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The signs of human trafficking could be all around Defense Department personnel: A subcontractor withholds passports and delays payment to its employees, or a company forces potential workers to pay a large fee to obtain a contract job on a DoD installation.

Published in General/Features
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 09:15

Wouldn’t That Be Something?

Another major election year is upon us and already we are hearing from the Republicans and Democrats who are shouting their ideologies to the undecided voting public. Both entities feel they have to negatively attack the opposition’s political agendas to sway voters to their way of thinking. Let’s look at this bell ringing - media fed firestorm in a practical way. The two dominating parties are divided on most all the issues that are plaguing our country today. They are in no certain order the economy, global warming, naturalization and foreign policy. What do you think would happen if both parties looked at one another’s solutions in a nonbiased view? The possibilities could be endless.

I am an independent but registered as a republican - I guess I am a conservative more than a liberal, sees good and bad points to each party’s way of thinking. With the Silent Generation – mid 1920’s to early 1940’s almost nonexistent and being part of a slowly dying baby boomers era, the popular vote now swings in favor towards the “Generation X” and “Millennials” forum. All our ranting and raving is nothing but a feeble attempt to change the minds of a growing population’s thoughts on the future of our nation. If we persist to battle our political rivals, we will push future generations closer to a “New World Order”. Believe me fellow boomers, it’s leaning that way. Enough said about that topic.

This leads me to the initial reason why I am writing this “Letter to the Editor”. Instead of spending our leisure time boasting our political views on deaf ears, we should be cultivating ideas to our future leaders who will inherit the mess that both parties have created. I have learned from my past years in corporate America to listen, understand why and approach the issues with an open mind. This immediately does two things. First, it defuses the opposition from closing their mind to your ideas. Second, it opens conversational dialogue that can lead to negotiations. Now is this so hard? This proven method can also be used in negotiating the proposed redevelopment of downtown Ft Myers Beach. But that’s all together another letter.

Politics is politics. Everyone has their theories how the world should be run. Liberals will always be socialist minded, and republicans will always be ultraconservative. None of us will most likely ever change our deep embedded political beliefs. However, we can help our up and coming prodigies make better decisions by discussing past experiences that might or might not correct any potential future miss-directives. Try to remember this as we get further into the year’s political propaganda of hate, negative campaigns and slander. Let the future read, “Baby Boomers leave a mark on history by listening, understanding and offering advice”! Wouldn’t that be something!


Anthony Scopel

Published in Letters To The Editor
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 09:08

The 2016 Python Challenge


It was sunning itself on a rock like a "master of all it surveyed" when Jim Sweeney pinned it down with a snake hook and wrapped his hands around the middle part of its’ body.

Published in Outdoor

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