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Wednesday, 18 August 2021 18:07


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In my opinion… as a retired FBI Agent with 30 years of experience, investigating major, criminal cases… there is more than enough Probable Cause to Indict both Barack Hussein Obama and Impeach and Indict Joe Biden for Treason, Espionage, Sedition, and a multitude of other crimes relating to the biggest conspiracy to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, our America…in the history of America!!


Obama said himself that he is a Muslim, who was not born in the USA, when he ran for the Senate.  His wife said the same thing but that matters not. The Forensic Evidence alone, that he provided to prove his birth place, was proven to be Counterfeit and a Fraud, by every Forensic Lab that examined them including the most respected Italian Art experts who examined his latest, phony Birth Certificate.  He was not qualified to be President…in more ways than one.



His Selective service Card was proven to have been altered, his Social Security card is a fake that belonged to someone else…and that’s not possible because the Social Security Commission will not issue duplicate cards to anyone other than the ORIGINAL owner. Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud from the word…go. He “changed” his religion to Christianity but never denounced his allegiance to Allah. That is completely unacceptable to Islam and is meaningless…he must denounce his allegiance to Allah…but never will.  Read their book…the Quran…I did!


He surrounds himself with Weatherman criminals, murderers, like Bill Ayers, his wife Bernadine Dorn…cop killers, murderers and thieves.


Obama said he wants to change America, fundamentally, to a Socialist Society…a Muslim Islamic Socialist Nation. That is Treason when a President wants to eliminate our Constitution. He wants a Muslim nation and that is not possible with our First Amendment which separates Church and State. Islam is a one leader ideology of Church and state, an Ayatollah (Obama).


Now, how to complete Obama’s plan? Obamas’ efforts to get a 3rd term failed. But he had a plan…run his 3rd term from his basement…he freaking said that and now he is doing it. Get a puppet elected to be a Shadow President that is pretty much brain dead and control his every move. But who could possibly be that stupid?


Enter Joe “Obiden”…the “Howdy Doody” of Washington!


Obama is following the Cloward- Piven doctrine to a “T” to bankrupt and destroy your country and if they are not stopped, they will succeed! They were ,by his words, his favorite Professors at Columbia!


In an analysis by Conduit For Action published 7-6-18, the 4 steps to the Cloward –Piven strategy are;


  1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
  2. Have Chaos Ensue
  3. Take Control in the Chaos
  4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force

How do I know that what Obama and Obiden  are doing is Treason? Remember that Aiding and abetting our enemies by an elected official is Treason, punishable by death. By Islam’s own admissions, they are at war with the US and the rest of the Infidel world. Iran, ISIS, Taliban, and dozens more Arab countries have stated AND acted on their statements to destroy America!

They are at war with the US!

Would any of the following benefit (aid and abet) our enemies…

1.      Shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline and prevent America from being energy independent as it was under President Trump…

2.      Forcing the US to buy petroleum products from Muslim OPEC Nations.

3.      Stop installing Border walls on the southern Border which walls are paid for and awaiting installation.

4.      Open our Borders to allow millions of non US Citizens to enter and stay in the US contradicting Immigration and Naturalization laws pertaining to same.

5.      Overwhelm our law enforcement Agencies on the Southern Border to the point that Covid infected aliens and thousands of illegal aliens are entering and remaining in our country.

6.      Fail to enforce Federal laws regarding friends and relatives of elected officials beginning with Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden who has violated numerous Federal and local laws, such as the Federal Firearms Act, Illegal use and abuse of controlled substances, participating in a Hobbs Act scheme with his father and others to fraudulently obtain money from the Ukraine.

7.      Withdraw from Afghanistan and LEAVE hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars of valuable, high tech, weapons, tanks, heavy armor, machine guns ,ammunition, radio equipment for the FREAKING TALIBAN to use against us! What? C’mon man, Biden, even you can’t possibly be that F------ stupid. TREASON…TREASON…TREASON!

8.      It’s not too late, send in strike forces to retrieve those munitions, you moron!

There is no benefit whatsoever to the US by shutting down the Keystone. As an Engineer by trade and having established the FBI and EPA Environmental Crimes Program for the Western District of NY, I can attest that to move product by ANYOTHER means is in no way Environmentally safe nor economically better to anyone except those with vested interest in Railroad Transportation, like Warren Buffet, for example, a large contributor to Democrat candidates like Joe Biden.

Forcing the US to buy oil from OPEC benefits our enemies…period!     

Open Borders aids and abets our enemies, allowing terrorists to enter untouched…


Handing them high tech weapons and munitions…if there is Treason…handing our enemies munitions to use against US… is Treason!


Intentionally preventing our lawmen to enforce the laws they swore to enforce is criminal negligence in the least and Treason if the purpose is to destroy our Rule of Law…which it is!


Only a moron would not realize that opening our borders is Treason…how does it benefit any US citizens or America?


Allowing 20% of the illegals who are reported to be infected with Covid 19 into the US is, criminal negligence and Treason…it benefits our enemies as a Biological Attack would…how is that any different?


People…things are going to get much worse as Obama and Obiden move closer to taking over America. 


Do you really believe that the disruptive withdrawal from Afghanistan was totally unexpected, a surprise? Think about that.


This President didn’t know that the Taliban would move right in. He didn’t know that their President loaded trucks with US cash and fled? Is our intel really that piss poor?

In O'Bidens own words...."C’mon man…"

This is another way to put us deeper in debt, spending billions to “help” people who refuse to help themselves…a ploy at the expense of Americans stuck there and thousands who helped us. It's Obama,…

That’s right, Obama, he’s running things and don’t forget it… Obama didn’t care about the Embassy in Benghazi and the Americans there…(Remember Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's "What does it matter?")

How is this different?

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