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Friday, 30 September 2016 09:47

Zika and the GM Mosquitoes Part III

Well here we go again, the
more research I do the scarier this
Zika Virus/ GM mosquito correlation
All the news seems to be
focused around the information
that the Zika virus in pregnant
women can be devastating, Why?
because we've had more than 4,200
cases of pregnancies in Brazil
where developing fetus
is missing part of the
brain or has a small head
which is described as microcephaly.
But as I have previously
reported Zika has
been around for a while.
The virus named for the
forest in Uganda where it
was first reported in the
Rhesus monkey in the
late forties.
The first major
outbreak in humans was
in Micronesia on the island
of Yap in 2007 where 3500 of
the five thousand inhabitants were
infected, there were no birth were
A much larger outbreak
was reported in French Polynesia
in 2013 and 2014 where 30,000
people were affected, again no
fetal abnormalities were identified,
when they saw it was happening in
Brazil they went back and found
17 cases of microcephaly out of
30,000 infected people.
So when we look at that, in
truth, the first explosion of microcephaly
cases that have been tried
to be linked with Zika happened in
And ......Brazil happens to
be where they started testing these
genetically modified mosquitoes
from the company Oxitec.
So originally, it appeared
that these genetically modified
mosquitoes actually spreading the
Zika virus, but I don't think that is
actually the problem, the problem
is the genetically modified mosquitoes
inserting the genetic coding
which is meant to disrupt the reproduction
of the female mosquitoes
and it is disrupting the reproduction
of human fetuses. That is
what appears to be happening.
Now remember that no
connection to microcephaly and
the Zika virus has ever been even
considered up until this outbreak in
Brazil, and even now the medical
community is being very cautious
in stating that there's no evidence
that the Zika virus is causing this
microcephaly in newborns. A report
from New England Journal of
Medicine states "no flavivirus has
ever been shown differently to
cause birth defects in humans and
no reports of adverse pregnancy or
birth outcomes were noted during
previous outbreaks of Zika virus
disease in the Pacific Islands"
Again, the first birth defects
were reported right where these
mosquitoes were released in Brazil.
So let's look at how these
mosquitoes work, the male mosquito
is engineering by Oxitec, to
have what they call a "self-limiting"
gene, by inserting the gene
into the target organism it prevents
the insect from surviving into
adulthood . The pest control gene
produces a protein called tTav
(tetracycline repressive activator
variant) whereby the gene ties up
the processes of the other genes so
they can't grow so basically, it kills
the offspring of the female mosquitoes.
So I wondered how do they
breed these male mosquitoes if
they have a gene that makes them
die, well on the Oxitec's website it
says they have an antidote to it;
Tetracycline! Which they call 'tetO'
The tetO antidote is given
to the insects in raring facilities
that binds to the tTav protein and
disables it and acts like a switch to
turn off the tTav gene, preventing
the protein from working. "So in
the presence of the antidote, the
Oxitec insects are able to survive
and reproduce in the rearing facility."
The website goes on to state
that "when the males are released
into the wild their offspring's can't
access the antibiotic in the quantities
needed to survive so they die
before reaching adulthood"
So without the Tetracycline
antidote, "the tTav protein is produced
which simultaneously binds
(at the cellular level) to transcriptional
machinery, (writing code to
keep you alive) making the transcriptionist
scenery unavailable for
other essential gene expression.
The inhibition of the essential gene
expression leads to cell death and
the death of the insect before it
reaches adulthood." ( but, remember
in previous articles, I talked
about how Tetracycline could be
readily available due to it being
given to agricultural food producing
animals and also used as a pesticide
for the citrus groves)
The website goes on to say
that "it's a gene variant that has
been optimized only to work an insect
cells". Just makes you wonder
if they tested on pregnant women
before they started releasing these
mosquitoes Into the Wild?
So let's step back a bit, we
had an explosion of cases of birth
defects right around a place where
male mosquitoes were released
into the wild that were engineered
to give female mosquitoes birth defects.
FROM CNN.com: Sanjay Gupta
writes "Brazil is getting a lot
of attention because the
country has seen a significant
increase in microcephaly.
Previously, there may have
been only 140 cases the
whole year. In Brazil, there
were 4,200 cases in just a
few months, and 51 children
have died. " but when Sanjay
is asked "How serious is the
Zika virus?" he answers:
"For those who aren't
pregnant, most will either
have no symptoms or mild
ones, and it's not serious at
all. Eighty percent of those affected
never know they have the
disease. (that's 4 out of 5) In fact,
what typically happens is that once
you get it, you become immune.
You are essentially now
vaccinated against the virus, because
your body has built up antibodies
and the next time will fight
SO..... when you look at all
the facts it seems the correlation is
pretty strong.
Now the FDA has approved
the release of GM mosquitoes to
fight Zika in Florida, just last
month! And with about 43% of all
antibiotics used in food producing
animals being Tetracycline, I don't
see how these "self-limiting" mosquitoes
will be able to avoid running
into the antidote and thus
reproduce at will.
These are interesting times
we are living in folks!
Don’t worry....new subject next
Alfredo DiPasquale

Published in General/Features

In my interview with Grant Cardone,
he reinforces this idea and
takes it one step further, pointing
out that you need at least $1 million
in the bank just to remain part
of the new middle class. You can
watch the interview here:
"The entire middle class is built on
a comparison," says Grant Cardone.
"Some other country, some
other neighbor, somebody else is
doing better or worse off. But if
you look at the facts today ... the
voting class of America is the middle
Grant Cardone Believes The Middle
Class Is a Trap
"The truth is, the middle class is a
trap," says Grant Cardone. "The
average middle class person makes
somewhere between $40,000 and
$115,000 per year. I know people
in New York City where you live
and Miami where I live, and at
$115,000 there's a good chance that
there's no money left over to save
at the end of the year."
[close X]Grant Cardone sees the middle
class as the focus area for politicians
because this segment of the
population are the ones paying for
so much of what drives America
today - from student loans and
housing to cars and other goods.
The middle class is the economic
purchasing power in our country
and despite Grant Cardone's mom
reinforcing how lucky he was to be
part of the middle class, he quickly
discovered it's not all it's cracked
up to be.
Getting Out of the Trap by Shifting
Your Thinking to a 10X Mentality
So if you need at least $1 million
to be part of the new middle class
and you're likely to get trapped
there, then what's the solution to
the new middle class trap? Grant
Cardone wants to share with people
the mistakes he's made and
what he got right.
"Operating in increments is the
way our parents teach us. Even as a
child they teach us you have to
walk before you can run. Actually,
that's not true. A baby stumbles
along quite fast. You can run before
you can walk," he says.
"Google uses The 10X Rule. They
don't think in increments, they
want to multiply their revenue by
10X. Twitter, on the other hand,
tried to grow in increments, it
couldn't grow fast enough so it gets
killed in the marketplace."
Grant Cardone understands that
you can't become wealthy and retire
unless you deploy a 10X mentality
in everything you do. "You
have to start in increments - I'm not
saying that you don't. A job is an
increment. Income is an increment.
But at some point in your career,
you need to invest. You need your
Benjamin's that you've worked so
hard to earn and save to start having
babies; because when the babies
start multiplying that's how
you create wealth. You can't just
create wealth on the back of hard
work," Grand Cardone explains.
Learning from Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone build a $350 million
real estate empire, in addition
to creating customized sales training
programs for Fortune 500 companies,
writing 5 books including a
New York Times best seller, If
Your Not First, You're Last. He
shares his wealth of insights to
more than 22 million members. In
other words, he's looked for all the
ways he can operate his business at
10X and practices what he teaches.
I sincerely enjoyed interviewing
Grant Cardone and appreciate just
how hard he works to share what
he's learned with his audience. If
being a millionaire is the new middle
class and you must operate at a
10X level to be successful, then the
question we should be asking ourselves
is how do we get to $10 million
or more to ensure we have the
kind of financial freedom we all
While this may feel like a daunting
question at first, refer back to
Grant Cardone's main point. It's not
about earning that kind of money,
it's about getting your money to
multiply. That's the place where
most of us lack focus. What keeps
us in the middle class trap is going
paycheck to paycheck or operating
our business with an incremental
growth mentality.
To break out, we need to think different;
we need to find ways to
grow exponentially, not incrementally.
Only by breaking the incremental
mindset can we put
ourselves onto an entirely new
growth trajectory. That's why
Google obsesses with 10X Moon
Shots while companies that struggle
focus on the next quarter's sales
Bill Carmody

Published in General/Features

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