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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 27 March 2016

If there was ever a reason to be offended about other countries interfering in the internal politics of the United States, Mexico's recent effort to use its influence to "stop Donald Trump from becoming President," is wrong and sets a dangerous precedent , critics say.
"Mexican consulates here are now hosting “citizenship clinics” to make sure its people are able to vote, which will be “a Herculean task,” said news broadcaster and reporter, Neil Cavuto on his show, Your World.

Published in Politics

Mr. Torgerson, your seemingly apparent tunnel-vision perspective is not the same vision that townspeople share for their island paradise. The harder you try to convince us with last-minute frantic attempts to change our vision, the weaker your arguments are becoming. Issues at hand regarding Grand Resorts development go beyond just those of density and structural heights.

Published in Op Ed

This week we salute the U.S. Marine Corps., proud and staunch defenders of American Liberty since they were formed on Nov. 10, 1775. Since that time, our country has accrued a debt that can never be repaid to the brave men who serve under the banner of Semper Fidelis.

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Forward for A Carl Conley Tale: The “Scoop” on Mariel

This week has been tragic for the world. Once again a decent, humane country - Belgium - has been attacked and its peace loving citizens killed by Muslim extremists. ISIS - the so-called Islamic Caliphate - has claimed responsibility like it's a badge of honor to blow up innocent people from a nation that has taken in so many refugees and asylum seekers from ravaged and ruined Middle Eastern countries; nations where violence between varying sects of Islam is commonplace.

In this same week, Americans have been bombarded by news of President's Obama's "historic trip" to Cuba. It could have just as easily have been named a "hysteric trip" if you consider the backdrop our legacy seeking POTUS found when he arrived in Havanna.

Columnist and American Enterprise Institute Fellow Marc Thiessen writing for the Washington Post this week said it best.

"President Obama went sightseeing in Old Havana, savoring the adulation of pro-regime crowds welcoming him on streets that had been whitewashed for his visit. But a few hours before his arrival, the true nature of the dictatorship he is embracing reared its ugly head, as hundreds of uniformed security personnel attacked and arrested peaceful protesters leaving Palm Sunday Mass."

"A group of dissidents known as the Ladies in White was met outside Havana’s Santa Rita church by an organized crowd of Castro loyalists shouting insults and revolutionary slogans. Then, The Post reports, Castro’s secret police pounced on the women and “half-dragged, half-carried them to waiting buses,” while men marching with the women “were chased, thrown to the curb and handcuffed.” As they were arrested, the crowd chanted “This is Fidel’s street!”

"This was a slap in the face to President Obama — a display intended to send a clear message that, despite his normalization of relations, nothing has changed in Cuba."

Indeed, very little has changed over the past fifteen years. We have reprinted a unique story that originated from people who lived among us. It is a tale of human tragedy but it is also a tale that clearly shows how little things have changed in the world over the last decade and a half. Immigration is still an unsolved issue for America and as we get deeper into the Presidential campaign, we are hearing what is supposed to be a sharp contrast between treating those who seek our shores as "welcomed guests" or "illegal invaders."

Reading the "Scoop on Mariel," and "The Bombing of Belgium is instructive and should remind us all that not everybody plays by the sense of fairness and equality that some of our potential leaders urge us to adopt. The world is an increasingly dangerous place and if we do not learn the lessons of history laid out in front of us, we may well be the next victims.

ISIS does not play by civilized rules. They burn and stone people; they subject women to inhumane sexual slavery; they behead Christians and they blow up innocents without regard to color, wealth, age or gender. And Cuba is not the USA. As the following tale clearly shows, they once emptied their jails and sent their worse people to our shores because they didn't want them. Even as this story is being written Castro's regime is still throwing old women and men in jail because they dare to speak out against him. Not everybody is equal and there are bad people in the world and the sooner we admit it the safer we will all be.

You can "kill them with kindness" or you can "fight fire with fire." Making choices can be tough but it's hard to be kind to someone who is either trying to blow you up or dump a bucket of crap in your house. Perhaps it's time we returned to the "Rugged Individualism" that really did make America Great and see political correctness for what it is - an insidious social cancer that is destroying us from within.

Published in General/Features

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