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When Marco Rubio called Ted Cruz a liar in the Feb. 13 debate, he was trying to defend himself from Cruz's portrayal of him as a timid conservative. But the Floridian also ended up helping Donald Trump fend off the one candidate attacking him, as the brash billionaire won his third consecutive blowout victory Tuesday in Nevada.

Published in Politics
Sunday, 28 February 2016 19:30

Review: Sister Act at Broadway Palms

Fort Myers is home to high spirits as the musical Sister Act has opened at Broadway Palms. Adapted from the Whoopi Goldberg movie from 1992, it was converted into a play in 2006 with music composed by Alan Menken, who himself found fame with his music for Disney animated hits “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Aladdin.”

Published in Lifestyle

It has been my privilege to chronicle the lives of many notable men and women from SW Florida; folks who have left their indelible mark on our society, movers and shakers whose presence helped shape and define our tropical community. When I started publishing here in 2000, I promised that there were more stories of significance on our shores than grains of sand. After writing over ten years there were few tales that I wanted to chronicle that had escaped my pen, but last month a man who single-handedly defined development on Fort Myers Beach decided after telling me no for over 16 years to allow me to write his story.

Published in Lifestyle

While Lake Okeechobee and its releases into the estuaries are the most immediate image that comes to mind for most people in Southwest Florida when they think of water quality, it serves us well to remember that they are only a part of the complex tapestry that relates to the natural health and beauty of this state.

Published in Environment

Continuing to shun the establishment and its mainstream party lines, on Saturday, Donald Trump denounced the Republican National Committee for using his popularity to shill for cash.

Published in Politics

President Barack Obama’s choices for replacing Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court come down to firing up the Democratic base with a decidedly liberal jurist who can’t be confirmed, or offering Senate Republicans a more moderate candidate they could support.

Published in Politics
Monday, 22 February 2016 09:56

Welfare Assistance Subsidizes Drug Addiction

A controversy has long raged as to whether those receiving state welfare benefits should be tested for illegal drug usage.

Last week North Carolina revealed some results from mandated drug tests administered to those applying for or living with the assistance of welfare.

Published in Business

2015: U.S. Installed More Renewables Than Fossil Fuels

At least 98.6 million people were harmed by natural disasters in 2015, the hottest year on record; and climate, intensified by a strong El Niño pattern, was the driver in 92 percent of those events, finds a new analysis by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, UNISDR.

Published in Environment

Nearly Two-Thirds of Czechs Oppose Taking in War Refugees: Poll

Approximately two out of three Czechs say taking in additional refugees from war zones including Syria is a mistake, according to a recent opinion poll that was published last week. The poll numbers reflect a rapidly growing anti-migrant sentiment in a country that took a tough stance on migrants and refugees since the inception of what many have said is the “worse refugee crisis” since World War II.

Published in Politics

The impact of fresh water releases from Lake Okeechobee on the estuaries and coastal communities has been a long time concern for many residents and visitors here in Southwest Florida. These releases have had dire effects for both the environment and the aesthetics of the area. Last week, nearly 70 thousand gallons of this discharged water poured through the locks around Lake Okeechobee per second, and the six mayors of Lee County have announced to take action in hopes of finding solutions and relief for their constituents.

Published in Environment
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