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Items filtered by date: Monday, 14 December 2015

To The Editor:

If memory serves me correctly when Diamond Head bought up a handful of quaint cottages on the beach, and tore them down to build that monster of a building in their place, the residents of Fort Myers Beach freaked out and organized to stop that from ever happening again...putting in place restrictions on future construction to be limited to 40 feet in height and enacting a 'same use clause' that requires the new construction to put in place only the same type of structure as was previously there (if you tore tore down a one-family, you could only build a one-family...you can make it the largest one-family you've ever seen but it still has to be limited to a one-family, thus the huge homes going up on the beach).

If the Town Council allows this development to be approved, it shatters those two founding principles and opens the door to any future developer to acquire the same variances as would be given to Torgerson Properties via lawsuit.

Patsy Berliner

Published in Letters To The Editor
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 10:37

Signed...NO ONE in Their Right Mind

I think it's great! It's about time that the beach open up more to the big chain hotels! This will bring a lot of money and needed jobs into our area.

I can't believe the opposition I am hearing about this, don't people realize how great this can be? Five hundred or so new hotel rooms, wow, just imagine the volume of cash that equates to!

"The project would create some 500 jobs and have "a direct, indirect and induced" economic impact of $1.5 billion," developers said.

Fort Myers Beach needs to take this seriously, not only for the beach but the impact it would have on all of Lee County.

This could get the attention of other resort-type developers, maybe a Orlando-type theme park could be attracted to take over Bowditch Point! Wouldn't that be great? Ferris wheels, roller coasters, etc., etc.

Let's see...500 new hotel rooms...500 new jobs...just image a thousand more cars on Estero... these are exciting times!

NO ONE in their right mind
(Name withheld by request)

Published in Letters To The Editor

Among the dreadlocked protesters, Birkenstock-shod environmentalists and bleary-eyed negotiators gathering at the Paris climate summit, you’ll find a less- expected cohort: besuited corporate types.

Published in Environment


For years, the Railroad Museum of South Florida, located at Lakes Park in Fort Myers, has been a popular destination for children and train enthusiasts alike, drawing in those that wish to glimpse the glory days of these historic machines. Small but packed, the interior of the museum is a haven of memorabilia for the numerous ways that rail has impacted and influenced the growth of Lee County and surrounding areas since tracks were first laid down.


Published in General/Features

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