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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 10:48

A Vote for Trump is a Vote for America

This is a great paper!! I agree with many of your editorials/letters.
Love your SUNBUNNYs also.
If I do say/write something politically incorrect-- its OK-
you don't have to print me!!
TRUMP TRUMPs PI. A vote for Trump is a vote for America.

So here it goes. How is it GM builds a Buick plant in China.
Shows Chinese how to build cars. Then imports these cars
to USA.
Just to to eliminate good paying American UAW jobs.
TRUMP would not allow this. To hell with stock holders/ Wall Street Bean Counters.
It's the guy who makes the Beans that counts.
Anybody can count the Beans after they are made.i.e. Wall Street MBA's.
If GM likes China so much the CEO/COO all need to move there.
Same for Warren Buffet.Same for Phil Knight of NIKE. Same for
Bill Gates of Microsoft. Same for CEO of Apple.
All you people who buy this stuff from (and its not all your fault) China/Mexico
are all guilty of the demise of your own country/USA.

John Laut
(239) 822-5956

Ed. Note: Thank you for your letter. Your opinion matters as much as anyone's and we do not subscribe to politically correct. We believe in common sense and providing a forum for readers that is not owned or determined by advertiser money or any political party.  This, we believe is one of Donald Trump's appeals; he isn't bought and paid for like so many career politicians.  It is crucial to have community dialogue, so we welcome readers' submissions on any decent subject including opinion writing not matter what side of an issue it falls.

Published in Letters To The Editor

Sixteen years ago, when I first started publishing my start-up newspaper, The Island Sand Paper, I tried to publish articles that supported preserving the “Old Florida” style that made Fort Myers Beach such a special place to live. By adopting the phrase “By Islanders-For Islanders”, I sought to give residents a rallying cry to bind them together with a common desire to cherish and protect the sensitivity of our barrier Island community.

Published in Sun Bay Editorials

It was a list with 258 names on it, and the Beach Kids Foundation made sure that each of those names would have a joyful Christmas experience this year. Even though the list was twice as long as year’s previous, the Foundation worked hard to provide happy holiday memories to kids whose families have to put their budgets towards essential needs during their Spirit of the Holidays event, and just like every year the people of Beach came out in force to lend their aid to make sure toys and clothing got wrapped and ready for Santa Claus to deliver.

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