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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 17 January 2016
Monday, 18 January 2016 16:20

To Hell with China

The AMERICAN companies who in the last 10-20-30-40 yrs have relied/moved/profited from cheap labor-given away our industrial secrets (steel/cars/electronics/toys/tools) while at the same time screwing their own country/people (USA) and workers will now regret it. Fast money/profits for Wall Street Bean-counters(MBA-Masters of Bull Administration) is over.

Companies like Nike/Phil Knight(Traitor), Warren Buffet(Traitor),Apple Cpmtr/Steve Jobs/Traitor, GM(Traitors), GE (Traitors), Catepillar(Traitors), even BOEING-letting China/Japan make Major High-Tech Aircraft parts!!!!!!

Giving away all our knowledge acquired over a hundred years from great minds/engineering.

Are you People all Stupid?????? These companies are willingly giving away Trade/Manufacturing secrets!!!!!

And you People (USA Gov't/Media/ Corporate Bean Counters) are worried about "Hacking" ???????? Give me a break.

ONLY Donald TRUMP (like Trump card) Can and Will STOP this.

Only Trump will walk into GM and tell GM -build one car in China and it will never get "imported ?" into USA.

95% of yes You PEOPLE should vote for Trump.

Hershey Foods,Nabisco,Ford letting "Bean-counters" run the company

It is the guy who makes the Beans/cookies/cars/Chocolate that counts!!!!

In fact its the MBA/Bean Counters who are destroying these companies.

While enriching themselves/laying people off and weakening this Country.

We should ship these corrupt/crooked/stupid people "out a Here".

John Laut

(239) 822-5956

Yea I'm the retired/retarded UAL pilot that used to fly you people into Florida.Now I am a nobody.

Published in Letters To The Editor

Under the threat of a court order, the Environmental Protection Agency last October proposed a ban on all agricultural uses of the Dow AgroSciences insecticide chlorpyrifos.

Published in Environment
Monday, 18 January 2016 15:44


A group of concerned voting residents will be holding an open discussion
with the candidates for Town Council on Wednesday, January 20, 2016,
beginning at 6:30 PM in the 3rd floor Community Meeting Room at the Fort
Myers Beach Public Library. Bring your questions and find out how the
candidates feel about the issues concerning the future of Fort Myers Beach.

Doris Grant

P.S. This program is not sponsored by the Fort Myers Beach Public Library.

Published in Letters To The Editor

Just a few short months ago, Sweden was condemning Hungary and other smaller and poorer EU member nations over their lack of receptivity to Muslim and African asylum seekers. Along with tightened border restrictions and a reduction is easy cash and similar benefit payments to refugees Swedish police are now facing allegations of a cover-up Monday for failing to inform the public of widespread sexual assaults against teenage girls at a music festival last summer. They join Germany and Finland who have also sought to soft-pedal the assaults and identity of the attackers as being of “Arab Origen.” This has led to a quickly spreading belief that the cover ups are directly related to maintaining the far-lefts political doctrine of open borders and multiculturalism as a desirable goal for Western democracies.

Published in General/Features
Monday, 18 January 2016 09:53

Black and White by the Numbers

I hate to burst the bubbles of clinically brain-dead liberals, who for some reason allege that black Americans are being terrorized by white people, but blacks murder far more whites than whites murder blacks.

Published in Op Ed
Monday, 18 January 2016 09:27

Islamic Refugees

Did you know that 80 percent of the Islamic refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq were men between 15 and 40?
The Liberal media portrayed them as women and children and professional Doctors and Engineers, falsely.
Just like BHO said we need 10k MUSLIM Syrian refugees that they have a perfect vetting process for, then San Bernardino happened.
Perfect vetting process was exposed for the lie it was.

The community organizer Socialist has his plan, the European Socialists have their plan.
Exported from USSR Socialist, German Socialists that gave us Hitler, and other Communist leaning ideologists.
I will never forget the oppression and genocides of Socialists.

I also want to thank the Sun Bay Paper for not being like the mainstream media and publishing nothing but politically correct BS. Carl Conley was straight forward when he ran the Sand Paper on the Beach (It’s now just an advertiser suck-up) and I’m glad to see him back. Keep publishing the things we can’t read anywhere else, we need it badly.

Charles Whyte

Published in Letters To The Editor
Monday, 18 January 2016 09:25

The Second Amendment to the Constitution

To the Editor:

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is an Unalienable right. This means this right comes from God not from man and cannot be taken away by man. The right to possess firearms was looked at the same by the writer's of the Constitution as the right to a free press or freedom of religion.

Therefore, under the 2nd Amendment a felon cannot lose the right to possess a firearm anymore than a felon loses the right to possess a printing press or a Bible.

Remember, what are considered felonies today were not even crimes when this country was founded and as the govt. makes more minor acts, felonies more Americans will be banned from owing firearms.

Walter O'Brien

Published in Letters To The Editor

The southern hemisphere, where many of the world’s poor reside, is the primary source of most of those who comprise the “migrant crisis.” Whereas many describe the crisis as war driven, poverty and the view that the richer, northern parts of the world hold the secret to a better economic future, is the primary driver of this migration. A new study by the International Monetary Fund shows that this is a trend that is accelerating since the early 1990’s and is likely to continue to escalate upwards unless policies are changed in the richer democracies.
Primarily, global migrants are, not surprisingly, ending up in Australia, Canada, the United States and Northern Europe. Less well-known is that some Persian Gulf states and even Kazakhstan, a small but resource-rich central Asian nation, are also magnets for impoverished immigrants and asylum seekers.

Published in General/Features

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