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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 07 April 2016

Hungary publishes website claiming 900 'no-go zones' already exist in Europe

Forward: As the migrant crisis continues unabated in Europe, illegal immigration and border security also continues to play a major role in the US Presidential elections. One of the fundamental fears of any society is “losing its cultural identity,” or allowing terrorists to infiltrate into peaceful nations by blending in with otherwise innocuous “asylum seekers.”
Since it has now been shown that several of those involved in terrorist activities in Europe and the US - including the recent Paris and Brussels bombings - entered into the West as “immigrants” seeking asylum, citizens of many countries are increasingly turning to political parties or candidates that insure security.
Most Western governments initially rolled out open invitations to refugees but stronger support by Europeans for nationalist parties have shown that voters are increasingly rejecting the position of their leaders. A few governments, perhaps prescient, pulled up the welcome mat earlier in the migrant crisis; insisting that allowing unchecked and massive Muslim migration would create conflict, increased terrorism and loss of Western culture. Hungary was one of the first European Union nations to insist that the flow of refugees into Europe would create negative consequences. Hungary, with the active assistance of the current elected administration of Viktor Orban, shut its borders, erected a fence and called up its military to enforce border security. Now the government has gone one step further and has published information it believes bolsters its claim that open immigration must be stopped.

Published in Politics

Water Woes: Water Continues to be "THE ISSUE" for South Florida
As Florida continues to add population, pressure grows for clean, public water management. Recent "dirty water" flows from Lake Okeechobee, continued declines in the Keys coral reefs, algae blooms including "Red Tides" and decimation of recreational and commercial fisheries continue to occupy a prominent place in South Florida news.

Published in Environment

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