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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 19 April 2016

RNC Wrong to Attack Trump for Winning

Trump is the only one that has the business experience and has gone through the wars of staying in business, frivolous lawsuits and being fantastic in his business results. There is a special ruthlessness in being successful in business, as is in government. The others are clueless wannabees. He has the experience that our country needs. He is a true job creator. The others have created nothing except obstruction. 4 business bankruptcies out of building probably over 100 hotels, golf courses, casinos, resorts, apartment buildings and other buildings is nothing in today's business world. That is over a 96% success rate. You will never hear lying Ted Cruz, or the RNC give him credit for this.
It is truly amazing to see Trump destroying the RNC and their corporate criminal backers who want to control the party and the country. The RNC and their lackeys and owners are making Trump look better every day. The pharmaceutical and health care companies who control the tea party nuts in congress and the military hardware suppliers who rip the government and taxpayers off, are getting more nervous as Trump looks like he will win the nomination

Jim Keating



Trump too unpopular to win

Despite the fact that many of your readers seem to support Donald Trump as their candidate of choice, the numbers are not with them.
"More than 60 percent of all registered voters and 31 percent of Republicans said they definitely would not vote for Trump in the general election."
And his supporters claim he's winning. LMAO!

Joe Valentson ·




Black Lives Needs to do the Math

There is NO way a race can claim less than 1% of black murders is the main problem when the number one cause of death of young black men is another black man! Not only that, the BLM movement is the MOST racist of any group. If it os OK that there are bad cops, why isn't it OK to say their are bad black people? I have no issue saying their are bad white people! AND don;t tell me it's a socio-economic issue either. Their are more whites living in poverty than blacks, yet we don;t see the level of murder or serious crime in the white population.

Jeff Hodges



On the Gender Pay Gap

Your recent article on gender inequality made the following statement and I quote: "Women in the United States earn around 20% less than men. Even when controlling for observable factors such as experience, education level, age and job title, the gender pay gap stubbornly remains." . . . ummm but it doesnt remain at 20%. So to state it's 20% then proceed to say that even when you account for variables other than gender it still remains is kind of dishonest. It's actually like 5%-2% when you account for more variables. Also, women tend to not negotiate for pay as much as men do. There have been studies done to back this up also btw. So I think someone should look to see if that fact would also maybe close some of the pay gap when you account for it in these studies.

Tom Krager

Published in Letters To The Editor
Wednesday, 20 April 2016 09:13

Read the Law, Judge. Pot Is a Sacrament

A U.S. appeals court says that the federal law protecting religious liberty doesn't shield a Hawaiian church that uses cannabis in its rituals. That's pretty outrageous.
The decision’s perverse logic relies on a cartoonishly rigid idea of religious obligation. And it suggests that the religious-freedom law only protects mainstream religious groups like the Catholic Church, not smaller denominations.

Published in Sun Bay Editorials

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