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To the Editor:

The media stokes anger to serve its own commercial interests. especially in racial matters, they will present matters in the most provocative manner possible, distorting the facts or ignoring important nuance, in an effort to draw readers with "them vs. us" conflict. I am white, and after reading many of the articles find myself angry at black folks generally until I step back and consider the many decent, reasonable black folks I know, and the fact that most of the views I see presented don't represent them at all. It is a constant struggle to avoid racial animosity. Many in the media have abandoned even the pretense of even-handed reporting to become advocates for their personal views. Despite the toxic social effect, I don't see this ending any time soon.

John Williams

Published in Letters To The Editor

In the 2016 legislative session, the Florida legislature has a unique and unprecedented
opportunity to enact comprehensive water policy that ensures sufficient water supply for
population growth, economic expansion, natural systems and reduce nutrient pollution
entering our waters.

Published in Environment

Oregon Illegals Sue State Over Driver's License Law

When you think of what makes Americans want to vote for Donald Trump, all one has to do is take a look at the nerve of some illegal immigrants. In the State of Oregon a group of illegal immigrants have decided to sue because Oregon voters decided to pass a law forbidding illegal immigrants from getting drivers’ licenses.
Most Conservatives do not favor granting illegals a path to legalization unless the border has been secured once and for all. And the ones that do favor citizenship still insist on them paying back taxes, some sort of a fine, learning English and being properly vetted for criminal involvement or terrorist ties. While those on the left like to style those on the right as “bigoted” or “racist” those on the right see a lack of respect for the rule of law in America.
Then there are just the everyday people who, no matter what their political leanings, see too much open disrespect for this country and its laws by people who do not have the legal right to even be here. They see that as much worse than the arguments of either the left or the right. As a former attorney, I am appalled at the way courts generally handle suits like this.
Courts, are supposed to uphold the rule of law in this country and though they have to make some rulings in the way of interpretation, changing legislative intent is not their function. They should order any plaintiff in this suit who shows up in court and admits they are an illegal immigrant to be taken into immediate custody by the bailiff and deported. (That is if we can get our Federal government to enforce their end of our laws.)
That’s the clear meaning of our immigration law and there isn’t really a lot of ambiguity about it. If the court still felt the case was worthy on its merits they could allow the plaintiffs to submit briefs about their legal ability to continue this suit from Mexico.
Instead, the courts have completely capitulated and now say the idea of actually deporting people who voluntarily declare in open court that they are in this country illegally is now longer an option; that it the notion is considered completely out of the question. Worse, there’s even a reasonable chance that that the crackpot judiciary of the State of Oregon might allow them to succeed.
Most Americans have broken a law; perhaps speeding, floating through a stop sign or even smoking some weed every now and then. Still most don’t do it right in front of cops, and if they do, they have the decency, sense of guilt and common sense to accept the reality that their actions have consequences.
Yet when it comes to illegal immigrants, we now have an entire class of people living in America whose first act in this country was to break American laws. As one commentator recently put it, “they have learned that there is no punishment associated with breaking American laws.”
This blatant behavior doesn’t continue to set an example for future generations of America that the rule of law should come above all else. If we continue to let illegals subvert and manipulate our courts; if we allow this trend to continue we will erode from within. It certainly does not make any reasonable person think these illegals are the kind of people we want in this country at all.
No matter how we see the politics of immigration and border control, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel generous and forgiving towards the illegal immigrant community, thanks largely to the activist efforts of their leaders who continue to bring lawsuits and use our system of justice in an unjust way. Without sounding grandiose, their actions are disrespectful and contemptuous.
This egregious lawsuit in Oregon is but one of the reasons we should permanently secure our borders, return to legal immigration as the only right way to enter our country and legislate to our courts that frivolous lawsuits by those with no standing will not be entertained.

Sun Bay Editorial

Published in Sun Bay Editorials

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