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Where can one go to find objective and factual news these days? It's just simply amazing the amount of propaganda masqueraded as news from both online and print.

Published in Letters To The Editor
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 11:12

Farmer’s Market Returns to Lakes Park

Lakes Park will once again host a weekly Farmer’s Market every Friday through April. The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation has teamed up with Local Roots to host the market, which will feature locally grown produce, flowers, soaps and much more.

Published in Outdoor

The 100th anniversary of the Old Courthouse in downtown Fort Myers is coming up, and the County is asking for modern photos of this historic structure to be submitted so that they can be included in the celebration of this milestone.

Published in General/Features
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 10:48

ECCL Discusses Future Roles of Group

As the Village Council of Estero continues to build up its staff and move towards defining the road ahead for the recently incorporated community, a citizen group that was key in establishing the municipality contemplates its potential role in Estero’s future.

Published in Business

Laura Strong, a 29-year-old in suburban Chicago, owes $245,000 on student loans for the psychology Ph.D. she finished in 2013. This year, she says she hopes to earn $35,000 working part-time jobs as a therapist and yoga teacher—not enough to manage a loan payment of about $2,000 a month. But Strong isn’t paying anything close to that. She’s one of at least 3.8 million Americans who’ve qualified for federal programs that tie payments to income and eventually forgive debt for some struggling borrowers, leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab.

Published in Business

Olga Gutierrez Machorro believes death can be a solution for homelessness in her community of Tecamachalco, Mexico, where she serves as a councilor. Machorro stirred up controversy recently when she stated that the homeless, specifically beggars, should be euthanized by lethal injection in order to keep their population on the streets of the city under control.

Published in Politics
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 13:24

Recent Poll Shows Trump with Substantial Lead


A recent Citizens United poll has shown Donald Trump with a significant lead in the race for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race. 5,000 members of the Citizens Untied organization, a conservative non-profit, were polled between the dates of September 18th and 23rd.

Published in Politics

To the Editor: Regarding your online coverage of the migrant crisis in Europe.

That's exactly what Angela Merkel, Germany's political and cultural elite want. As a matter of fact this strategy has been employed in Sweden for a long time. By stigmatizing, calling xenophobic or racists and shutting out of the debate the average citizen who fairly questions or criticizes the very visible islamization of the nation or Angela Merkel's insane refugee policies, the space is left for the minority, violent and really racist far-right to protest against these self-destructive refugees/asylum policies thus fitting the pro-muslim organizatiions, government's and mainstream's media narrative that those who are against this muslim invasion can only be "racist" and "xenophobic". Read the "Assassin at the Door", an essay by Lars Hedegaard, a respected Danish journalist and campaigner, a life-long leftist himself and critical of the unchecked islamization of Scandinavian countries. He singles out Swedish mainstream media's tactics to silence and stigmatize those who raise this issue for discussion and how today's European Left is betraying its traditional secular and humanist causes by promoting muslim immigration of EU societies.

Girt Weckler

Ed. Note: Thank you for reading The Sun Bay Paper Fort Myers Beach and truly thank you for writing in with a perspective from an affected country. In our detailed coverage this week on the shift in attitudes based on lying by so-called asylum seekers, we report where the police in a German town with a migrant camp ADMIT to hiding the truth about a verified rape and other crimes and problems in the camp as a matter of PUBLIC POLICY! If not for a respected independent German newspaper the facts would have never come to light and that is exactly what the pro-immigrant politicians want - an un-informed citizenry.


Published in Letters To The Editor
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 10:21

Bonita Springs Finishes Dog Park Additions

A week of planting has helped to beautify a popular new addition to Bonita Springs. The city’s Park and Recreation staff, with direction from the Bonita Springs Tree Advisory Board, finished planting 19 new trees at the Bonita Springs Bark-N-Play Park on the corner of Terry Street and Matheson Avenue. The trees included Wild Tamarinds, Satin Leafs, Gumbo Limbos, and Sea Grapes.

Published in Outdoor
Monday, 28 September 2015 11:09

On Your Coverage of Syrians Invading Europe

It is imperative that opposition leaders such as PM Orban have a voice at the main stage in order to pump the breaks on this madness in the EU. An absence of individuals like this will result in the EU getting in the same position that Serbia did in the 90's, when a growing "peaceful" islamic population very quickly became an invasive and self governing one, guided by sharia law, and imposing in on the non-islamic populous. We are already witnessing this in Britain, Holland and parts of Northern Europe.

Daniel Franks

Published in Letters To The Editor
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