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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bottom line is that America is stone broke. The debt is 19 trillion and rocketing to the moon and the trade deficits add to America's economic tanking. Consider that Romney and all of the politicians debating Trump have never raised a finger to reverse this problem. As Ross Perot, many brilliant economists and Donald Trump indicate, a huge contributor to this problem is the fact that we ditched our fair trade policies, including tariffs, for free trade policies. Notice, as Perot once warned; these trade policies will result in millions of jobs exiting America. Notice; nothing on shelves made in America anymore, roads filled with foreign cars, even some with American labels and skies filled with foreign aircraft, even some with American labels, where Americans don't manufacture, but only assemble. All of these politicians have proven they don't want this game board to change; too much money being made at America's expense. This is what Trump wants to change in order to make America great again. Only the people can make this happen by voting for Trump because the establishment has proven that they love the game board the way it is.

Bill Lenell

Published in Letters To The Editor
Friday, 25 March 2016 09:42

Smooth Talking Pretty Boy

I was a journalist in FL a dozen years ago and I remember Marco. He was a smooth-talking pretty boy who was great at doing nothing but spinning it to make it sound good. Guess what? Nothing's changed.

One Tough Lady

Published in Letters To The Editor

There is much talk of Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric as themes of intolerance while Clinton is dogged by controversies over her honesty and integrity. The electorate is deeply divided on major challenges facing the country and they have grown increasingly intolerant of the Jarrett/Obama administration’s foreign policies, open door invitation to Islamic Muslims, and race baiting, which have led to ever increasing unrest. Because of these policies Trump holds more cross-party appeal than Clinton, who is expected to build on the failed policies of the Jarrett/Obama administration. Sad to say but Sanders would fare better than Clinton among younger voters, low information voters, and independents, because of their short memories and entitlement mentalities. However, the Clinton fix is in and she will be the next Democratic candidate for president, unless she is indicted, and well she should be.

Marilyn Pratt

Published in Letters To The Editor

The recent heavily reported rocket attack by ISIS resulting in the death of a U.S. Marine has brought increased attention on fresh ground troop deployment in Iraq.

Published in General/Features

Last Thursday, State Representative Matt Caldwell made his way to Florida Gulf Coast University to talk with students there about various water projects the Florida Legislature was working on around the state, including the controversial Water Bill that was recently passed, everglades restoration, and the C-43 reservoir. However, it wasn’t just students in the audience at the upstairs room of the Cohen Center.

Published in Environment

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