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Friday, 23 December 2016 19:09

Immigration & Language Hypocrisy Featured

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Numbers 14:18
“…visiting the iniquity of the
fathers upon the children…”

Many people are unhappy with the immigration phenomenon today--- people crossing our borders illegally and also being allowed in by Presidential directive.
Where these issues present actual constitutional concerns they need to be FACTUALLY addressed, and not simply emotionally reacted to. People here need to remain diligent and deny the fear-mongering intended by those whom are ultimately behind these events.
We need to determine who is engineering these events and why.
Why are they being allowed to happen, and who is benefitting? Nothing happens in this world any more that does not benefit somebody.
While some trouble may indeed come from any of these immigrants, more trouble may come from those who will stir up fear here for allowing their entry.
On the subject of an “official” language? I’ve read our Constitution and as far as I can tell it did not mandate one, and for good reason--- we do not need one. We are a free country, and people are free to speak any language they like (well, earlier Native Americans were punished for doing so). This being said, English is easily our established and dominant language, and if you can’t speak it your life will be more difficult.
To legislate its primacy is needless. There is also something of a cultural laziness and even arrogance that should be addressed, we are one of the very few first-world countries that does not encourage its people to learn a second language. Why is this?
Do you want to know one reason this country is less respected now than in years past? It is not because we are not tough enough--- I believe it is because we are not smart enough. We cannot see that we are being played, though people around the world are watching it happen.
Important as these matters appear to be, we are a nation that holds to an image of itself: one of being moral, fair and honest, however, this image is built upon an unavoidable lie, like a house of cards.
What about Native America? We are pleased to see that the people of Standing Rock have fended off the cowboys once more. (corporate/governmental)
Standing Rock: 1, Cowboys: 0.
For the minority of Americans who happen to be aware of the life of people in Native Nations anymore--- and yes, they are actual nations, as real as ours! But we do not want to think about their conditions any further, because in truth, we, as a nation, are not actually as strong, as moral, as honest and fair that we’d like to imagine. This is our shame and our disgrace. The American people are by and large good, but we need to insist that our government reflect who we are.
When issues of immigration and language come up, and they should be thoughtfully discussed, if one wishes to bring up the related issues of Native conditions and recognition--- we, the original uninvited immigrants, typically respond by saying that “I am not responsible”, or “there is nothing I can do.” Wrong on both counts.
Maybe this is just what we are encouraged to believe, for this means that the government has to change nothing. There is indeed something we can do--- not the easy thing, but the right thing.
Believing ourselves to be a moral, fair and honest people, we should show leadership in this world and take responsibility for our obligations, by insisting that our elected government now do what it should have done from the start: HONOR EVERY TREATY our Nation has made with any Native Nation within our boundaries, like we would do with any Nation outside our boundaries.
If this had been done from the start it would have entailed far less sacrifice than it will now.
Until it is done, though, we cannot speak as a nation of immigration and language issues without being hypocrites.

Dave Bowman
Fort Myers

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