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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 00:33

FMB Town Councilor ‘Hand Written’ Letter Initiative Featured

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As we get closer to rainy season, the fight over how to handle water discharges from Lake Okeechobee is intensifying!"

US Congressman Brian Mast, representing District 18, Florida's ‘upper’ east coast area, containing Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, has sent a letter to the US Army Corps of Engineers urging them to eliminate discharges to the Saint Lucy River, claiming there are models where this can be accomplished without causing harm to the environment and/or the west coast of Florida.

Lee County Officials quickly responded to rebuke the Congressman for his viewpoints, sending an email to everyone involved which among making many other great points....
stated:"This is not a complicated issue. Until the State and Federal governments are able to construct the major infrastructure projects that are part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, there are only two major outlets for Lake Okeechobee, the Caloosahatchee and the St. Lucie Rivers. Shutting down one outlet means higher discharges for the other. Despite any other narrative that has been widely disseminated, this is a fact. Shutting down releases to the St. Lucie River will turn what is now an intermittent high flow problem for the Caloosahatchee into a chronic one, causing permanent loss of critical estuarine habitats including oyster reefs, sea grass meadows and mangrove forests"

This is another reason why to join this campaign spearheaded by Fort Myers Beach Town Councilor Jim Atterholt, to write hand written letters to our government representative is so crucial! Especially now with this new development! Please mention they can't allow this to happen in your letter!

waterdead fish floating

Anyone that was in this area during the summer of 2018 will never forget the devastating effects of Blue Green Algae and Red Tide that wreaked
financial and physical havoc on our residents, visitors and community.

If you are a resident of the State of Florida, a Snowbird or just someone who just likes to visit..... go to the new Facebook page: "Florida for Clean Water Advocacy Reserves." This page has been created for the sole purpose of having all these govt. contact information links in one location, on line, where all can easily access this contact info and also as a forum and sounding board for all people concerned about this matter to get together and organize this...Clean Water ‘Hand Written’ Letter campaign and beyond! go to:

Fort Myers Beach Town Councilor Atterholt, with the full support of FM Beach Town Council, has launched this initiative to encourage Town residents, Florida Residents and anyone that visits our shores to 'help in the fight to win the war for clean water' by sending handwritten notes to legislators in Florida and around the U.S.A. “Solutions to the water quality problems in Florida require a two-pronged approach involving both the federal government and the state of Florida,” said Councilor Atterholt. “Having been a legislator in Indiana and chief of staff for a governor, I know that elected officials rarely get handwritten notes. Receiving even a handful of letters on one topic from people who live in their district or state can really get their attention.”

Please write your State Representative, your State Senator and the Governor and ask them to keep up the fight for our clean water.

Here's how YOU can help:

Find your legislators' contact info at one of the links below:

All these links will be available in this same article on the new Facebook page at: in the first post listed!

Write your Senators and your Representatives a letter introducing yourself, let them know that you reside in their respective district/state. Make sure you include your home address where you permanently reside.

Water is our most important resource and the reason why we live here and the reason people come here. It’s why Florida is what it is!

Tell them in your own words why clean water is important to you. You may have environmental reasons, recreational reasons, personal health reasons or other reasons. Let your voice be heard!

It is key to let your elected official know why this issue is important to you. Tell them that the problems caused by red tide and blue-green algae must be solved because they impact our environment, our economy, and our health.

If you are a resident of Florida, write to your Florida State Representative, State Senator and Governor Desantis, He's already on our side and knows how precious clean water is to our state and is already fighting for this cause, your letter will give him more power to fight in Washington for our state. Please ask them to support and fully fund clean water programs for Florida and the Everglades.

The solutions to the water quality problems in Florida require a two­-pronged approach involving both the federal government and the state of Florida.

So get all your friends from back home on board too, have them write their Representatives and Senators and our Governor DeSantis, let him know that clean water is essential for them to continue to visit here (most of us have come from another state anyway) Get all your friends that visit you on board too...

Get them all to go to the new facebook page: and contact their representatives!

When you take the time to participate in this campaign we will have letters going to elected officials not just in Florida but to elected officials all over the country.

We have made good progress, they have heard us...... but we must continue to keep up the fight...


and we need YOUR HELP!

Especially now that the east coast is trying to make all discharges from Lake O come our way!

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