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 A contingent of U.S. soldiers has helped to strengthen capacity among African partner-nations and assisted them to work together in confronting joint security challenges on the continent.

Published in General/Features

I’m sure you’re aware the first of the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray incident in Baltimore is going on trial this week. I remember you had some editorial coverage about the bias in the court system and political processes that have led to the current trial. Last week, I saw an article on the national news wire that said, "If Officer William Porter is acquitted, there could be protests and possibly more unrest." With an atmosphere like that, Porter is assured of a fair trial, right? Nothing more than a political prosecution to appease a mob.

Maureen Williams

Published in Letters To The Editor
Tuesday, 08 December 2015 10:12

Too Much Money in the Hands of Mega Rich

In case there is anyone who doesn't know this, and apparently, there are many, there are a handful of billionaires (they could fit on one bus!) who control this country. They have bought Congress so that no important piece of legislation is passed without their approval. Congress scrambles to find new ways to please them.

Published in Letters To The Editor

Every week, there is a new GOP runner up while Trump continues to remain on top of the polls. The newest Quinnipiac Poll shows Trump leading by double digits at 27% favoritism among Republican voters, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio following not-so-close behind at 17% and Carson tied with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 16%. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is polling at 5%.  The media narrative though, since June when he announced his bid btw, has been to say that Trump has peaked, in the hopes they can sway fickle bandwagon voters out there to some other candidate. The smear tactics haven't worked and continue to fail. Trump's message is resonating because government doesn't do its job, is completely broke and looks out for everyone else EXCEPT American citizens.

Rob Snyder
Online Reader

Published in Letters To The Editor

There is an increasing realization that a handful of people control the vast majority of wealth, resources and power on our planet. Note the word “realization” is used with focus here because very little has changed in the course of human history – a few have always a disproportionate share of everything – but increased literacy and easy access to facts and information on the Internet is now bringing the truth of this disparity home to the masses with a clarity not previously experienced.

Published in Sun Bay Editorials


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it will vacate its approval of the Dow AgroSciences herbicide Enlist Duo after determining that its combination of chemicals could be more harmful than initially believed.

Published in Environment


We’re 30 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. No land in sight. The ocean is more than 300 feet deep. The water is choppy but clear blue. Creamer Shorey, a blond, sunburned 23-year-old, has taken me out for the day, along with a couple from Canada, another from Chile, and an American father and his two kids. We’ve all traveled to Mexico, to the tiny island of Isla Mujeres, for the chance to swim with whale sharks. Scanning the waters, it looks as if we’ve found a group of about 20.

Published in General/Features


The panther may be Florida’s official state animal, but 2015 has seen the endangered big cat dying to the state’s motorists at an alarming rate. While increases in both population and development have long been a major concern in regards to the species long-term survival, this year has seen as many documented panther deaths caused by man than any year previous.

Published in General/Features

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