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The past 30 years have been an exciting time in astronomy, especially if your field has been that of a ‘planet hunter.’ Since the first confirmed exoplanet was confirmed back in 1988, scientists from all over the world have discovered almost 2000 planets throughout over 1200 different star systems.

Published in Technology

The Sun Bay Paper and Fort Myers Beach-Sanibel Welcome Center are pleased to announce their recent joining with the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce....

Published in Business

The Estero Council of Community Leaders (ECCL) met at the Estero community Park Rec center the weekend before Thanksgiving, and welcomed representatives from two newly-joined Estero Communities: Pelican Bay and Coconut Point. ...

Published in Business
Sunday, 29 November 2015 16:29

Women's Perspective on Islam

Recently, three American women who have been branded as “anti-Muslim” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) spoke out against the threat of Islamism in the United States at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit.. Contrary to the rhetoric SPLC and others, these women are not “Islamophobes.”...

Published in Op Ed

The French government had forbidden the planned climate march and civil demonstrations in Paris that were to have involved hundreds of thousands of people trying to motivate climate negotiators to write a strong agreement to halt global warming.

Published in Environment

When news reached America that one of the Islamic French bombers in the recent horrific attack that left a 129 dead and wounded hundreds more, used a fake Syrian passport, Homeland Security and other US law enforcement agencies began to investigate whether similar fraudulent passports were being used to gain entry into America.

Published in General/Features
Thursday, 26 November 2015 12:56



Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite Holidays. From its inception, Thanksgiving Day has always been about being grateful for sharing the Earth’s bounty with loved ones. Nothing beats gathering around the fineness of friends and family to have a great meal cooked by the hands of our mothers, daughters and yes, sometimes even the men of the house.
Christmas is beloved also, but the commercialism of it has gotten to me a bit lately and despite the constant reminder about the Black Friday shopping rush, Thanksgiving remains, for me, a day that reminds us how much we have to be grateful for; and boy do we have an abundance in the United States.
With so many parts of the world facing famine and drought, with wars seemingly everywhere and millions of people displaced by violence and religious strife, it should be a day to remember how blessed we truly are here in America.
So, when you sit down tomorrow to enjoy your meal and the beloved company gathered around you, reflect on what is good, rich and meaningful in our world. Keep an attitude of gratitude in your hearts Thursday. I know we will.
On behalf of the staff of the Sun Bay Paper we wish all our readers and good people everywhere a day filled with the joy of family and friends and the reminder that for all of us here in the land of the free and home of the brave, it is truly, a Thanks Giving Day.

Carl Conley

Published in Sun Bay Editorials

What started as a gathering of Rotarians has become one of Bonita Springs most involved events. The taste of Bonita celebrated its 22nd annual gathering the weekend before Thanksgiving. Located in Riverside Park on Old 41, Taste of Bonita featured local restaurants, artists, and other individuals and organizations. Taste of Bonita is made possible in large part by the Lee Memorial Health System, the largest contributing sponsor for the event.

Published in Outdoor

The next showdown between state rule and home rule in regards to fracking in Florida is set to take place in the Village of Estero.

This past Monday, November 23, the Village Council hosted a work session attended by members of the public, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, and state representative Ray Rodrigues, who was invited by Council to make a presentation at the beginning of the meeting. Rodrigues is the representative of District 76, covering most of south and western Lee County.

Published in Environment

Lee County, with 15% of its population below the poverty line, and Collier with 14%, are not unfamiliar with hard times. And certainly, the Southwest Florida area sees it share of support from the community for the less fortunate.

Published in General/Features
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