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To the Editor,

I would like to thank the Editor Trent Townsend and the Publisher Carl Conley for the privilege of being a part of the launching of such a great new publication as the Sun Bay Paper, for the first 6 months of it's existence!

It has been a lot of hard work but a lot of fun, I was proud of working with Carl and Trent in the startup of the Island Sand Paper some 15 years ago and also proud of being a part of launching this new endeavor... THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY

As in the previous start up ..... The calling of my own business; Armando's Day Spa and of "season" which is finally upon us, require my full attention and I must tend to my own "flock" once again.

I look forward to many great future issues.

Bobby Armando Mimmo
Owner: Armando's Day Spa
Ex-Production Manager of Sun Bay Paper

Published in Letters To The Editor


Residents of Fort Myers Beach packed into the Council Chambers of their Town Hall this past Monday to witness the swearing in of the two newly-elected Councilmembers, Tracey Gore and Dennis Boback. With a beach full of people growing anxious over the speed at which the Grand Resorts development was being unveiled, the new Council was greeted warmly during the inauguration ceremonies.

Published in Business
Thursday, 24 March 2016 08:05

Berne Davis: In Memoriam


 Few have had an impact on Lee County like Berne Davis, who passed away this past Monday at the age of 102, just days after her birthday. A patron of the arts throughout Lee County, and a tireless promoter of culture throughout the area, Berne has had an impact on the lives of the countless people she interacted with in her century of life.

Published in General/Features

Anger Leads to Revolution: Satisfied People Do Not Storm the Bastille

A lot has been made recently about “angry voters” in America. Well, it’s true, a large percentage of voters are fuming mad. An exit poll was taken this past Super Tuesday and the results were telling. Upwards of 95 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Democrats said they were “angry” or “dissatisfied” with our federal government.

Published in Op Ed


According to a new report released Monday from the Center for Immigration Studies, over a 120 illegal immigrants who were taken into custody and then released by the Obama administration were later charged with murder.

Published in General/Features
Monday, 21 March 2016 12:06

The Town Has Spoken

Congratulations Tracey Gore and Dennis Boback. They ran a great campaign and will bring some sanity back to government. I worked the polls at the Catholic Church. Tracey was there with me. She asked one of the poll workers where was Jack Green. The lady said he was not coming out. Tracey called Jack on the phone and he came down. When he arrived,, Tracey gave him a big hug and said he was my son's baseball coach. I was not surprised at her doing this, its how she is. We talked to all the other poll workers and we all got along. The only bad publicity was the ad run by the residents for development that trashed Tracey in their ad. The don't know Tracey. She is a great person that wants the best for our town. We might need to thank them for putting her over the top. It was great to hear the voters were 98% turn out.

Dave and Bonnie Ennis

Published in Letters To The Editor
Monday, 21 March 2016 12:00


Think a roundabout will help solve the traffic problem at Times Square? Don't wait years for an answer, find out,now, and here’s how:
ALL northbound traffic turn right on Crescent St. to exit the island at Fifth St.
One way traffic on Crescent St from San Carlos Blvd to Fifth St.
One way traffic on Fifth St from Crescent St to San Carlos Blvd.
One way Traffic on San Carlos Blvd from Fifth St to Crescent St,
And BINGO, you've got a modified (ain’t too round) roundabout for evaluation.
Northbound traffic to points north on Estero Island? Use First and Second Streets, plus Third St if the one way direction is rescinded.
Will this will speed up northbound traffic exiting the island? Absolutely!
Will it ease the traffic coming on the island? Probably not! Two lanes merging to one at Buttonwood Dr will cause the bottleneck to be around forever, but once over the bridge it might help.
Why not try it for a month or three? If it works, great! If it proves ineffective, go back to square one, no harm—no foul

Bill Ross, San Carlos Island

Published in Letters To The Editor
Monday, 21 March 2016 11:12

Thanks from The Fish House Restaurant

On behalf of everyone at The Fish House Restaurant we would like extend our appreciation to William Genevrino, Lloyd Adams, Don Stilwell, Kara Stewart, Dawn Lenhert, Michelle Myher, Matt Noble and the rest of the town staff who were instrumental in the opening of our new restaurant. Many of you went above and beyond to help us secure the licenses and permits needed to get our doors open. Without your help our restaurant would not be enjoying its early success in our new location.

It is wonderful to be a part of such a caring community. We sincerely hope that you will stop in so that you may see the fruits of your labor firsthand.

Michael Dest
The Fish House Restaurants
320 Old San Carlos Blvd.
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Published in Letters To The Editor

Six months ago The Sun Bay Paper reported that despite a seeming acceptance for Angela Merkel’s pro-immigration policies, political pressure was beginning to mount in opposition to so-called asylum seekers and/or refugees. Now that pressure has resulted in definitive change as the Alternative for Germany (AfD) took three state assemblies with voter support that most European media called “unthinkable when this newspaper first started covering the European migrant crisis.

Published in General/Features

Tuesday, March 15th, marked another big day for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the road to their respective Party's nominations of the Presidential election this November. Both scored decisive wins in important states, with Trump taking all 99 delegates of Florida's winner-take-all primary, and winning both North Carolina and Illinois primaries. He holds a slight edge of Ted Cruz in the vote count in Missouri at the time of this printing, although the contest has yet to be called.

Published in Politics
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