic Care & Rehab Center, Islamorada Dive Center, Rising Tide Explorers, The Sun Bay Paper and Trophy Guide Services.

This event is a great time for all ages to come and watch a fun day at the beach. With Junkanoo as the host, spectators are able to view from their dining table or the bar, if they chose to stay out of the sandy beach.

Kids may also find something they would be interested in, and can speak to representatives from Fort Myers Youth Rugby, or Naples Youth Rugby. We have Men's, Woman's, Old Boy's (Rugby term of endearment for 45+) and Universities that participate.

Teams can register at www.beerfoot7' or if you're a spectator, entry is free. Please come and watch and patronize at Junkanoo. If you'd like to follow us on the Pub Crawl, you only need to buy our tank top and you're in!

Saturday, August 4th, 2018--All Welcomed to spectate.
Junkanoos on the Beach, 3040 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
9:00 am games begin
Published in Outdoor

Local Scientists Concerned about Water Quality 
Host Free Public Forum on Health and Toxic Algae

Fort Myers, Florida – Physician, Dr. Parisima Taeb, Microbiologist, Dr. Jennifer Boddicker, and Wildlife Ecologist, Annisa Karim are hosting a town-hall forum on August 6th, 2018 at Broadway Palm Theater, from 6 to 8 pm.

“Once again, our rivers and waterways are being choked by green algae slime that is harmful to both wildlife and humans,” says Collier county wildlife ecologist, Annisa Kariem.

Dr. Taeb, a physician from Lee County understands that the community is worried about how the algae blooms will affect their health: “This is an opportunity for citizens to speak with experts in the field and explore real solutions.”

Dr. Boddicker will draw upon her background in microbiology to answer questions about why the algae blooms keep happening, and what can be done to prevent them. All three scientists are running for public offices, but they do not consider this a campaign event: the town hall will focus on actionable solutions to immediate problems.

Tickets for this event are free but should be requested in advance by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with their first name, zip code and any questions they would like addressed during the forum. Answers will be provided in a town hall format, live at the event.

All three scientists are also running for public office so that they can address this important issue at the legislative level. The purpose of the town hall, however, is an educational event for concerned citizens.

The committee extends its thanks to the Broadway Palm Theater for donating the space for this community service event.

Contact: Joe Bord 

Published in Environment
Thursday, 12 July 2018 15:21

Is a Coming NATO Crisis Inevitable?


Of President Donald Trump's explosion at Angela Merkel's Germany during the NATO summit, it needs to be said: It is long past time we raised our voices.

America pays more for NATO, an alliance created 69 years ago to defend Europe, than do the Europeans. And as Europe free-rides off our defense effort, the EU runs trade surpluses at our expense that exceed $100 billion a year.

To Trump, and not only to him, we are being used, gouged, by rich nations we defend, while they skimp on their own defense.

At Brussels, Trump had a new beef with the Germans, though similar problems date back to the Reagan era. Now we see the Germans, Trump raged, whom we are protecting from Russia, collaborating with Russia and deepening their dependence on Russian natural gas by jointly building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline under the Baltic Sea.

When completed, this pipeline will leave Germany and Europe even more deeply reliant on Russia for their energy needs.

To Trump, this makes no sense. While we pay the lion's share of the cost of Germany's defense, Germany, he said in Brussels, is becoming "a captive of Russia."

Impolitic? Perhaps. But is Trump wrong? While much of what he says enrages Western elites, does not much of it need saying?

Germany spends 1.2 percent of its gross domestic product on defense, while the U.S. spends 3.5 percent. Why?

Why -- nearly three decades after the end of the Cold War, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, the crackup of the Soviet Union and the overthrow of the Communist dictatorship in Moscow -- are we still defending European nations that collectively have 10 times the GDP of Vladimir Putin's Russia?

Before departing Brussels, Trump upped the ante on the allies, urging that all NATO nations raise the share of their GDPs that they devote to defense to 4 percent.

Brussels may dismiss this as typical Trumpian bluster, but my sense is that Trump is not bluffing. He is visibly losing patience.

Though American leaders since John Foster Dulles in the 1950s have called for a greater defense effort from our allies, if the Europeans do not get serious this time, it could be the beginning of the end for NATO.

And not only NATO. South Korea, with an economy 40 times that of North Korea, spends 2.6 percent of its GDP on defense, while, by one estimate, North Korea spends 22 percent, the highest share on earth.

Japan, with the world's third-largest economy, spends an even smaller share of its GDP on defense than Germany, 0.9 percent.

Thus, though Seoul and Tokyo are far more menaced by a nuclear-armed North Korea and a rising China, like the Europeans, both continue to rely upon us as they continue to run large trade surpluses with us.

We get hit both ways. We send troops and pay billions for their defense, while they restrict our access to their markets and focus on capturing U.S. markets from American producers.

We are giving the world a lesson in how great powers decline.

America's situation is unsustainable economically and politically, and it's transparently intolerable to Trump, who does not appear to be a turn-the-other-cheek sort of fellow.

A frustrated Trump has already hinted he may accept Russia's annexation of Crimea as he accepted Israel's annexation of Jerusalem.

And he appears earnest about reducing our massive trade deficits in goods that have been bleeding jobs, plants, equipment, capital and technology abroad.

The latest tariffs Trump has proposed, on $200 billion worth of Chinese-made goods, would raise the price of 40 percent of China's exports to the U.S. and begin to shrink the $375 billion trade surplus Beijing ran in 2017.

Trump said upon departing Brussels he had won new commitments to raise European contributions to NATO. But Emmanuel Macron of France seemed to contradict him. The commitments made before the summit, for all NATO nations to reach 2 percent of GDP for defense by 2024, said Macron, stand, and no new commitments were made.

As for Trump's call for a 4 percent defense effort by all, it was ignored. Hence the question: If Trump does not get his way and the allies hold to their previous schedule of defense commitments, what does he do?

One idea Trump floated last week was the threat of a drawdown of the 35,000 U.S. troops in Germany. But would this really rattle the Germans?

A new poll shows that a plurality of Germans favor a drawdown of U.S. troops, and only 15 percent believe that Germany should raise its defense spending to 2 percent of GDP.

While Trump's pressure on NATO to contribute more is popular here, apparently Merkel's resistance comports with German opinion.

Since exiting the Iranian nuclear deal, President Trump has demanded that our European allies join the U.S. in reimposing sanctions. Now he is demanding that the Europeans contribute more to defense.

What does he do if they defy us? More than likely, we will find out.

Patrick J. Buchanan

Published in Politics

Here we sit, after Congressional Investigations by committee, half-ass investigations by corrupt FBI top executives under the guise of official FBI Criminal Investigations, , Investigations by a Special Prosecutor  Mueller, investigations by the IG, Horowitz, Investigations by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and what do we have …nothing! Just what we predicted!

I will repeat myself until the President acts. There is only one way to resolve all these complex, criminal cases and that is by full blown FBI investigations, lead by FBI Field Offices, experienced criminal Agents and committed AUSA’s…period! There are no other ways to prosecute the likes of Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, McCabe, Strzok Page and on and on.

You must have Grand Jury Subpoena power, a legit criminal violation of substance and committed Agents. We have all of the above…but no leadership.

The FISA court debacle is the substantive violation that opens the doors to everything. If the President can satisfy himself, by examining the FISA court documents himself, that the FISA courts were illegally mislead, deceived or otherwise maneuvered into issuing wiretaps on US Citizen Carter Page or anyone else, he has the full power to order FBI Director Wray and AG Sessions to open criminal cases on all the afore mentioned DOJ employees who were involved.

The cases are easy to prove. The paper trail is voluminous. None of the FISA court Judges will lie like Brennan, Clapper, Powers, Clinton, Strzok, et al, did. The Judges  have nothing to hide! They were victims…used and abused by Obama and his black ops band of liars, cheats and thieves, in my opinion.

Good Agents will have all of those tough guys involved, like Brennan and Clapper, peeing their pants trying to “make a deal” when they realize that real lawmen are knocking on their doors, searching their underwear drawers and the jig is up!

The penalties for violating Citizen’s Civil Rights are substantial, and carry both civil as well as criminal penalties and treason carries capital punishment…DEATH…are you listening Brennan? You could meet Allah sooner than you think!

Once the President is convinced that these “people” used and abused the FISA courts to wire tap hundreds of innocent Americans, he has no choice but to act. If sessions or anyone else refuses, fire them on the spot and name temporary replacements and move forward but stop allowing all this fumbling around…nothing is being accomplished and statutes of limitation are running!

No IG, no Special Prosecutor, no Congressional Intelligence Committee, no Senate or other Intelligence committee will accomplish ANYTHING! They have all shown us that much.

An FBI Investigation is the only way and tell Chris Wray to stay out of the way! I am sick and tired of him trying to show how loyal he is to a “lost cause”. Give it up Mr Director…the FBI has been the best law enforcement Agency in the world but needs “fixing” not Bull Shit praising and protection. James Comey screwed the FBI into the ground with his corrupt actions and 007 wannabe Agents who followed him blindly.

It’s time to fix the FBI, Mr. Director, not try to protect it! Give up what Congress wants unless you are willing to open the cases the President must order you to open! The FBI doesn’t need a “protector” it needs a “J Edgar Hoover” ass kicking to rid itself of the garbage Agents it cultured under James Comey and bring these corrupt current and former politicians, FBI Agents, DOJ prosecutors to Justice.

Published in Politics

Under the law, both Federal and State of Florida, damage caused by a boat wake is treated exactly the same way as damage caused by a physical, fiberglass-crunching collision.
Recently a Yacht and sportfishing boat were involved in such a case. Perhaps the operators of both the yacht and the sportfishing boat did not realize how their wakes could combine into a veritable tsunami, or they were just more interested in making it back to the dock than in reducing their speed. Regardless, the combined wake of the two boats violently rolled a Jon boat, causing serious injuries to its passengers. The passengers sued both vessels and their owners for their injuries as well as pain and suffering.

It's important to realize that the incident took place outside of any no-wake zone, so neither captain was likely overly concerned about their wakes nor realized the extent of their liability.
Hopefully one day every citizens will learn to respect the other people who travel the waterways and the marine life that live there too. Till then more no-wake zones are needed.
There are many inland waterway areas that are not designated no-wake zones, this summer a group of locals are creating videos of boaters on the Coast of Florida creating dangerous wakes on such waterways.
They say they have over 60 volunteers in our area traveling inshore and offshore with video cameras running.
The videos will help state officials to create miles and miles of additional no-wake zones in our inland waterways.

What you really have to know, see state chapter below. The entire chapter is too long to print here but here are some good points to consider:

327.33 Reckless or careless operation of vessel.—
(1) It is unlawful to operate a vessel in a reckless manner. A person who operates any vessel, or manipulates any water skis, aquaplane, or similar device, in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property at a speed or in a manner as to endanger, or likely to endanger, life or limb, or damage the property of, or injure a person is guilty of reckless operation of a vessel. Reckless operation of a vessel includes, but is not limited to, a violation of s. 327.331(6). A person who violates this subsection commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

327.46 Boating-restricted areas
(1) Boating-restricted areas, including, but not limited to, restrictions of vessel speeds and vessel traffic, may be established on the waters of this state for any purpose necessary to protect the safety of the public if such restrictions are necessary based on boating accidents, visibility, hazardous currents or water levels, vessel traffic congestion, or other navigational hazards or to protect seagrasses on privately owned submerged lands.
(a) The commission may establish boating-restricted areas by rule pursuant to chapter 120.
(b) Municipalities and counties have the authority to establish the following boating-restricted areas by ordinance:
1. An ordinance establishing an idle speed, no wake boating-restricted area, if the area is:
a. Within 500 feet of any boat ramp, hoist, marine railway, or other launching or landing facility available for use by the general boating public on waterways more than 300 feet in width or within 300 feet of any boat ramp, hoist, marine railway, or other launching or landing facility available for use by the general boating public on waterways not exceeding 300 feet in width.
b. Within 500 feet of fuel pumps or dispensers at any marine fueling facility that sells motor fuel to the general boating public on waterways more than 300 feet in width or within 300 feet of the fuel pumps or dispensers at any licensed terminal facility that sells motor fuel to the general boating public on waterways not exceeding 300 feet in width.
c. Inside or within 300 feet of any lock structure.
2. An ordinance establishing a slow speed, minimum wake boating-restricted area if the area is:
a. Within 300 feet of any bridge fender system.
b. Within 300 feet of any bridge span presenting a vertical clearance of less than 25 feet or a horizontal clearance of less than 100 feet.
c. On a creek, stream, canal, or similar linear waterway if the waterway is less than 75 feet in width from shoreline to shoreline.
d. On a lake or pond of less than 10 acres in total surface area.
3. An ordinance establishing a vessel-exclusion zone if the area is:
a. Designated as a public bathing beach or swim area.
b. Within 300 feet of a dam, spillway, or flood control structure.
(c) Municipalities and counties have the authority to establish by ordinance the following other boating-restricted areas:
1. An ordinance establishing an idle speed, no wake boating-restricted area, if the area is within 300 feet of a confluence of water bodies presenting a blind corner, a bend in a narrow channel or fairway, or such other area if an intervening obstruction to visibility may obscure other vessels or other users of the waterway.
2. An ordinance establishing a slow speed, minimum wake, or numerical speed limit boating-restricted area if the area is:
a. Within 300 feet of a confluence of water bodies presenting a blind corner, a bend in a narrow channel or fairway, or such other area if an intervening obstruction to visibility may obscure other vessels or other users of the waterway.
b. Subject to unsafe levels of vessel traffic congestion.
c. Subject to hazardous water levels or currents, or containing other navigational hazards.
d. An area that accident reports, uniform boating citations, vessel traffic studies, or other creditable data demonstrate to present a significant risk of collision or a significant threat to boating safety.
3. An ordinance establishing a vessel-exclusion zone if the area is reserved exclusively:
a. As a canoe trail or otherwise limited to vessels under oars or under sail.
b. For a particular activity and user group separation must be imposed to protect the safety of those participating in such activity.

Any of the ordinances adopted pursuant to this paragraph shall not take effect until the commission has reviewed the ordinance and determined by substantial competent evidence that the ordinance is necessary to protect public safety pursuant to this paragraph. Any application for approval of an ordinance shall be reviewed and acted upon within 90 days after receipt of a completed application. Within 30 days after a municipality or county submits an application for approval to the commission, the commission shall advise the municipality or county as to what information, if any, is needed to deem the application complete. An application shall be considered complete upon receipt of all requested information and correction of any error or omission for which the applicant was timely notified or when the time for such notification has expired. The commission's action on the application shall be subject to review under chapter 120.
(3) It is unlawful for any person to operate a vessel in a prohibited manner or to carry on any prohibited activity, as defined in this chapter, within a boating-restricted area which has been clearly marked by regulatory markers as authorized under this chapter.
(4) Restrictions in a boating-restricted area established pursuant to this section shall not apply in the case of an emergency or to a law enforcement, firefighting, or rescue vessel owned or operated by a governmental entity.

Published in Outdoor

As we enter another potentially deadly Atlantic hurricane season here in Florida, it is important to think about how you can protect certain critical estate planning documents in the event you are forced to suddenly evacuate your home. After all, if you have gone to the trouble to make a will or trust but the originals are washed away in a storm, what good can they do you? Here are a few basic things to keep in mind when it comes to securing your valuable papers.

What Are Your Critical Estate Planning Documents?
As a basic rule, your estate plan should include–at a minimum–a will or living trust, a durable power of attorney, a designation of a surrogate to make healthcare decisions for your, and a living will. You should always make sure these four critical documents are secure but accessible to you or a family member should the need arise.

Where Should You Keep Your Critical Documents?
There is no single, correct answer to this question. It will depend on your situation. Many people keep their critical estate planning documents in a locked box or safe in their home. Some people keep it in a bank safe deposit box. Each approach has its pros and cons. For instance, if you keep your original will in a safe deposit box, your executor may not be able to access the document right away. But keeping critical documents at home may risk their loss in the event of a flood or fire.

Should I Keep Copies or Electronic Versions of My Documents?
It never hurts to have backups, but keep in mind that copies do not necessarily have the same legal force as signed, original documents. For instance, while it is legally possible to probate a copy of a will in Florida, without the original document the copy may be subject to challenge. And with other documents, such as a power of attorney, it may be impossible to record certain real estate transactions without the original document to prove an agent's authority.
On the other hand, when it comes to healthcare planning documents, the lack of an original document is not as important. Many hospitals and nursing homes will accept a copy.

What Do I Do if My Original Documents Are Lost?
Many people do not have the presence of mind to take their estate planning documents with them in the event of an evacuation or other sudden emergency. If you have lost your original documents, you should contact your estate planning attorney as soon as possible. In many cases, your attorney will keep duplicate signed originals in their files. And if necessary, your attorney can assist you in executing new documents.
Even if you haven't lost your estate planning documents, it never hurts to sit down with an attorney and conduct a periodic review of your will, trust, power of attorney, and healthcare directives. If you need advice from a qualified Fort Myers estate planning lawyer, contact the Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., at 239-333-4529 to schedule a free consultation today.

Published in General/Features

Hawaii is making history. The island state became the first to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin linked to asthma and seizures that damages brain development in children.

Governor David Ige signed SB 3095 into law last month.

The law goes into effect in July and will impose a partial ban on chlorpyrifos by January 2019. Anyone who wishes to continue using chlorpyrifos may do so only by applying for an exemption with the state. No exemption will be granted after 2022, and the use of pesticides containing chlorpyrifos is completely banned starting in 2023.

The new state law creates 100 foot no-spray buffer zones around schools and requires large-scale pesticide users to disclose the Restricted Use Pesticides they are spraying.

The mandatory reporting and no-spray zone provisions are effectively immediately with no exemptions.

Governor Ige said, “Protecting the health and safety of our keiki [children] and residents is one of my top priorities. We must protect our communities from potentially harmful chemicals. At the same time, Hawaii’s agriculture industry is extremely important to our state and economy.”

“We will work with the Department of Agriculture, local farmers and the University of Hawaii as we seek safe, alternative pest management tools that will support and sustain our agriculture industry for generations to come,” the governor said.

The national Agency for Toxic Substances warns, “Breathing or ingesting chlorpyrifos may result in a variety of nervous system effects, ranging from headaches, blurred vision, and salivation to seizures, coma, and death, depending on the amount and length of exposure.”

Chlorpyrifos has been widely used in homes and on farms. In the home, it is used to control cockroaches, fleas, and termites; it is also used in some pet flea and tick collars. On the farm, it is used to control ticks on cattle and as a spray to control crop pests.

Chlorpyrifos is a white crystal-like solid with a strong odor. It does not mix well with water, so it is usually mixed with oily liquids before it is applied to crops or animals. It may also be applied to crops in a capsule form.

The pesticide’s fearsome health effects led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, under the Obama Administration to propose banning all of its agricultural uses, but the current administrator, Scott Pruitt, reversed this pledge in March 2017.
SB 3095 marks a new chapter for Hawaii residents, who have repeatedly demanded protection against pesticides. The world’s largest agrochemical companies experiment and develop their genetically engineered crops in Hawaii.

Because the majority of these crops are engineered to resist herbicides, testing and development of these crops results in repeated spraying of toxic chemicals. Many of their operations are adjacent to schools and residential areas, putting children and public health at risk.

Voluntarily reported pesticide use data shows that these companies apply thousands of gallons and pounds of Restricted Use Pesticides in Hawaii each year.

The Center for Food Safety, CFS, provided legal and policy assistance to this effort. The Washington, DC-based NGO helped draft SB 3095, lobbied for its passage, and encouraged public participation in the legislative process.

CFS also published the first-ever analysis of pesticide use data and its relationship to field trials of genetically engineered crops in Hawaii.

Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety, said, “Hawaii is taking action that Pruitt’s EPA refused to take by banning chlorpyrifos. Hawaii is courageously taking the first step towards pesticide policies that will provide for more protection for children as well as more transparency.

Kimbrell believes that other states will follow Hawaii’s lead.

Ashley Lukens, director of Hawaii Center for Food Safety, said, “The families of Hawaii have fought year after year, against millions of dollars of industry spending, all for these basic protections from dangerous pesticides. During these dark Trumpian times, we need stories like this to remind ourselves that when we persevere, we win.”

In 2013 and 2014, the counties of Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii Island passed ordinances to regulate the pesticide practices of the genetically engineered seed industry. Despite popular support, the industry responded by suing each of the counties, arguing that they lacked the authority to regulate pesticides.

CFS attorneys defended the counties in federal court, but the ordinances were overturned in 2016 by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court ruled that it is up to the state, not counties, to regulate agriculture, forcing community members to direct their pesticide lobbying efforts to the state.

Since 2015 a coalition of community members has introduced legislation each year asking for a statewide framework for no-spray buffer zones and disclosure. Thousands testified each session in support of the bill’s passage.

During the legislative debate in February, Agriculture Committee Chair Representative Richard Creagan, who represents part of the Big Island of Hawaii, said, “The profits of the chemical companies are going up and the IQs of our babies, of our keiki, are going down. We have an epidemic of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders in children and chlorpyrifos is one of the contributing factors.”

“The EPA banned chlorpyrifos for indoor use over a decade ago,” Creagan said. “The EPA in our country had thousands of pages of damning evidence and were ready to ban chlorpyrifos for all food uses when Scott Pruitt was appointed by President Trump and scrapped that plan. Enough is enough! We cannot wait for a compromised EPA to act. It is time to ban this close cousin of the nerve agent Sarin. We are treating our babies like the Syrian dictator Assad is treating his own civilians. It is time we stop bowing to the dictates of the chemical companies.”

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"The problem is not that we disagree, but that our disagreements have become so callous, emotional and inconsiderate," wrote Michael Wear in his book "Reclaiming Hope." Wear used to work for President Obama on faith-based and neighborhood partnerships.

I was reading through "Reclaiming Hope" just hours after a memorial Mass for Michael Potemra, my colleague at National Review, the other day. He was an excellent editor, but Mike didn't agree with every word the magazine published.

None of us do, truth be told, but he'd be in that boat more often than most of us -- and he'd at least be funny about it.

The same day of Mike's memorial Mass, Melania Trump wore that jacket on the plane to visit migrant children who had been separated from their parents. "I really don't care, do u?" the jacket read. To me, it seemed pretty clear what it was about from the get-go.

Wasn't there obsessive coverage recently about her having "gone missing" from the public eye after surgery? I've done enough radio and read enough emails and comments in recent days -- or years -- to know that people are fed up.

They don't trust the media. Sometimes there's no trust of neighbors, and certainly not of strangers. Many are grateful to have a president who says what he is thinking to whoever will listen. I'm convinced the whole business with the jacket will get her husband's party more votes in the midterm elections.

That's where we are in America today. No Trump started the fire. As Wear put it, "Donald Trump is responsible for his actions, but the table was set for his election by what we deemed acceptable in our politics -- and in ourselves. ... The polarization of our politics and our communities is a defining feature of modern American life. Our inability to understand and empathize with our neighbors is straining our society to its breaking point."

Wear goes on: "Our politics is now predicated on making those who disagree with us beneath our notice. This is to the benefit of those who run for office and of the interest groups structured to ignore alternative viewpoints. But it is not at all to our collective benefit. We the people cannot allow our neighbors to become invisible, for doing so makes living together peaceably and fruitfully nearly impossible."

Charles Krauthammer died the same day as the memorial Mass for Mike. I only knew him a little, compared to many friends who worked with him day in, day out on Fox News and elsewhere. But he taught me about things fundamental to Christianity, frankly -- like the Beatitudes, in both personal deeds and in some of the questions he asked.

We've become a nation of pundits, watching and pouncing. But perhaps Charles Krauthammer and Mike Potemra died recently for a reason. Both of them had some sense of awe about them. A sense of stewardship and service, too.

In his final column, Charles wrote: "I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking. I am grateful to have played a small role in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation's destiny." In his book, he talks about how our political questions are always at the service of the higher ones.

Wear cites C.S. Lewis: "A sick society must think much about politics, as a sick man must think much about his digestion. However, if either comes to regard it as the natural food of his mind -- if either forgets that we think of such things only in order to be able to think of something else -- then what was undertaken for the sake of health has become itself a new and deadly disease."

Having Mike around National Review definitely kept us from the "new disease" of taking ourselves too seriously, even when handling some of the most important issues of the day. He took these things seriously, but in balance.

And because his views could be unique, as he was, he set a challenge before us, one that Wear raises in his book: "On the issue of our day, we must not only ask ourselves whether our position is correct, but also raise to the surface the question of why our neighbors are not quite convinced as well."

It may have something to do with the way we made them feel during the course of a Facebook debate. It may have something to do with whether or not they have seen us as people of the Beatitudes. It may have something to do with whether humanity seems as important to us as politics, and whether they can tell humanity is the "why" of our politics.

A better politics requires us being better. Good men come and go, daily, who remind us it's possible, even among a nation of pundits.

Kathryn Jean Lopez

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