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Friday, 18 December 2015 11:22

Trump Supporter

It amazes me how these "journalists" continually try to understand the "Trump supporter." It's real simple. We are the people who are tired of politics as usual. We are the people who are tired of treating a severed hand like a hangnail. We are the people who are tired of the being lied to by the media. I pray he wins. We cannot sustain what is currently happening to this country much longer. If someone doesn't stem the tide of out of control spending and the influx of poor outsiders to the country, the country as we have known it will fall. China will not, they are totalitarian and communist. Japan will not, they do not allow muslim immigrants. Israel will not, they are a Jewish state and will not allow muslim immigrants. Europe is a catastrophe where there are no go zones for some. The muslim countries will not, they are intolerant of Christianity and other religions and are governed by a religious/political system called Islam.

James Ruth

Published in Letters To The Editor

Editor’s forward: The political buzz was heavy in Las Vegas when our Publisher and staff arrived at our “media headquarters” in the JW Marriott a few days before the last Republican debate of 2016 Presidential campaign was scheduled to begin at the famed Venetian Casino and Hotel. Reports we received showed very clearly that the “buzz” was strong right up to the debates, throughout them and continued well into the next day. Wherever we went or whomever we talked with seemed keyed up by what happened on the podium Tuesday afternoon. Here is the Sun Bay Paper’s on location report on what we watched that night.

Published in Politics


With hugs, kisses and applause, ministers and official delegates from 195 countries tonight celebrated their approval of the Paris Climate Agreement, an historic document that commits the whole world to cut greenhouse gas emissions and deal with the impacts of climate change.

Published in Environment


On Saturday, December 12th, the Beach Kids Foundation held a pancake breakfast at the Red Coconut RV Park on Fort Myers Beach. It is one of the many annual fundraisers the organization holds to raise money for local children. PANCAKE TomandAnn

Attendees were greeted by Ann Alsop. Pictured with her is Tom Myers.

PANCAKE kidflipping


PANCAKE k kidsKiwanis Kids were on hand to help cook, too!

Published in General/Features



This past Monday, Chapel by the Sea on Fort Myers Beach hosted an open house where Tom Torgerson, CEO of TPI Hospitality, offered his concept plans of the Grand Resorts for public viewing, and the public came out in droves. Throughout the evening, residents of Fort Myers Beach filed in and out of a tightly packed Silver Hall in order to hear a presentation by Torgerson and his spokespeople, and see concept art of what the Island will look like if his project proceeds as planned.

Published in Business

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