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Items filtered by date: Monday, 21 December 2015
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 14:00

Enough is Enough

There is entirely too much going on for a small Island with a (former ) mellow way of life for all to absorb...all the construction, all the destruction....when will it ever end? Who are we really? What are our desires? Where have we come from? What will be the end???. I will answer some of those questions.

We are a small Island community dedicated to upholding vestiges of our past. We "Are the People" that fell in love with the simplistic life of olde Florida , the flora, the fauna, the animals,reptiles, the vermin...all that came before us that inhabited our paradise before we arrived. We embraced our shrimping past as those men and women sacrificed so for the pink gold they harvested, we celebrated and glorified the dire circumstances they had to live by as because of them we are...or should I say were??

Now we are an Island divided, piss poor town management, the oblivion of our elected town officials...how great we were, how sad we are becoming. Due to Charlie we lost so very much this however, has become an opportunity for the paper of a green back to replace the gold of our sands and sunsets, humble we were, elite we are becoming. How quickly we can forget that those that are now construed as subservient to the wealth forth coming were the ones who stayed to witness, mourn and rebuild the devastation Charlie brought to our shores, at once we were revered, now nothing more than something bad someone stepped in.

My Advice...Grand Wizard Cereceda, get your stick and bandanna and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah out of here, your only local color is not the blue of our blood however, green. Mr. Mandel, you are one of the few that could actually justify a $200.00 toilet seat in a town approved pot a potty. Mr. Stillwell, you belong not here however, in a lock down facility, every one of you are prime candidates for the Obama administration.

We the people are over and done with all the bull, we want and need to preserve what is left that you have not taken away, we want our island with all the idiosyncrasies, with all of OUR local COLOR to stay before it is gone forever.

My Best,
Kathleen A. Chappina

Published in Letters To The Editor

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Two thousand years after Chinese philosopher Laozi recorded this phrase, Air Force Col. Henry Rogers reached his own “thousand-mile journey” milestones while deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, as an F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot.

Published in General/Features

The Developers of the proposed Bay Harbour Marina Village on San Carlos Island hit a serious speedbump this past Monday, December 14, when the Lee County Local Planning Agency voted against recommending a zoning change for their project. The current land, one which the defunct Compass Rose Marina is located on the corner of Main and Oak Street, is currently zoned Industrial like much of the island around that area. The developers, represented at the meeting by Russell Schropp of Henderson Franklin, Jim Ink of Inkwerks (a coastal design firm) and the real estate appraisal firm of Maxwell Hendry & Simmons, were there to ask LPA to recommend a change to Central Urban zoning to the Board of County Commissioners.

Published in Business
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 13:23

If I Were Donald Trump

The Trump 101 version of protecting the American Public by banning Muslims was not very well thought out.

Published in Op Ed


On the back of the Sun Bay Paper delivery van is a sticker that reads: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Imported Shrimp.” Over 15 years ago, when he was the Editor in Chief of a small island weekly, the Sand Paper, our Publisher Carl Conley, journeyed to Nicaragua to witness and report upon the construction of a new shrimp farm on the Pacific Coast. He went as the guest of an aquafarmer who wanted positive publicity for his project. It did not work out the way he anticipated. Not only did Conley write an extensive condemnation of how shrimp farming was being implemented in the impoverished Central American country, what he saw there sent him scurrying to Beach Seafood to buy the bumper sticker. He also vowed never to eat a farmed shrimp again.

Published in Business
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:56


ISIS is a force of less than 32 thousand. Yet according to the U.N. about 4 million Syrians (GRAND TOTAL) which half are male have relocated, and about 25% of the grand total are fighting age males.

1 Million men can't beat them? Really? ONE MILLION. If they can walk that far, they can hold a gun and fight for their nation. Begs the question, what are they really running away from? Their own culture, which is a failure and they will bring that failure with them no matter where they go.

We all know the Muslims will set up mini states within the borders of the "host" (like a parasite's host) country. Only 19 hijackers brought us 9/11, imagine millions of them

Can America actually say who is coming in?

We’d better vote TRUMP and stop the madness

Mary-Katherine Evans

Published in Letters To The Editor
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:30

Too Cozy

So obvious that Obama and the media are way too cozy. We have a national situation on hand with these last Terrorists. They have a code that no one has yet been able to break. America has some of the brightest computer people in the World. they just do not work for the government. They could be hired to do so though- even as consultants. Yet, though a bit too generalized, Trump's statement is blown up to create hate instead of what he meant....No more Amnesty till we know 100% that they are not Terrorists in "Muslim" clothing. We are at War and war rules need to be used. This would also allow for immediate deportation of all the "children" and others coming in from Central America and other areas as I type. America cannot be strong with so many weak links. The elected officials need to end the anchor baby loophole and all the perks that Illegals get. Amnesty should not be given to anyone escaping poverty or whatever else they pretend. Better start bombarding those elected ones now since they will be headed to their winter break soon! Seems all they do is campaign or break though, so will it matter?

John Pranget

Published in Letters To The Editor
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:27

Trump Doesn't Look Like the Fool Now

The lesson here is that the American people are disgusted with political correctness and the delusional denial of the obvious. They know Islam is not a "religion of peace" and that massive Muslim migration into the US has and is problematic. They are incensed that borders are not secured, immigration laws not enforced and the fabric of American culture is being "radically transformed". The political reality is that a very flawed character with a checkered business and personal record has captured their imagination and given voice to their frustrations. The real tragedy is that after the disastrous and abominable Obama administration, the Republican Party cannot put forth someone better. The bottom line result may mean that the corrupt, alcoholic, closeted lesbian Clinton will be elected. America will then further slide into the era of post Christian, neo-pagan decadence and hedonism.

What is ironic is every time Trump makes statements the media spins, something happens that proves Trump is right. For instance, the Philadelphia mayor and media demonizing Trump as Hitler because of Trumps comments regarding stopping Muslim immigrants. Media spinning it like crazy then what happens: France raids three mosques filled with weapons (334) and ammunition, ISIS propaganda posters, etc. This is a gun free country that claims to protect its citizens. How are they going to protect French citizens when the mosques are heavily arming their Muslim congregations? Trump doesn't look like the fool now.

Bob Tilepesca

Published in Letters To The Editor


Electric car sales in China are expected to reach 220,000 to 250,000 this year, surpassing the United States to rank first worldwide, according to the latest projection from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

The good sales news on zero-emission electric cars comes as Beijing today issued its first red alert for air pollution under a four-tier emergency response system created in October 2013.

Published in Environment

In the age of rising income inequality, the task of preserving America’s middle class has been taken on by politicians across the ideological spectrum. A new report from Pew Research Center shows just how much the economic fortunes of this group have changed since the 1970s.

Published in General/Features
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