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Friday, 13 November 2020 20:36

The Right Side: The Difference Between Legal And Illegal Votes... What Should Be Counted And What Must Must Be Deleted! Featured

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The law states that all votes being counted must be observed by both parties equally. If votes being counted are not observed equally, they are therefore, illegal and must be voided. Nothing more need be proven.

That means that all votes, voted in person must be counted, unless there is evidence that some are rigged. We saw how some voting machines can be rigged on National Television, by FOX however, knowing it’s possible and proving it was done, are two different matters. There must be evidence and there is!

For example, it is alleged that several voting machines in Michigan broke down, when they discovered Trump was running away with the votes…that stopped after the machines were fixed.

Also it’s alleged that ballots with ONLY Biden‘s name were found as counted ballots, 450,000 of them!

That type of evidence is devastating if true and sure is Probable Cause that there was corruption, Fraud!

So, in my opinion, a revote should take place in those last 5 or 6 States where there was cheating discovered, if that cheating has common factors. For example if the manner of cheating is common… if the time is common, if the lack of visibility is common…take your choice…then there must be a new vote…only in person, only with ID , only over 2 days, no leaks in count, and then tallied fairly, continuously with no mail in votes except only previously submitted Military votes.

If we believe, that process, is unfair, then we must also believe that the prohibition of equal ability to monitor the validity of the votes is unfair. If 190 million people voted in person and the results are for Trump or Biden that’s it, except for one thing Military votes, they are fighting to keep us safe and deserve special attention.

Military mail in votes are easier to recognize as most are allowed absentee ballots and most, not all, are mailed from overseas. That is easier to verify than 120,000 votes that were counted surreptitiously, at 3am, with no Republican several of the in question States, at 2,3,4 am with no Republican observers present!

That’s after the Democrat counters called a stop, closed up and reopened when no one was around, from the Republican side!.

Listen, folks, when I was an FBI Supervisor and working Agent, I went by the philosophy that too many coincidents make a fact! It worked every time. If the Democrats cheated and we can prove it, which we can, then they should have thought about what would happen when they got caught…well they got caught and there must be consequences. The consequences are a re-vote, not re-count, a re-vote with ID, and in-person. “What about the legal mail in vote… they and all the other mail in votes are gone.

Now try to do it honestly! If you want to vote again…follow the law or don’t show!

The evidence that there was cheating by the Democrat Vote counters is unquestionable. There is Probable Cause to obtain Search Warrants for all counting venues in all questioned States…so what is the AG waiting for…the Durham results? FBI Agents should have already confiscated all the ballots and envelopes THAT HAVEN”T BEEN DESTROYED. If they have, that’s more incriminating evidence that the election was unfair and unlawful. So if the envelopes were destroyed, accidentally, like Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails …that’s destruction of evidence that can

ONLY be remedied by a RE-VOTE in all of those states.

It is not necessary to prove that there was enough fraud to overthrow the election …only enough to show a concerted effort to corrupt the election for one person. There is only one way to see if the purported end result was corrupt and that is to revote …by the law this time with 2 days, in person only voting and fair and honest counting. NO MAIL IN Ballots except Military Absentee ballots. Period.

What’s the Democrats worried about if Biden won by such a great margin…do it again!

I believe in common sense. If 60% of hundreds of millions IN PERSON votes, vote Republican for the President, Trump, and the same for House and Senate races and the exact opposite happens for mail in votes…is that suspicious?

Just before the 2016 election, we saw on National news, probably FOX, an election official in some , I believe, mid-western state standing next to cases of voting ballots ,all filled out and ready to be processed through voting machines, some 25,000 pre-prepared votes, all for Hillary Clinton! Do we believe there was cheating by Clinton? I do, how about you?

If you heard a gunshot, heard your window break, ran outside and saw your neighbor standing there with a rifle and a spent brass casing at his feet and the barrel smoking…but you didn’t see him shoot…what do you believe…did he do it?

I’ve never been to the Sun, but I know it’s hot just as sure as I know that the election of Biden is illegal and very corrupt…in my opinion, there is no doubt! The question is can the President get a re-vote…there’s plenty of evidence?

gary small


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