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Sunday, 29 October 2017 21:13

Are We A Society Of Cowards Or Heroes?

Why are there more cowards today than heroes? Because it’s easier to take the cowards way out.

When we hear the word "coward," we envision those whimpering away out of fear under the guise of convenient escape. But there’s other cowards. Some run from trouble; others run from themselves. Those with no spine avoid taking a stand and slither from sight, rather than join the fight and leave those they promised to support battling on their own. A coward is afraid to question the source of rumors and crippled into inaction.

They chasten friends and allies and align with their foe. The fear of the crowd dictates they that lay all moral character to waste, since there is safety with others like them. Heroes courageously seek out the truth. Those who bow to group appeal at the expense of principles are cowards.

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to be forsaken by friends, allies or family. If we choose a moral cause or political side they dislike, forgoing intercourse, cowards hide to please the majority. If the cause is unpopular or difficult, they show their jauntiest face to endear the masses.

When you reach for support, they can’t be found. The majority over-ruled trust and morality. Cowards do only what’s “safest” for them.

There are many despicable acts of cowardness, but none no more contemptible than character assassination. This is the ultimate ad hominem used by a coward to avoid doing what is right or to appease the crowd. Although slander is a punishable crime, it is the coward’s best weapon.

They disable someone to discredit their moral standing by destroying their credibility and reputation. Few know the consequences until they are on the outside looking in. It is then they comprehend the damage done by a person or a group that wants to spoliate anyone for their own personal benefit.

We are developing more cowards than heroes. It’s a product of our political left DNA, especially in cloistered communities. The righteous morality that made us live in the likeness of our Creator, led us to bravery. But now our politicians produce more cowards each generation through progressive engineering that restricts religious exposure. They restrain free will and regulate moral character to fence in our horizons with immoral laws and dare us to defy them. This is born in our classrooms, invades our families, friendships, workplaces, politics and courts which procreates more cowards.

Character assassination involves spreading rumors and innuendos and deliberate misinformation that taints one’s morals and reputation to defile integrity. It is common in our political campaigns today. Spinning information that has a half ounce of truth, but a pound of false actuality is commonplace. Candidates present misleading partial facts, avoiding actual context, to damage an opponent. How many times have we heard President Donald Trump "paid too little tax or none at all in a certain year?" Yet that accuser failed to reiterate that he did not owe any taxes.

The left claims Trump is a party hack for the GOP when they ganged up with progressives to derail his campaign!

The greatest group of character assassinating cowards is traditional media. This has replaced all ethics in their playbook. News headlines claim brutality is prevalent when it involves a minority or a controversial innocent.

This is followed by banners about investigators who are dismissive of the facts. The media has become a coward for other cowards. They are a pawn of far left candidates to do their dirty work under the mask of the Fourth Estate. It’s common to spin a progressive talking point into factitious public news.

Cowardness has even replaced moral professionalism in our court system today. The exemplary legal battles of Perry Mason and DA Hamilton Burger demonstrated the ethics and morality of the legal profession. Many of us were influenced by their respectful disagreements during courtroom proceedings. Our great legal profession has turned into a kangaroo court of insults, false truths and ad hominem insults to deface and destroy the character of the opposed by each attorney. This is far easier than actually practicing the real law of those great orators of ancient Athens and Rome.

Enlightenment thinkers illuminated our global horizons. Yet they’ve been the subject of carnage by cowards more than any others in history. They were chastised for setting trends to change the tide of antiquity into futuristic progress. They were scorned for refuting an immoral and cowardly society with laws that deprived men of their natural rights. Some met the gallows and others met the fate of character assassination to silence them. Their reputations endured fatalistic carnage until history exonerated them.

The greatest act of character assassination in history occurred in our nation against the patriot who started our revolution, Thomas Paine. Few know he is not named a founder and was denied entrance to the Convention in 1776 for his opinions on slavery and universal suffrage. Yet without the genius of Paine, we’d be subjects instead of citizens today. Ben Franklin printed his book Common Sense for free, which Paine used to enlighten the patriots. He got nary a shilling for his work, which he read to the war-torn troops during the Revolution. Yet he was banished to France in 1777. He was buried in New Rochelle, N.Y., in 1809, and only eight people attended his funeral. He died forsaken.

Bertram Shaw wrote, “Insults cast afar only demonstrate how spineless a person you are.” Those who chasten one’s character covertly or openly achieve temporary goals. To win a quarrel, election or get even with one who thinks differently by tarnishing their reputation has harsh legal and moral emanations. Only cowards of the worst kind stoop that low. And they will pay dearly the very day their victim is emancipated. Today, cowardly indignation is strangling too many feasible solutions to remedy legal, political, social and global injustices. Cowardice destroys while heroism creates remedies.

America’s political divisions have transformed our morals and ethics into a graveyard for personal attainment. The distrust we have for government has spread to our communities and every crevice of our lives. Everyone is affected by those using straw men to do their dirty work for them. It’s easier to impute to win than to seek a truth through discourse. Heroes seek the truth. Cowards hide from it. They are the first ones to lose their liberty and the last to admit it. Like Rome, we will fall from within through moral decay if those of us who are heroes do not stand up against the cowardly enemies of our beloved republic.

We need more heroes! All change starts in our own back yards.

William Haupt III­

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