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Saturday, 05 March 2016 09:49

Dirty Water Due to Tallahassee Politics

There has been a great deal of press recently concerning several of our local Mayors traveling to Washington DC to speak to our Congressional delegation and United States Army Corps of Engineers about the dirty water crises stemming from the excessive release of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.

Published in Op Ed
Saturday, 05 March 2016 09:26


Issue 31 Editorial

We've been materially comfortable and abundant for so long, we sometimes fear or avoid the struggle necessary to advance ourselves. Throughout history, great struggle has usually preceded any significant social change. Since the Jews escaped into the wilderness from the horrors of ancient Egypt and roamed for decades, through the Enlightenment where Western man evolved from the torture chambers of the Inquisition and religious zeal, past the French and American revolutions liberating the common man from privilege and into the millions who died fighting the Nazi enslavement machine, change is marked by struggle.

Published in Sun Bay Editorials
Friday, 04 March 2016 08:59

Fracking Bill Goes Down in State Senate


On Tuesday, March 1st, opponents of the Fracking Bill that was making its way through the Florida Legislature got a reprieve, scoring a narrow victory when a State Senate Appropriations Committee killed the bill in a 10 to 9 vote. However, there remains a possibility that the victory might be short lived, as rules in the Senate could allow the bill to come up for vote again as soon as next week.

Published in Business

               Two months ago, the Sun Bay Paper, in an article entitled "Farmed Shrimp Industry Built on Slave Labor", chronicled the lives of people forced to work in foreign seafood industries under appalling and inhuman conditions in the Shrimp Sheds of Thailand.

Published in Environment

This past February, the Lee County League of Women Voters made a stand against a lack of transparency by Lee County Commissioner Larry Kiker in regards to the Grand Resorts Development on Fort Myers Beach. The project, proposed by developer Tom Torgerson and his company TPI Hospitality, is a quarter million dollar transformation of the Downtown commercial district of the island that will contain multiple resorts, shops, and a multi-level parking garage.
The Grand Resorts project has caused great consternation on Fort Myers Beach over the past year just by its scope alone. Regardless of what shape it takes, should it find approval from officials it will change the face of the north end of the Town. The height of the resorts, the realignment of the Boulevard, and the nature of the Coastal Protection System, seen by many as a seawall, has raised questions and concerns throughout eastern Lee County, as a development of this size should.

Published in Politics
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