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Monday, 14 December 2015 10:08

President's "Terror" Speech Not Reassuring

I'm sorry, but Obama's speech had everything to do with pushing his agenda and little to do with comforting Americans. One issue of particular note is his wanting people on the "no fly" list to not be able to buy guns. In it's simplest form that sounds O.K., but here's the problem. Why are the people on the no fly list? If there is enough credible evidence that you put someone on a no fly list because they could endanger the population, then you either need to deport them or arrest them. We cannot maintain a list of people that revokes their rights with absolutely no legal basis. The no fly list should only contain a very limited number of people and everyone of them should have an outstanding warrant for their arrest. If this is not how it is handled, then it simply becomes a tool for the Government to deny rights as they see fit rather than following due process. Just like mental health issues. The same applies. If someone is mentally incapacitated to the point they cannot own a gun, then there has to be a process to put them on a no gun buy list. You can't just do things like this with no basis. In a panic, we can't do things or allow our Government to do things without due process. Innocent until proven guilty. If you don't follow that process then you may just find your name on one of those lists.

Carlos Martinez

Published in Letters To The Editor

Opening act, Henry Gross, an American singer-songwriter, best know for his association with the group, Sha Na Na and for his hit song, "Shannon". At age 18, he was the youngest person to play on the main stage at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969.

Charlie Allen and Friends kept the party jumping with a mix of classic rock and country tunes.

Canine Crusades Benefit Concert was held last Saturday, December 5th, at a private residence with proceeds to benefit "Have a Heart, INC." a small, volunteer canine rescue service in south Florida. Featured headliner was a Fort Myers Beach resident, Brian Howe, former lead singer of Bad Company.

Published in Lifestyle

Does it surprise anyone on Hillary Clinton's comments to enact stricter gun laws preventing terrorists from obtaining them. That's one of many idiotic comments she has made, how does this make any sense when any common criminal can obtain a weapon illegally on the streets. Enacting stricter gun laws negatively affects the law abiding citizens more than it does criminals or terrorists.
Here's a good idea for these anti-gun politicians like Clinton, why not start enforcing the gun laws that already exist. They want to enact new gun laws when they don't enforce the current gun laws. I trust Donald Trump before I would Hillary Clinton. Trump speaks the truth and offends, but Hillary Clinton has consistently lied under oath. First it was the e-mails and personal server at her home, then the total complete abandonment of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevenson's and his teams request to Hillary Clinton for additional security fallen on death ears of then, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to send help or respond to any of his requests which directly contributed to their deaths. Now she wants to become President! I think not.

Dale Reggus

Published in Letters To The Editor
Monday, 14 December 2015 09:23

Estero Council Moves Closer to Fracking Ban

The Village Council of Estero made their intentions clear at their December 2nd meeting last week, when they forwarded an ordinance that will ban the process of fracking within their municipal boundaries to a second hearing. If passed at that hearing, Estero will join Bonita Springs in its stand against the controversial extraction process for oil and gas, which occurs by cracking rock through the introduction of pressurized liquid.

Published in Business

Just a few days ago, agents with the U.S. Border Patrol in an Arizona town roughly 30 miles from the Mexican border, arrested five Middle Eastern men trying to smuggle into America, according to law enforcement sources. told Judicial Watch.

Published in General/Features
Friday, 11 December 2015 12:01

In Remembrance of WW2 Veteran Thomas Rizzo

With the passing of another anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, it is important to remember those who served in World War 2, whether it be those who have passed on or those still with us. With them lies the memory of a great conflict that shaped the second half of the twentieth century and beyond, and there service ensured that freedom and opportunity championed by our ountry would be the foundations that future was built upon.

Published in General/Features

Many residents of San Carlos Island are strongly opposed to the Bay Harbour Marina Village proposed for the site of the former Compass Rose Marina. The developer is requesting changes to the land development code to allow currently prohibited uses on the site. The proposal includes; a 14 story high rise residential building, a two story residential facility along Oak Street, a 520+ car parking structure and a boat dry stack storage facility for 286 boats, 29 wet slips, a launching facility and a ships store.

Published in Letters To The Editor

While the Council and Staff of Fort Myers Beach have no shortage of issues to look after on land, from development to traffic to parking, their meeting on Monday kicked off with a presentation by members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on sharks, and their relationship with humans in our area. Nancy Sheridan and Brent WInner, scientists with the FWC, stood before the audience and the Council to give a quick list of facts about local sharks, and the results of human interaction with them.

For the most part, the presentation’s purpose was to allay fears that people may have in sharing these waters with sharks. As Sheridan explained, sharks are not only an apex predator, but also a keystone species that proves vital to our ecosystem.

Winner went into detail about shark attacks in our area, explaining that Lee and Collier Counties combined only recorded 8 shark bites since record keeping was started. Winner also stated that most shark bites are exploratory, where the shark tests to see if what they are biting is a member of its usual prey species. Most time, after a shark bites a human, they do not sustain an attack.

The Council unanimously approved a cutoff date of March 1, 2016 for entering into a contract to this year’s 4th of July Fireworks celebration. This means that the town will not enter into a contract with a service provider for the fireworks if $10,000 of contributions have not been collected by this date.

The Town has previously collected 20,000 for this year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration, and is currently processing a contract.

Published in Business

The long, controversial story of Florida’s gerrymandered districts entered another chapter this week, as the State’s Supreme Court made a significant decision on the drawn boundaries that can often decide the makeup of our State Legislature before votes are even cast. Last week, on December 2nd, the Court passed down a ruling in favor of a hybrid congressional map that they felt answered to the call voters made in 2010 for fair districts.

Published in Politics
Friday, 11 December 2015 09:40

Spirit Dinner Auction - Huge Success


A large crowd packed into the Sunset Beach Tropical Grill’s Playmore Tiki Bar this past Tuesday evening, December 8, with hundreds of Fort Myers Beach residents looking to raise money for local children in need. The reason for the gathering was the Spirit of the Holiday’s annual Dinner Auction, a charity event put on by the Beach Kids Foundation.

Published in General/Features

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