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We are all ready for the world to return to normal. Many of us have missed vacations for the last year, avoided family gatherings, and haven’t had lunch out with friends since the start of the pandemic. But there are plenty of signs that things are finally turning around.

As more and more people continue to get vaccinated and many more have established some form of immunity via exposure or having contracted the virus, our world is starting to look more familiar. However, things aren’t perfect just yet. So if you are looking for ways to have fun — and feel fabulous — without taking any unnecessary risks, keep reading for advice.


On-the-Go Excitement

When you are ready to venture out into the world, you still have plenty of options. Fortunately, many places, including Disney, are finally starting to open back up. This means vacations and other public gatherings are back on the table. If you’re ready to enjoy travel and socialization, consider these options:

  • Vacation in your home state. The Sun Bay Paper explains that traveling within the state can save you money. Further, you get to experience your hometown or home state in ways you’ve likely never before.
  • Rent a theater. AMC, Regal, and many other independent theaters across the country now offer private screenings of classic and new release movies. This is a great way to have the theater experience without sharing the air with potentially sick patrons.
  • Road trip. Taking a road trip and renting a private house, apartment, or condo is a relatively safe way to vacation. It’s also more affordable than flying, in most cases, and will allow you to experience sights and sounds on your own terms. Use websites, such as My Scenic Drives, to plan your next trip.

Fun at Home

For many of us, finding innovative ways to stay entertained at home has become a challenge. If you and your family are not quite yet ready to venture out, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve exhausted all of your at-home fun options. A few tips to level up everyone’s mood without going into the public are to:

  • Play video games together
  • Start your own YouTube channel
  • Plant a garden
  • Build a homemade slip and slide
  • Binge-watch Marvel movies and series in order

Keep in mind that being bored at home easily leads to tension and fighting. Any of the above ideas can help alleviate some of this anxiety. If you plan to play games, stream videos, or post a vlog online, make sure your internet can handle it. If you live in a rural area, you may want a 5G connection, which will enhance gameplay and increase upload and download speeds.


Feel Great

Planning fun activities, whether at home or away, means very little if you don’t feel great while you’re participating. Elevate your self-care routine now to ensure that you have the energy, stamina, and drive to enjoy your newly reclaimed freedom. Everything you do — from getting enough sleep to using the right shampoo and conditioner — makes a difference in how you perceive yourself. And when you feel good, you’ll have an easier time enjoying your favorite activities, even if you still feel a bit anxious about the virus.

Ultimately, we have to get back into a routine at some point. Part of living a healthy life is having fun with ourselves, our friends, and our families. So whether you plan to venture out into the world or stick close to home, do not allow yourself to get stuck into a habit of doing nothing. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself — from playing video games to taking a road trip, the above ideas can put you back on the path toward living life on your own terms.

Saturday, 08 May 2021 09:05

Nautical Expo 2021 At Lee Civic Center

The 2021 Nautical Expo event at the Lee Civic Center will be held on May 15 and 16.

The expo will have Salt and freshwater fishing seminars sponsored by MirrOlure and will be held on the hour from local guides including bass fishing expert, Captain Mark King, from Lake Okeechobee.

You will also find Southwest Florida’s most popular boats and fishing skiffs, kayaks, nautical exhibits, coastal gadgets, jewelry, outdoor sportswear, as well as fly-tying demonstrations, outdoor furniture, exotic nautical wood, and metal art as they browse the indoor and outdoor coastal market.

On stage Saturday at 11 am and 1 pm will be the very first “Miss Nautical Mile” pageant hosted by Miss Global United States.

The “Go-Swim” models along with International Mermaid, Faith Lynn, will be on display in an eight-foot clamshell with her 250-pound silicone tail.

Their exhibitors are at max capacity in the 50,000 square foot air-conditioned building, and plenty more vendors will be outdoors surrounding what is being called a “Food Truck Bonanza” where multiple food trucks will be on-site both days serving $5 portions so attendees can try a bit of everything.

Open from 9 am to 5 pm, on Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, at: 11831 Bayshore Rd,
North Fort Myers,

General admission is $12, and to encourage boating and fishing in our youth, kids under eighteen are free.

On Thursday night, August 22, 2019, the Fort Myers Miracle, the local minor league baseball team from the Minnesota Twins organization, completed a three-game sweep of the Charlotte Stone Crabs with a 5 to 2 victory.

Little did any of us fans dream as we headed to our cars that it would be 628 days and almost 90 weeks before Fort Myers would host its next home game, or the monumental changes that would engulf our society, minor league baseball, and the Miracle!


Hurricane Dorian

On that late August evening, Fort Myers was the defending 2018 Florida State League (FSL) Champions. They were set to defend their title, as they won the 2019 1st Half FSL championship to already qualify for the playoffs that would begin in under two weeks. While on the season’s final roadtrip, however, monster Hurricane Dorian was ravaging the Caribbean, seemingly on her way to a major Florida landfall.
Out of caution, the FSL cancelled the remainder of the regular season as well as the playoffs, a fact made even sadder when Dorian stalled at the last moment, then veered north, sparing the Sunshine State all together.


Mighty Mussels & The Pandemic
After a 28-year run, the Miracle officially came to an end in December 2019! And....No, ....the Fort Myers franchise, the Single A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, did not fall victim to the major league owners’ ill-conceived plan to eliminate 42 minor league baseball teams. The end of the Miracle, rather, came at the birth to the NEW Fort Myers Mighty Mussels, the team’s freshly-minted moniker, along with its new mascot, “Mussel Man,” and logo portraying “Mussel Man” calling his homerun shot! ala Babe Ruth Style

Mighty Mussels1aMighty Mussels hat

These changes came through Andrew Kaufmann, CEO and Owner of Zawyer Sports, who became the principal owner of the Fort Myers franchise prior to the 2019 season.

“We are so excited by the Mighty Mussels,” Kaufmann said. “We made the decision to change our name because the name ‘Miracle’ came with the team when it relocated here from Miami in 1992 and we wanted something that more directly identified with our area. We studied the beach and found out there are over 60 different varieties of mussels in our waters, and when the sun hits them, they reflect purple, blue, and yellow, so those became our team colors. The ‘Miracle’ will always be an important part of our team history but we want our local community to think of us as their team.”

The Mighty Mussels were to debut on April 9, Opening Night of the 2020 FSL season, but the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced Major League Baseball to cancel all activities one month prior. The initial hope was that minor league baseball might salvage some part of 2020, but the “Summer Surge” made it obvious the pandemic would not easily let up and the FSL soon cancelled its season.


2021 Home Opener & Weekly Promotions
Traditionally, minor league baseball resumes on the 2nd Thursday of April, but in order to keep a social-distancing number of players at each team complex during Spring Training, minor leagues in 2021 had their openers slightly postponed, to Tuesday, May 4.

The Mighty Mussels began their season that night just up the coast, where the Mussels broke in their new name in style – rallying for four runs in the top of the ninth, in a come from behind win to stun the Bradenton Marauders 6-3 (a Pittsburgh Pirates organization) and then won a 13 to 4 romp the following day in Wednesday’s game.. This season they will play the same team 6 day in a row due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The team's home opener will be held on Tuesday, May 11, versus the Clearwater Threshers of the Philadelphia Phillies system at 7 p.m.

This first 6 game homestand is from May 11 through Sunday, May 16. With the Mussels actually guaranteeing a win on Opening Night, because if they do not, every fan in attendance receives a complimentary ticket to the following evening’s game on May 12!

In addition to this guarantee, fans will enjoy a special "Home Opener" fireworks show following the final out and they will also receive a Mussels 2021 season schedule "fridge magnet"

All Mussels 2021 homegames will be Tuesdays through Saturdays at 7 p.m., with Sundays at Noon, with each day of the week having its own special promotion.

“Two For Tuesdays” feature 2-for-1 hot dogs, draft beers, and sodas.

Wednesdays are “Senior Nights” with discount admission prices as well as “Dollar Hot Dog Nights” all game.

Thursdays are “College Night” with all college students with IDs purchasing tickets for just $5, along with “Thirsty Thursdays” with $1 beers and $2 drafts.

Fridays feature a “Happy Hour” from 6 to 7 p.m., with fireworks after the game.

Saturdays are “Bark in The Park” where fans can bring their dogs to the game, along with terrific giveaways, such as on Saturday, May 15, that is the “Mussel Man” bobblehead!

And Sundays will feature an all you can eat “Sunday Brunch” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for $10 on top of your ticket cost, with an opportunity for kids to run the bases after the game.

Another highlight of the 2021 season will be their Independence Day Weekend Celebration! They will be lighting up the skies with fireworks following the games on Friday, July 2nd, Saturday, July 3rd and the biggest fireworks show in Hammond Stadium history on Sunday, July 4th!

2021 Roster & Tickets
The 2021 Opening Night Mussels roster features 15 pitchers and 14 position players, highlighted by five of the Twins top-ranked prospects, including 2019 #1 selection, shortstop Keoni Cavaco, and 2020 #1 pick, first baseman Aaron Sabato, along with infielders Will Holland, Yunior Severino, and Charles Mack. Mussels players range from 19 to 24 years of age, guided by their new manager, Brian Meyer, assisted by a 7-man coaching and training staff.

Mussels tickets range from $9 to $12; purchase them online at, at the box office, which opens 60 minutes prior to each game, or over the telephone at 239-768-4210, with parking $5-per-car.

Due to ongoing pandemic precautions, the Mussels are currently limiting Hammond Stadium attendance to 28% capacity, with pod seating and social distancing, and due to MLB regulations, all fans must wear masks except for when drinking beverages or consuming food. The Mighty Mussels play at Hammond Stadium at the CenturyLink Sports Complex at 14100 Six Mile Cypress Parkway.

If you can't make it to the ballpark you can hear them live! The Fort Myers Mighty Mussels are set to broadcast at least 81 games in 2021, with 2019 FSL Broadcaster of the Year John Vittas joining the organization as the play-by-play broadcaster. “I couldn’t be more excited to bring Fort Myers fans the inaugural season of Mighty Mussels baseball,” Vittas said. “After everything that Minor League Baseball and the broadcasting world has been through over the past two years, I feel so fortunate to be able to remain in Southwest Florida and join the Twins organization. Hammond Stadium is an amazing place to watch a game, and I know our team can’t wait to provide the energy and entertainment that Lee County has been waiting for since the pandemic began.”

Listen to each broadcast 'Live': Here

I hope you'll join me and the Sun Bay Paper's owner Bobby Mimmo at the season's home opener, we'll both be there!

Gary Mooney/Bobby Mimmo

Ed. Note: I had a chance to speak with Chris Peters personally, he's the team's President, and he told me.... "We're thrilled to be back, it's been a long 20 months and were excited to have the season here and can't wait to entertain all our fans and have some fun."

so... We’ll see you at the game! 

Thursday, 06 May 2021 20:18

A Time For Purple

Readers of this paper know that our content has been focused with issues that threaten the everyday American.

Although we have conservative views, we have never held back on pointing out injustice in this world, regardless of political affiliation. Unfortunately the recent chaotic events of last summer, followed by election irregularities, and the January 6 mob insurrection at the US Capitol building have left 'we the people' even more divided.........Intentionally!

The term fake news is now levied against any who dare to look outside the lines of mainstream corporate news. Sadly, there are many who do go too far, without properly documenting or substantiating their allegations. We are not without fault here,
mistakes have been made. Whether or not it was of good intent, it essentially becomes disinformation which can have adverse consequences to those who trust that the information was thoroughly vetted.

Depending on the severity of the information presented, the ramifications can be extreme, including encouraging others to take justice into their own hands, oftentimes without a real basis in accurate fact. Well meaning citizens can be incited and steered to action, perhaps not always for the right reasons resulting in riots, looting and burning of properties. (last summer)

The one thing we know for sure is that big money rules in this world. It especially rules in politics. Those of ultra-wealth care noting about left or right. Their ideology is all about financial gain and power. For centuries these ultra-wealthy have profited on both sides of every conflict to face man.

It's time for people to start asking themselves whether or not this is happenstance or engineered by design.

With this said, we have noticed many events which appear to lead to and promote division in the US.

We are already on record about unidentified dark factions from out of state becoming involved in the Minneapolis protests over police misuse of force.

While watching the US Capitol attacks unfold on television, it very much appears that similar factions to Minnesota also embedded themselves within the Trump rally, possibly steering it and exploiting it for their own divisive purposes.

This most certainly does not account for all those who stormed the Capitol, for there were plenty of red hats and blue flags inside, but there did appear and later proven to be, an added volatile element..... “Antifa,” igniting the mix.

We have made it clear ‘The Powers That Be’ (TPTB) in this world do not give a rat's ass about left or right politics. The Democrat and Republican parties are mere tools for them - implements of control used by them only to divide us.

The select ultra-wealthy of this planet who make up TPTB and give vast financial support to the two-party system are the real inciters of violence and war. It is easy to look back in hindsight and recognize the manipulation and control afforded from a two-party system.

And no I am not only talking about George Soros or the Koch brothers because the wealth that controls this world is far, far greater than that. Soros and Koch are but minions to those who have the real money to control this planet. Again, the Ultra-rich profit from both sides in a conflict, thus they have a vested interest in any chaos happening here.

With all of this said, we have never promoted nor encouraged disunity or division amongst "we the people." We have always maintained, your enemy is not your neighbor (Democrat or Republican). It's the ultra-wealthy who have stolen the world around you.

Right here, right now we encourage all Americans to reconsider the engineered angst that many are feeling for the opposing political party right now, be it Republican or Democrat.

The point to remember we are all Americans first. As such, people need to think outside political lines during this time of crisis. (political crisis and Covid crisis) It would appear to some that we are being driven through Hegelian principles and steered like lemmings to the cliff's edge.

What are Hegelian principles...???

The Hegelian Principle is used to control society and really quite easy to understand.

It has three essential basic components...

• Problem
• Reaction
• Solution

The idea is...

1) Create a problem for society or a group of people.

2) Wait for the adverse reaction of pain and suffering.

3) Propose a solution to ease their pain and suffering, one that somewhat addresses the issue for the people, but benefits those who created the problem.

This method of devious control has been employed by the Ultra- wealthy for many centuries.

Be on guard and always be aware of it and on the look out to recognize it.

Once again, this plays into the hands of those who profit immensely from adversity and conflict, with "We the people" becoming the biggest loser.

We have never and hope we never will have to sanction violence as the means to regain that which we have lost in this country. Once you resort to violence against a government that possesses the vast ability and immense power to do overwhelming harm, you risk losing the moral high ground and becoming
labeled as subversive to democracy, or worse yet, you end up dead or in prison, the exact opposite of what many activists hope to accomplish. Your activist cause is thus immediately over.

No martyr. No movement.

Given all of this, it would seem apparent that persistent, articulate, peaceful protest has the best chance of enduring in the long run and thus provides the best avenue for success.

The fact of the matter is, both political parties have been exploited and used against us along the way. Truth be told, to be non-partisan about it, "We the people" have been getting screwed from both sides of the political aisle for some time now, with a see-saw of Good Cop-Bad Cop and a carousel of tainted discourse.

Make no mistake about it, if anything, the two-party system is meant to do one thing, divide this nation so it is more easily controllable by the powers that be. (IMHO) Ask yourself why you need a left or right view to build public infrastructure such as roads, schools ..... or libraries?

Why do we possibly need a left or right view for anything in life when the problems that we all face together are not exclusive to political affiliation? Real problems that affect us all are unbiased and non-partisan. Most of us are in the middle politically or Purple.

Looking at an issue simply from a left or right perspective is only using half of the options available, limiting the overall number of potential choices to find the best solution and thus solve the problem.

Kindergartners would arguably do better than today's partisan politicians in finding solutions to common problems that face them as a group, simply because they have no formal divisions and are willing to work together.

Sadly, there is more truth in this notion than most might be willing to admit.

I very much wish that all Americans would wake up and realize how easily we are coerced and steered by powers far greater than “Democrats” or “Republicans.”

Above all, the last thing this country needs is a civil war because we will lose everything in such a fight. The UN will be brought in to "save us from ourselves" and we will more than likely be issued an edict to give up our guns, "in the interest of public safety," of course... (IMHO)

Please... we need rational minds to prevail at this moment, rather than those of TPTB who are promoting impetuous extremism, continually trying to divide us and instigate another disastrous US civil war. Remember... More Americans died in the Civil War than all the other wars combined...!!!

We would like to remind you about the warning of our forefathers, who once said... "United we stand, but divided we fall."

Such a simple concept to understand, yet sadly enough, it can oftentimes, be hard to enact.

This is the time for all of us here to be “American”, not partisan.

For the sake of all, let us hope that "we the people" will recognize and resolve this orchestrated
division and choose to remain united.

I was worried about all the new people moving to our state and bringing their "blue" politics with them, but as I already said, most of us are in the middle....It’s the extreme left and extreme right that suck!!!

It is time to embrace them and welcome being one voice again “for the people.” With this in mind.... and hopes for a unified America.... “purple” is looking better to me.

Bobby Mimmo

go to this site to find out where you are on the political chart... you will see... most of us are in the middle

Note: Do you like this paper,? Do want to share it’s views? Do you think your hometown would do well having such a paper and welcome it.

Please inquire about investment/franchise opportunities now available.

contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What: The Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau (VCB), iHeartMedia and Cat Country 107.1 welcome Julia Cole to the Songs from the Sofa virtual concert series. The livestream event, hosted by Miriam Dotson, VCB communications manager, will feature Cole’s music, interviews and stories behind the songs.

Who: Julia Cole, BMI singer-songwriter and Nashville recording artist is gaining thousands of followers on TikTok

from her recent hit, “Side Piece.” Cole has earned more than 20 million streams and has been featured on CMT, Audience Network, The CW, Spotify’s Hot Country and more. The musician/athlete got her start performing the national anthem before her own high school volleyball games and was soon performing for NFL, MLB and NASCAR events. She has toured the world opening for Dan + Shay, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and Kane Brown.

When: 8 p.m. (EDT) Thursday, April 15 

Where: New! Island Hopper Songwriter Fest Facebook pageTwitter and The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel YouTube channel.

Why: Songs from the Sofa is a great way to preview the singer-songwriters who will be performing at Island Hopper Songwriter Fest, Sept. 17-26, 2021, on Captiva Island, historic downtown Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach. For now, on the third Thursday of every month, Songs from the Sofa or Songs from the Sand provides an exciting way to experience a quality performance in your own home.

Background: Songs from the Sofa debuted in May 2020 with music sensation Sam James. The monthly live performances have included Jay Allen, Maia Sharp, Dave Pahanish, Ben Allen, Clint Daniels, Parmalee, Danny Myrick, Bridget Tatum and Hannah Ellis. All performances are archived on the Island Hopper Songwriter Fest Instagram page.

Songs from the Sand debuted in February 2021 with local favorite and Island Hopper alum Sheena Brook at the Pink Shell Resort & Marina on Fort Myers Beach. Songs from the Sand gives music lovers a chance to see the beautiful beaches of Southwest Florida.

For more information: Please visit

With Earth Day 2021 on the horizon, get your environmental swerve on at the iconic Mound House on Fort Myers Beach! The Mound House offers two new and free Earth Day events on Thursday, April 22. While free, advance registration is necessary due to space limitations at

The “Earth Day Beach Walk & Clean Up” is for all ages at 9 a.m. Meet at the Bay Oaks Recreational Center at 2731 Oak Street, just down from the Fort Myers Beach Public Library. Mound House Staff leads a free “Beach Walk Clean Up” while providing educational lessons about wildlife and plants. The walk begins at Beach Access #25, with free parking at Bay Oaks. The Mound House provides gloves and buckets, with all participants wearing masks.

Earth Day afternoon features the free “Earth Day Clean Up: BYOK!” for ages 12 and up at 1 p.m. “BYOK” standing for “Bring Your Own Kayak!” Departing from the Mound House launch, kayakers cut monofilament lines from mangroves and clean up litter while exploring Matanzas Pass and Hell Peckney Bay. The Mound House has limited kayaks, so it encourages participants to bring their own. It provides gloves, buckets, and scissors, with everyone wearing masks on land and life jackets on water.

The Town of Fort Myers Beach operates the Mound House as a museum complex and cultural and environmental learning center that offers numerous monthly educational programs, including for children. All visitors wear masks, while observing Center for Disease Control and Social Distancing precautions. It is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Mound House is at 451 Connecticut Street with overflow parking at 216 Connecticut. Admission is $10 ages 13 & up, $8 for students with IDs, $5 ages 6 to 12, and 5 & under free, with Town residents receiving a 50% discount. For information, reservations, and a monthly programs schedule, call 239-765-0865 or see To celebrate Earth Day, the Mound House Museum Store offers 20% off all earth-friendly merchandise that day.

A Hands-On Difference

“This is the first time the Mound House is hosting Earth Day events in this capacity,” stated Environmental Education Manager Dexter Norris. “We want to do something outdoors, in a safe and healthy manner, where people make a difference in a hands-on manner to directly and positively impact our local environment. The two Earth Day events are free, and that is especially unusual for a kayak program, but folks pay us back with their Earth Day clean-up efforts to beautify the beach. It is important to register in advance, to keep groups small to observe COVID-19 precautions, and especially for the afternoon program to know who will bring their own kayaks.”

Dexter stressed that the environmentally-sensitive Mound House “treats every day like Earth Day! Much of what we do carries an environmental focus, like our native plantings that do not require much water or any fertilizer. It is important that we pass this philosophy on to our guests so they make these behaviors part of their daily lives, to do the right things environmentally. If we all do the small things every day, that adds up to big changes, and one of our goals is to articulate that message. By offering our two Earth Day programs, we give residents and visitors the chance to get outside, clean up our island community, and share our environmental education and passion with others.”

“Get Your Inquiring Minds Stoked!”

Assisting the Mound House’s environmental movement is a Town of Fort Myers Beach volunteer committee known as the Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF), with its seven members appointed by the FMB Town Council, including Jennifer Rusk. “The MRTF promotes the stewardship of our marine resources,” she explained, “to halt further damage to and the rehabilitation of the Estero Bay and its waters, including air and water quality as well as wildlife and plant life. We live on an island, so it is our responsibility to keep it beautiful and environmentally healthy, so we meet the second Wednesday of each month in a public forum in Town Hall to address these issues.”

An initiative MRTF recently inaugurated is the “‘Ask Me’ Pop-Up Environmental Adventure Booth.” “MTRF was looking for new and innovative ways to get our message and mission out to the community,” Jennifer recalled, “when a friend said, ‘Why don’t you do a “Pop-Up Tent,” like they do for restaurants and food trucks,’ and I thought that was a good idea. I brought the concept to MRTF, the other members felt that it was great, and off we went!”

The “‘Ask Me’ Pop-up Environmental Adventure Booth debuted on March 31, and was instantly popular, Jennifer said. “Several organizations joined us that day, like Turtle Time, the Florida Master Gardener Program, and the SWF Audubon Chapter, and everyone spoke with us and asked questions on various environmental subjects. A few days later, we had the ‘Ask Me’ Booth at Lovers Key State Park’s ‘Mermaid Festival’ and enjoyed the same reaction, letting us know we were on to something good.”

Jennifer is cognizant that MRTF cannot have representatives from every environmental group at each “Pop-Up” site, “so we came up with the ‘Ask Me’ Question Box! If the organization you need to speak with is not present that day, write your question and put it in the box. I will sort through them and forward them to the specific group who can help you find your answer. Questions so far are all across the board, and as current as today’s headlines. With the Piney Point crisis in the Tampa Bay area, water quality questions are the most common. No matter your issue or concern, visit the ‘Ask Me’ Pop-Up Environmental Adventure Booth and get your inquiring minds stoked!”

To get your inquiring mind stoked on Earth Day, the “Ask Me” Booth is at the two free Mound House programs. “We will be at Newton Beach Park at 4650 Estero Boulevard,” added Jennifer, “where the ‘Beach Walk & Clean-Up’ concludes, from 9 to 11 a.m. We then move to the Mound House from Noon to 2 p.m. In addition to our experts and information, we will have Turtle Time knickknacks for kids.”

Upcoming Fort Myers Beach “Ask Me” Booth appearances will include Bowditch Point Park, Bay Oaks Recreational Center, and Times Square, as well as return trips to the Mound House and Newton Beach Park. “Look for us all over the island,” Jennifer stated, “at all kinds of events, like at Lynn Hall Memorial Park on Saturday, April 24, from 9 a.m. to Noon and the ‘Taste of The Beach’ event with the FMB Chamber of Commerce at Salty Sam’s Marina on Sunday, May 2. To find future ‘Ask Me’ Booth locations, see the Town webpage at”

Jennifer stressed that “we are still feeling our way and want to add future appearances as well as new environmental experts. If you want the ‘Ask Me’ Booth at your event or can partner with us to share your wisdom, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 757-450-5451. The more appearances and partners, the more inquiring minds we stoke!”

Gary Mooney

Part of the Point of View...."I think I know but do I?" series

The concept is raising a red flag about government overreach, the Whitehouse is reportedly working on a vaccine passport program, what is a vaccine passport, what should be used for, what should it be incorporated in?

A vaccine passport would allow Americans to prove they've been vaccinated against the corona viruses as business try to reopen, and would be free and available through apps for smart phones which display a scanable code, similar to an airline boarding pass.

The demand to produce personal documents to move about truly is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. And requiring someone to give out their medical records is also not legal.

But the left is trying to get you to think, it is something we are going to have get use to.

New York State is already announced an app called Excelsior pass, which can be used by New Yorkers to prove they have been vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid-19, it's a smartphone app that acts as a Covid passport So you can attend concerts, sporting events, other event and beginning this week, it will be accepted at dozens of arenas throughout New York state!

The argument is that it also gives you an incentive to overcome Vaccine hesitancy, some people are not sure still, if they want to do the vaccine, but if you promise more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to travel... That's very powerful incentive to achieve fuller vaccination!

There's a lot of news reporters and politicians that are just giddy over the idea of selling away all of our rights, destroying our right to assemble, destroying our right to free speech, destroying our right to body autonomy, but there are some brave individuals, those that are not afraid to go on those networks and speak the truth.....

former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf has been out there, a warrior, trying to warn people this may be the world's stupidest idea.

Naomi: " I can't say it forcefully enough, this is literally the end of human liberty in the West, using orders that simply strip us of our rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, and all of the rights that our constitution guarantees"

The Federal government is not saying we have to have the vaccine passport, they're just asking private businesses to keep you from entering without using a passport, the Federal government won't be involved but she has made some pretty strong statements about this, so tell me why, Naomi, why do you think that is, in your words, this may be the point of no return?


Naomi: "No, I will go further, it is the point of no return, I've been warning people ever since 2008, my book in The End of America, that there are 10 steps that would be dictators, always take, when they want to close an open society and people always say, tell us when we're at step 10 and we're at step 10 and the vaccine passport, you cannot come back from it.


I am a CEO of a Tech company as well as being an author and a fellow at the American's Chief Economic Research and so I understand what a lot of people, reasonably enough, don't understand about the absolutely catastrophic danger of a vaccine passport, which by the way, the push for it has been rolled out around the world, in democracies around the world, it's been launched in Israel and 4 months later it completely ended Israeli civil society, it's an apartheid state now, between vaccinated and unvaccinated and dissidents and activists are letting us know in Israel, that their surveilled and monitored and ostracized and marginalized, 24/7 now due to this vaccine passport.
It's been rolled out in Denmark, it's being rolled out in Britain, it's being rolled out in Canada and my own tyrannical governor, Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared that the Excelsior pass is going to be rolled out in New York State so it's beyond dangerous."

she continued...."I try not to overstate things but this is the end. You cannot roll this back, you can't make it better.
Once it's out there, you and I can't meet in a bar or in a restaurant with our friends to have a conversation about, 'how to start a movement to get our freedoms back,' because the app will know!"

"The danger about this app is not just the division of all society into 2 groups; vaccinated and unvaccinated, that's just the beginning, what's really dangerous is that you don't have a choice about opting in or out, in order to engage with society or to engage the private sector and what's incredibly dangerous is that and I say this is a Tech CEO .... any functionality can be loaded onto it like that, (snaps her finger) without any difficulty so tomorrow Apple Pay and Google Pay or Google wallet, which already are talking about getting the contract for the vaccine passport, can seamlessly synthesize whether you get paid or not, whether you can turn on your revenue stream or not, based on your vaccine status."

"AI can scan social media and feed that effortlessly into a social credit system, where if I say the right things, I can go more places and if I say the wrong things, I can't even get on the bus, where I have to show my card."

"It can seamlessly Geo locate you ...and it will ! Every time you scan that code when you go to a restaurant, it is Geo-locating you, it's saying Naomi Wolf is at the restaurant on this street and this street and when other people scan their codes, it creates a network of you and all your friends and there's software that shows kind of maps of everyone's social group and how they intersect each other interact with each other, so the app will scoop all of that up as well."

"It literally turns overnight into a China style social credit system and like I said elsewhere...."

"How do you keep a billion, educated people, who want freedom and democracy, completely unable to revolt... as in China? Well because they have this app, with the functionalities loaded onto it.... the authorities can find any dissident or any critic within 5 minutes and that's it, you can be switched off... turned off. So it's terrifying and when I say there is no going back... like someone said on my Twitter feed this is the Hill to die on and I said absolutely right, I don't literally want to do that but if there was ever a time for patriots and citizens and people who love the freedoms of the West and around the world to love freedoms, to not let something happen, now is the time because there is no world in which we have any autonomy after this is over, and I'm not even talking about the president of letting the government inject us with things, that unless we let them inject with the next thing and then it will go on to Sterilization etc."

We now turn to Del Bigtree from for his thoughts, ....

Del: " I remember Working on the CBS talk show, "The Doctors" I was always into doing these stories... at one point, I wanted to do a facial recognition story about how there are all these video cameras around the country and the executive producers said to me Del,, why you always into these stories, I don't understand what the problem is with cameras that recognize you, if you're not breaking the law, what difference does it make, I said, well it depends on what the law is, something I do today may be considered illegal tomorrow, like gathering in a park, my 1st amendment right, if that's made illegal, then I don't want them to know I'm there.
In this case, I think there's so many people that just think well I got my vaccine, or I believe in vaccines, so who cares!.... but what happens if that's tracking you, what happens if the vaccine only last for 2 months, so now all of a sudden,, your green badge turns red and it doesn't work anymore and they're following you wherever you are in town... and by the way, it's illegal ... so a cop car shows up, grabs you, because you were too near somebody that has been vaccinated or whatever it is ... they're carting you off to inject you again ... you will have no control over this.... And now we also live in society, by the way, where apparently, it's OK that we don't do safety trials, that we're gonna do no long term safety trials on future pharmaceutical products, 2 weeks, a month is good enough and after the 2nd shot, we won't know the causes cancer, we don't know if it has something even more diabolical, they don't care, your gonna have to get it, so people aren't looking at the long term, it's just a short sighted, and they prey on that right They prey on the fact that was so busy that we're just saying... take care of this for us"

Naomi..." yes, there is a lot of preying on us going on a but there's a massive disinformation/propaganda campaign going on to force us to adopt it. Look I was a political consultant at the highest levels and what that taught me was to analyze events backwards and what I mean is, when your political consulting or you're in those rooms where history is made, the goal is identified and then what happens is... how we create a story to get people to adopt that goal, and then the goal is given to the message shop, and the message shop comes up with the story right, that's why, I often look at what's the outcome, because that's what the intention usually is, so these lockdown measures are not sensical, the data are in, that States and countries that "locked down" didn't do any better in terms,, of Carona virus in States and countries that were open but the effect is... people will do anything to be free again, they will do anything to be able to go to that restaurant, go that bar, sit in a park with your friends, go to church, go to synagogue and so if you're going to have a goal of getting everyone to adopt, this one technology that will basically, enslave the world and I not overstating, that's not hyperbole and will allow 6 people in China, basically, to be in charge of everything that happens right, its meta national, it's above the level the government, 6 tech bros in China will get to decide what happens to everybody, who to switch on, who to switch off, if you want to do that, the way to do that is to have a pandemic, I'm not saying it wasn't real, but we know now that the PCR tests lead to false positives, we don't know the extent of the pandemic, we don't know if it's over because we don't have access to the raw data sets for the PCR tests."

"We have measures that don't make any sense, keep kids home from school which doesn't make any sense scientifically, don't let people open their businesses, don't let people open their restaurants, drive the economy into crisis until everyone is like ......... fine, just give it to me."

Last issue we talked about the components that make up our watershed; The Gulf of Mexico, Lee County Bays and Estuaries, The Caloosahatchee River and Estuary and Lake Okeechobee and we discussed the problems; Blue-green Algae, Red Tide, Red Drift Algae and Aquatic Plant Overgrowth.
This week we will discuss the causes for these problems we are facing!

The water quality issues that we are experiencing, originate from a variety of causes.

Urban storm-water runoff is one of the primary sources of pollution and it may carry fertilizers and pet waste, among other things. Agriculture run-off, aged and leaky septic tanks and releases from Lake Okeechobee are some of the more well-known causes of pollution in our waterways, but there are other sources that contribute as well, like reuse irrigation water, trash and atmospheric deposition (particles from the atmosphere).

Storm-water Runoff

runnoff4Urban storm-water runoff

Storm-water runoff is rainfall that flows over land or impervious surfaces, such as paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, and does not soak into the ground.

The runoff picks up pollutants like trash, chemicals, oils, and dirt/sediment that can harm our rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waters.
There are two types of runoff: rural and urban.
Both types of runoff can be managed through engineered structures and/or the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP). Releases from Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee historically overflowed its natural banks, sending a sheet flow of water south through the Everglades.

historic flow
Since 1928, in the aftermath of the infamous storm that drowned thousands of people, the hydrology of the lake has been changed for safety reasons, with the construction of dikes, culverts, locks and levees.
When the Caloosahatchee River became the Okeechobee Waterway, the flows to the estuary were forever altered.

current flow

The resulting nutrient rich releases have the potential to cause environmental issues and aesthetic changes in the waterways and estuary.

Septic Systems


Septic systems, also called on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS), include a septic tank solid settlement and a drain field for the liquid to be dispersed into the soil for natural treatment. Solids are removed in the septic tank by settlement, and the effluent is discharged underground, where natural biological processes provide treatment in the soil.
It is important that adequate depth of dry soil not connected to the groundwater table be available for the percolation and treatment. Per Department of Health (DOH) requirements, the minimum depth is 3 feet, and without proper soil depth, the effluent would immediately impact the local groundwater.
While functioning septic systems effectively remove bacteria and reduce the water's biological oxygen demand, there is limited nitrogen and phosphorous removal. These nutrients eventually transport into surficial groundwater and have been found to migrate into nearby water bodies in coastal areas. Other Causes of Pollution

water plastic

Common trash from consumer goods pollutes our waterways and oceans, threatening aquatic life and altering all types of aquatic habitats. Many items, like plastics, can persist in the aquatic ecosystems affecting the environment, wildlife, and human health.
All waste that isn’t properly disposed of has the potential to cause
environmental harm.

Next issue.... In Part III of this series we will discuss 'What is Lee County Doing About It?'

Meanwhile check out
and get involved in the "hand written letter campaign.­"

Water provides Lee County with an environment and quality of life that lures new residents and visitors alike. Human activities, population growth, and watershed alterations, though, have caused significant impacts to the County’s water and other natural resources.

In this multipart story, we will take you on a tour of the watershed, discussing the problems and causes as well as the steps the county and partner agencies have taken to help improve our local water quality. The county can’t do this alone so we also share some ways you can help keep our local waters clean and safe for us, and our future generations.

Lee County is home to all or part of several major waterbodies, including the Caloosahatchee River, Estero River, Imperial River, Pine Island Sound, San Carlos Bay, Charlotte Harbor, and the Gulf of Mexico in addition to many smaller tributaries.

gulf of mexico sailboat

1) Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is the largest gulf in the world, encompassing over 600,000 square miles. It is an ocean basin that is bounded by five U.S. states as well as Cuba and part of Mexico.

The Gulf is one of the water features that makes Lee County a great place to live, work and vacation. But it is more than a grand waterbody with beautiful beaches – it is a vibrant ecosystem with an exciting history and a vital commercial role.

2) Lee County Bays and Estuaries

An estuary is where fresh and saltwater mix; where river waters meet the sea. A Bay is a type of recessed coastal water body that directly connects to a larger waterbody such as the Gulf of Mexico.

Two rivers, the Imperial River and Estero River, bring freshwater into Estero Bay, an estuary that was designated as the state’s first aquatic preserve.

The Charlotte Harbor Estuary has a very large watershed: is mostly located within Charlotte County, but approximately one third of this estuary lies within Lee County.
San Carlos Bay is located at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. It connects to Matlacha Pass to the north, and Pine Island Sound to the west.

3) Caloosahatchee River and Estuary

The Caloosahatchee River and Estuary is another west coast treasure, and its health is essential to the Lee County way of life.

The river flows west-southwest from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico, becomes a tidal estuary within Lee County, and broadens as it nears the Gulf.

Extensive historical modifications to the Caloosahatchee River and its watershed have altered the hydrology of the region. As a result, heavy rainfall can bring large influxes of fresh water into the Caloosahatchee Estuary from stormwater runoff within the basin, Lake Okeechobee releases or both. The increased freshwater flows affect salinity levels and water quality in the estuary, potentially causing environmental harm (SFWMD).


4)Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee means “big water” in the Seminole Indian language, and with a surface area of 730 square miles, the lake is the liquid heart of South Florida. In fact, Lake Okeechobee is only slightly smaller than the entire land area of Lee County!

Lake Okeechobee provides water for people, farms and the environment, and habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife. The lake’s health has also been affected by human influences, but restoration efforts are underway here too. The Caloosahatchee River starts at Lake Okeechobee.

Through this story map, we explore water quality issues that the County has been actively working to manage, explain some of their causes, highlight steps Lee County is taking to address water quality and provide useful tips that residents and visitors alike can use to help us save this most valuable resource.


Our region is characterized by a marked seasonality that offers different water quality challenges at different times of the year.
The dry season - from November to May - brings seasonal population growth, and with that comes an increase in the impacts to local water quality from additional fertilizers, septic tank use, traffic, and other factors.

Lee County’s rainy season lasts from about June through October, and supports aquifers, agricultural activities, fish and wildlife populations as well as the growing water demand from communities throughout our area. The stormwater run-off at this time of the year is at its annual high. Increases in the concentrations of pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus to the estuary can destroy the natural balance and even fuel algae blooms.

In aquatic systems, when there is an overload of nutrients, opportunistic species take advantage of this issue to rapidly grow into blooms. These species can cause the famously known blue-green algae, red tide and red drift algae phenomena and the eutrophication of fresh water ecosystems.


Blue-green Algae

Blue-green algae, or “cyanobacteria,” are bacteria but, like plants, use sunlight to grow. They are ubiquitous in aquatic ecosystems. They play an important role in the environment, as part of the natural nutrient cycles and the food chain.

Blue-green algae thrives in warm waters with a high nutrient content. When the environment is conducive and they have the resources to grow out of control, they will become a bloom.

This can deplete the oxygen in the water, which can cause fish kills.
Some blooms can also produce toxins. In their toxic form, it can cause illness in humans, pets, waterfowl, and other animals that come in contact with it.

red tide dead fish

Red Tide produces a potent toxin, when red tide blooms are bad enough, it kills fish

Red Tide

Florida's red tide is a natural occurrence that begins offshore. It was first recorded in the 1800s. If the bloom moves inshore, nutrient runoff from land may promote bloom expansion.

A bloom can linger in coastal areas for days, weeks or even months. Red tides occur when microscopic algae multiply to higher than normal concentrations, often coloring the water to red or brown hues.

The most common species of red tide in our coasts is Karenia brevis. Its toxins, which can cause health problems in humans, are capable of killing fish, birds and other marine animals.

red drift algea

Red Drift Algae

Red drift algae is also influenced by nutrients.

This type of algae is visible with the naked eye. It is common for them to detach from the bottom and wash up along beaches in small amounts.

On occasions, if there is an excess of nutrients in the water, they will bloom. If the currents and tides are favorable, they may wash up on the shore in huge quantities.
Although it does not release toxins, the piles of algae will decay after a few days and they will emit an unpleasant odor until removed or washed away.

overgrowth beforebefore

overgrowth afterafter

Aquatic Plant Overgrowth

Aquatic vegetation is essential for fresh water ecosystems. They produce oxygen in the water, remove nutrients, and serve as a source of food and shelter for aquatic organisms.

An excess of nutrients in the water can make plants overgrow to levels that are harmful for their ecosystem.

This is especially true for invasive exotic species that are capable of growing at a high rate and take over the ecosystem. When they are out of control, they can even deplete the dissolved oxygen in the water.

Next issue, we will discuss causes in dept and what Lee County is doing about it.

It seems right out of the Bible.......Hordes of fearsome biological monstrosity's Cicada are about to drag their way to the surface of the earth after developing underground for 17 years. It comes only to mate and spawn; however, it imparts terror and disgust in the hearts and minds of every man, woman, child, and beast unfortunate enough to cross its path.

This is no Hollywood fantasy ladies and gentlemen, this creature is real. (a 17 year cycle of cicadas and it is called 'Brood X')

When a particular brood matures and emerges, it is usually in many millions of noisy insects in May and June. The last time this brood emerged was in 2004. The 2021 Cicada emergence is the largest of all broods, affecting portions of DE, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, NC, NJ, NY,OH, PA, TN, VA, WV.

Depending on where you live, these heinous herbivores should be dive-bombing your friends and family any day now, actually, they are more likely to fall out of a tree than fly, but, rest assured, they may be landing somewhere on your body sometime soon. During their brief emergence, they are a major nuisance.

In areas where they emerge all at once by the millions, they can do serious damage to a the trees and shrubs. In addition, their high pitched, shrill noise is very irritating. While Cicadas are fascinating to some, their presence in big numbers, is un-nerving to many people.

Cicadas have the longest adult-to-adult cycle of any animal known, taking the full 17 years to mature from ant-sized nymph to peanut-sized adult. During their years of subterranean seclusion, the juvenile forms suck juices from small roots, shedding their skins four times as they grow. When their time in the sun finally comes, the nymphs tunnel to the surface and wait for the soil to warm to about 64 degrees F. before venturing out. “They’re amazingly synchronized,” with hundreds of thousands to more than many million per acre appearing almost simultaneously at night in some areas.

Within a day or two, the adult males begin their cacophonous chorusing, producing sound by vibrating abdominal drums called timbals. One Circada can emit sounds at 100 decibels or more when up close, the racket is among nature’s loudest sounds, rivaling a jet airplane at takeoff.

The adults will spend about six weeks engaged in raucous reproductive behavior, and then they’ll be gone, leaving millions of tiny offspring behind to burrow into the soil and start the 17-year cycle all over again. Shortly after mating, the male Cicada dies. This dramatic phenomenon occurs only in the eastern United States.

Adults do not eat. Egg laying females cause significant damage to trees, bushes and shrubs, during their brief adult stage. Damage to trees is caused by the adult female, as she cuts slits into twigs and small diameter branches, to lay her eggs. An abundance of eggs can cause the branch tips to break and terminal leaves to die. The eggs hatch, producing tiny nymphs that fall to the ground. The nymphs burrow into the soil and feast on underground tree roots. They remain there for years, slowly growing, until their periodic cycle calls them to emerge again as adults.

Cicada Curiosities

• If the human life cycle followed the same pattern as the 17-year cicadas, we’d have a 102-year childhood followed by a one-year adulthood.

• The first record of 17-year cicadas appeared in a book published in 1669, describing an emergence that probably occurred in 1651. Reminded of Biblical grasshopper plagues, Pilgrims called cicadas “locusts,” a misnomer that persists today.

• During the Civil War, Union soldiers held at the Andersonville, Ga., Confederate military prison relied on cicada choruses to mask the sounds of prison breaks.

• The W-shaped mark near the outer edge of 17-year cicadas’ front wings prompted the superstitious belief that the insects foretell war.

• There are three species of 17-year cicadas. In most places where they occur, all three species are found intermixed.

• Recordings of cicada songs, rather than specimens of the insects themselves, are more useful in telling the species apart.

• For many cicadas, only males sing. This led the Greek poet Xenarchus to write, “Happy are cicadas’ lives, for they have only voiceless wives.”

• Male cicadas have three kinds of songs: calling choruses attract females and other males to the aggregating area; softer, complex courtship songs are produced just before mating, and disturbance squawks are used when cicadas are approached rapidly or grasped.

• Cicada songs may sound strange and grating to our ears because they’re at ranges we’re not accustomed to hearing in music or human voices.

**If you see or hear them report them with the Cicada Safari app. Use the hashtag #BroodX or #BroodXCicadas in social media.




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