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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 07 June 2017
Thursday, 08 June 2017 15:49

Abusers of Freedom Behead Free Speech

We live in a complex, exciting and dangerous time when social media and 24-hour entertainment networks give everyone an open microphone. The potential benefits and pitfalls loom large.
Free speech has never been put to a greater test.
The most recent example of open mic derangement syndrome comes courtesy of ‘comedienne’ Kathy Griffin. It is the latest episode of an American exercising freedom without self-restraint, hoping a groveling apology will undo all harm.
Griffin said: "I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong."
She apologized for creating and distributing a disgusting 
depiction of the decapitated and bloodied head of President Donald Trump. CNN fired her, and rightly so.
An apology cannot undo this. The trauma this caused Trump's son, 11-year-old Barron Trump, may remain in the boy's psyche forever.
TMZ reports: "Trump family sources tell us Barron was in front of the TV watching a show when the news came on and he saw the bloody, beheaded image. We're told he panicked and screamed, 'Mommy, Mommy!'?"
In what universe is this 
acceptable behavior on the part of 
a nationally prominent celebrity or anyone else? Griffin must have known better. This is not the 
imagery one expects on TV in a civilized society, battling daily the sinister desires of enemies abroad who take joy in decapitating 
Christians, Jews and homosexuals.
Griffin's abysmal judgment came just after sportswriter Terry Frei was fired for tweeting he was "very uncomfortable" with Japanese driver Takuma Sato winning the Indianapolis 500 on the day 
before Memorial Day.
Frei also apologized, saying he should have known better. You think?
The list of public figures fired, shunned or embarrassed for tweeting, posting or speaking 
before thinking is growing long and distinguished. It seems some people don't learn from the mistakes of others. They say and do as they please, and then apologize.
Even before the rise of 
social media, we had Jimmy the Greek insisting that blacks were "bred" to be better athletes than whites. The obligatory apology 
ensued, followed by a pressured 
There was Howard Cosell's "Look at that little monkey run!" Apology ensued, followed by a pressured retirement.
Paula Dean's show was 
canceled after she admitted to using racial slurs. Don Imus was fired for insulting the Rutgers women's basketball team in a 
manner considered sexist and racist. White House correspondent Helen Thomas made political waves for suggesting Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine." ESPN pink-sliped tennis analyst Doug Adler earlier this year for a seemingly racist remark about Venus Williams, “Bob Beckel from “The Five” was terminated by Fox last month for making an insensitive remark to an African- American employee, the list goes on and on.
Even the president of the United States has the public on edge each day, wondering what boundaries he might defy with his next early-morning tweet.
The architects of free speech, and other freedoms protected in the Constitution, anticipated users would overwhelmingly exercise common sense and decency.
Griffin's offensive and potentially dangerous depiction of the president is probably legal but tests First Amendment boundaries. Government cannot punish even the most offensive forms of expression. It cannot exercise prior restraint to prevent egregious messages, for which we should give thanks. The founders forbade prior restraint, counting on the 
culture to use self-restraint instead.
Free speech does not mean anything goes. Malign Jews, blacks or any demographic, and the culture can and will revolt. Employers, fans and friends will cut ties. They have every right to do so.
A society built on freedom should favor courtesy, kindness and decency. That means ...... Americans should think before they speak.
Published in National
I’ve been calling for the new President to do a CLEAN SWEEP of ALL Obama appointees, in my columns, since the election!!! Completely rid the Civil Rights Division, DOJ of all attorneys, Democrats and Republicans, and start NEW.  
The Civil Rights Division has had a “put COPS in jail” pre- determined mental attitude, since long before I became an FBI Agent and MUST be changed to give EVERYONE an “innocent until proven guilty” chance! AG Sessions should rehire J. Christian Adams , the former ADAG who quit when Holder ordered the Black Panther Party case closed, revealing that he is a true racists.
Adams reported that Holder said that if the Panthers were white, harassing blacks, he would have prosecuted. Numerous Holder, Civil Right DOJ lawyers were held in contempt of Federal Court by Federal Judges (plural) for; Tampering With Evidence, Perjury, Witness Tampering and OTHER criminal offenses while trying to jail the Police for Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson and New Orleans. Other ADAG lawyers violated Federal Court Orders in Texas on Illegal Immigrants cases. 
In those cases, the DOJ Attorneys involved were banned from appearing in Federal Courts in 23 states!!! I’ll bet our readers NEVER heard any of that from Main Stream! Holder, himself, is the first and only AG EVER held in contempt of Congress! What did his boss, Obama, do about DOJ lawyers being accused of Federal Crimes? Nothing! An FBI Agent accused of the same would have been FIRED with NO presumption of innocence!!!!!
THERE ARE NO OBAMA APPOINTEES THAT I WOULD EVER TRUST!!! Valerie Jarrett vetted all of them!!!
Regarding the issue of President Trump asking Comey, his employee, about the Flynn investigation; with the Obama IRS illegally targeting Conservatives, the Obama NSA illegally monitoring Citizens, leaks from probable Obama holdovers EVERYWHERE (including the FBI) don’t you think someone needs to keep the investigations/investigators honest? It sure looks like Comey didn’t! The President can and should ask about ANY FBI investigation or NSA action or any other Agency action that the President feels necessary, to keep the leaking “intelligence” and “regulatory” Agencies honest!!
The President’s job is to “Enforce the Rule of Law”! That’s why we elected him, to rid us of an Administration that “overlooked” numerous criminal acts by Obama employees, starting with Hillary!  Oh yes, talk about Obstruction?
How about Obama declaring Hillary innocent DURING the FBI Criminal investigation? What is even worse, I believe that Comey intentionally sabotaged the Clinton email investigation to get Hillary off the hook. In my opinion, AG Lynch was going to decline prosecution on the email investigation blaming Comey’s FBI of blowing the investigation.
The discovery of the “intended” secret meeting on the tarmac between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton knocked Lynch out of the game and caused her to toss the ball to Comey! 
In my opinion, the interview of Hillary Clinton by “FBI Agents” was an intentional screw-up. No FBI Agent would ever do an interview like that!  It was outrageous, a debacle and had to be intentional! No Agent, I mean NO Agent I knew could be that stupid and Comey had to have significant control over ALL aspects of that debacle!
Regarding Flynn, keep in mind the President can pardon Flynn! If Obama can pardon convicted, murderous, violent, thieves… President Trump can certainly pardon a wrongly accused loyal American! But Comey had to be trying to set up Trump!
Comey’s firing while he was thousands of miles and hours away from his office was PERFECT. The DOJ sealed Comey’s office and took all his secret records, tapes, computers …you name it. Comey is in deep trouble! 
President Trump did NOT commit any Obstruction Violations even if he did ask Comey to cut Flynn a break. FBI Agents ask USA’s to cut subjects breaks all the time and for many reasons. Hey, you know what’s ironic? I believe Comey is going to be asking Trump for a break…you watch!
Why would the President “order” Comey to stop an investigation, risking a controversy, when all he has to do is pardon the man, if he feels he should? What explanations did you get from “despicable me” when he pardoned all those criminals he let back into society to ravage your friends and relatives? 
Here’s something else that no one picked up on, when Rep Jason Chaffetz  asked Comey, under oath, if he looked into whether Hillary had lied under oath? Comey responded that he needs a “referral” to open that case. WHAT? ...Mr. FBI Director, Mr. former US Attorney, where the hell did you learn THAT? An AGENT can and DOES open cases based upon News Paper articles, overheard conversations, gossip, TV programs. When I heard that, ALL my suspicions about Comey being either inept or a “Politician” (most likely the latter), came to fruition. I looked at my wife, also a former FBI employee, and she said, “Now you know for sure whose side he’s on”! 
Comey was the DOJ “investigator” who got Bill Clinton off the hook on the Marc Rich scandal!!! Really? Yup!
If the President fired Comey, because the President lost faith in the Director…the President was right on the money wasn’t he? But, trust me, there is much, much more than meets the eye on the Comey, Clinton deals. I predict, in my humble opinion, that people are going to jail after the NEW FBI is up and running and it won’t be “anybody Trump”!
Even IF Comey is inept, he has to know that Criminal Intent IS necessary in Obstruction Cases, even if he doesn’t know that intent is NOT necessary in certain Classified Information violations! Negligence is ALL that is required when it comes to our Secrets!! NO intent was necessary in SOME of Hillary’s violations. How can a former US Attorney be THAT wrong THAT many times? Answer…he can’t, it’s intentional!
I’m hoping President Trump will:
1. Fire ALL Obama appointees not stopping until they are ALL gone…Obama had 8 years…Holder was in the DOJ Civil Rights Division hiring racists, militant attorneys LONG before Obama.
2. Pull press passes on the worst fake news media’s, like the NY Times, Washington Com-post, CNN, etc and have Spicer tell the rest that the President will no longer tolerate fake reporting to the American people in an attempt to disrupt our Rule of Law. Report the truth or you’re gone!
3. Aside-I have real problems with Acting FBI Director’s McCabe’s wife receiving $675,000 from the DNC or anyone associated with the Clintons. Remove acting FBI Director McCabe now. Give him a lateral move from Headquarters. Besides, he’s Comey’s man!
4. Direct the AG to open a RICO investigation on Obama and his staff, starting with Hillary.
5. Appoint a FBI Director from a list of retired, “old” guard FBI ADICs like Jim Kallstrom, Doc Coulson, Milt Ahlerich, they will have the President’s back!. You will find them to be loyal to the end, competent investigators, and tough. 
Lawyers with no “AGENT” experience make lousy FBI Directors, period! Check the record, starting with Comey!
 J Gary DiLaura
Published in National
The latest look at Obamacare prices show insurance through the marketplace costs more than twice as much now as it did in 2013.
New numbers from the the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show health insurance in Illinois that cost $248 a month in 2013, now costs $517 dollars. That’s a 108 percent increase.
Trouble is, State Sen. Dave Syverson, R-Rockford, said, most insurance through the Obamacare exchange costs a lot more than $517.
“We warned that this was going to happen,” Syverson said. “When you have a small pool of people, you’re going to have adverse selections and you’re going to have losses that are far worse than Washington projected.”
A number of health insurance companies have said they’ve lost millions of dollars on the plans offered on the exchange. Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Kansas City left Missouri’s Obamacare exchange last week after company executives said they lost $100 million.
Syverson said it will be a bit before Illinois insurers make the same kind of choices. When they do, thousand of people could lose access to care.
But Syverson said many Illinoisans who have Obamacare insurance already have lost access.
“In DeKalb County, there is not one provider that is in the Obamacare network. No one,” Syverson said. “In Rockford, third largest city in Illinois, one hospital and only about 10 percent of providers are willing to see Obamacare patients.”
The HHS numbers put Illinois in the middle of the rate hike pack. New Jersey saw a 12 percent price spike over the last four years, while Alabama saw a 222 percent increase.
Published in National
After spending the session peeling back what they deemed was taxpayer-financed “corporate welfare” in the name of jobs, the Florida House returns this week with a plan to replace those programs with a new $85 million economic development fund that gives Gov. Rick Scott exclusive control — and few strings attached.
The agreement, between House Speaker Richard Corcoran and the governor, and signed off on by Senate President Joe Negron last week, paved the way for Scott to sign the $83 billion budget on Friday and call for a three-day special session starting Wednesday.
In calling back legislators, the governor directed them to add $215 million in K-12 funding to the budget, restore $75 million to the tourism marketing agency, Visit Florida, and create an $85 million grant program within the Department of Economic Opportunity. If they pass the bills, many expect the governor to sign Corcoran’s priority legislation, HB 7069, a controversial public education bill intended to expand charter schools by giving them control of the state’s struggling schools.
The economic development bill proposed by the House, HB 1a, will regulate how taxpayer money is used for economic development. It creates the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund within the Department of Economic Opportunity to finance projects that fit broad criteria to help targeted industries: rural infrastructure, transportation projects for local governments and individual training programs at state colleges and technical schools.
With the stroke of a veto pen, Gov. Rick Scott killed more than $35.8 million for projects sponsored by lawmakers from Broward and Palm Beach counties.
Florida Atlantic University was particularly hard hit, losing $1 million for its Honors College and $1.2 million for its Tech Runway, an entrepreneurial incubator centered on science and technology invention.
A $3 million roadway expansion in Lake Worth also got the ax, as did $5 million for a new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum plan at Florida International University called UP:LIFT.
A $5 million STEM teaching lab at Florida State University was also cut. The project was placed in the budget by state Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Hollywood, a Florida State alumnus.
Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco says he doesn’t know a thing about a mysterious South Florida group that raised $200,000 from city bigwigs last year.
But interviews with two of those donors suggest the political action committee is raising money in his name — and that Grieco, who’s running for mayor, solicited at least one contribution.
Miami Beach lobbyists, vendors and real-estate developers all appear on the list of donors to People for Better Leaders — exactly the type of power players whose contributions led to a public outcry during the last Beach election cycle and, ultimately, to stricter campaign-finance laws.
If Grieco or someone acting on his behalf raised money from city vendors and lobbyists to support his campaign, that could violate Beach rules passed in January 2016. A recent Miami-Dade County ordinance also requires candidates to register when they raise cash for political action committees.
The family of a Florida State University football player who died during a 2001 training session will receive the remainder of a legal settlement after Gov. Rick Scott signed 11 “claim” bills last week.
Many of the claim bills, among more than 30 measures Scott signed into law Friday, came years after people were injured or killed and lawsuits were filed alleging negligence by government agencies.
Lawmakers must approve the bills because of “sovereign immunity,” a legal concept that shields agencies from paying large amounts in lawsuits. The bills direct agencies to pay amounts over the sovereign-immunity caps, which were $200,000 or $300,000 in many of the cases.
Published in Lee County & Florida
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 20:41

1st Annual Father's Day BBQ

Family JAM of the summer!
Individual $25, Couples $45
Familes of 4 - $65
Parking, food, drinks, beer, 
Participants 21 yrs old and over will be given 3 beer tickets at event check in. 
Donations will be accepted 
for additional beers.
Photo booth shot upon check in, DJ, raffles, 50/50 drawing, swings/monkey bars, games, horse shoes, basketball court, bocce court GIVEAWAY PRIZES 
Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken and veggie shish kabobs, grilled veggie platter, 
ribs, cotton candy, 
snow cones... TONS of flavors.
Bring your 10X10 tents, beach chairs and dogs on a leash
Sun, June 18, 2017, 1PM to 6 PM 
Published in News Around The Bay

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