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Wednesday, 29 January 2020 08:12

The Right Side: If You Can’t Beat Him.... Impeach Him... A Democrat Tactic! Democrat Leaders.... The Most Disingenuous Group Of Liars, Hypocrites, Cheaters And Thieves This Nation Has Ever Seen... My Opinion! Featured

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Chuck Schumer sure has balls to demand a “fair trial”…after his counterparts did everything EXCEPT, a fair Impeachment!

The 6th Amendment of the Constitution demands Due Process for anyone accused of a crime. So what’s the crime Trump is accused of?

Due process calls for an accused to be allowed to face, confront and cross examine his accuser ,please read the 6th Amendment! This House of Democrat Congressmen, led by Schiff, denied the President the right to even know who his accuser is, the right to cross examine his accuser and denied the Right to a lawyer and to call witnesses. In any court in the United States…this case would be laughed out of court by any Judge and not allowed to move forward!

Put yourself into the President’s position…someone was told by your neighbor who told a friend who told the Police that you are a “child molester”, and you are arrested and charged with “child molestation”. You cannot know who your accuser is, you cannot have an attorney nor can you cross examine your accuser. You are not allowed to call witnesses. That is exactly what the liar Congressman Schiff did to the President and the Republicans who tried to defend him, because President Trump was NOT allowed to defend himself. Yet this piece of human excrement, Schiff, has the gall to go before the Senate and claim the president was allowed to call witnesses…sure…he called them but if their name was NOT on Schiff’s list of allowed witnesses ,they were denied!!! How many of the witnesses that the President, through Republican Congressman Collins, asked for… were allowed? NONE! That’s the “fairness” Schiff allowed and Schumer claims he wants in the Senate!

There is no crime that rises to the level of High Crime or Misdemeanor. What the President is accused of doing is using his Presidential Authority as defined by Article 2 of the Constitution…and abusing his authority. The last “charge is funny”…that’s exactly what Hussein Obama did twice ,and was so egregious that the Supreme court Justice Scalia, admonished Obama for overstepping his authority, twice …and two weeks after the 2nd admonishment, Scalia died” naturally” fully clothed, at a remote hunting camp, with “suspicious” marks on his body, the remains scurried off by Washington “officials”, for a full day and then cremated at the Funeral parlor that rented these “officials” the hearse they drove all over Texas with Scalia’s remains.

That was very normal…nothing suspicious there?!

Now ,what is the crime this President, who was never admonished by any Judge for overstepping his authority, committed…what’s the Crime, Schumer?

It truly is a shame that neither Schumer, Pelosi nor Schiff read the US Constitution!

How Sen Schumer can tell the American public that he demands a fair trial, is hysterical?! If you can’t beat him…Impeach him! That’s Schumer’s type of fairness. He seems to think all

Republicans are as dumb as he is!

Please believe me America, with the evidence the House used to Impeach (Indict) the President, they could not make a $100 small claims case in Judge Judy’s Court. She would throw it out…it’s all hearsay! Why do you think the Constitutional Scholar Allan Dershowitz, says this Impeachment by Schiff and Pelosi is not legal…violates our Constitution?

Schumer wants John Bolton, Trump’s UN National Security Advisor and the President’s personal Attorney to testify…is he nuts? Obama claimed Executive Privilege when Eric Holder was caught with his pants down on Fast and Furious, why?

If this President allows Bolton or any of his staff to testify he needs his head examined!

There should be NO trial, based upon all the hearsay evidence! The Senate should issue a dismissal due to the lack of substantive evidence and the fact that the President was not only denied his Constitutional Rights under the 6th and 14th (Equal Rights) Amendment, all the


This is the Schiff/ Pelosi circus and NOT an Impeachment!

When they cry foul, play back the video of Tliab saying, “I/we will impeach the MF’er” and the other comments that go to “intent” that Schumer and Pelosi made before the President was sworn in, before the new Congressmen and the new Speaker were sworn in and then after Trump was JUST sworn in. What evidence did Tliab have when she shot off her mouth…put every one of those “fair trial” loud mouths, on the Senate stand! Ask, “What was the evidence against the President elect that made you want to Impeach him before you even became a Congressman?

Allowing these House clowns to make a trial into a circus is foolish, thoughtless, and about as dumb as anyone can be because their “Impeachment” is not legal…there are no crimes, therefore this Impeachment is VOID!

Members of the Senate; Do you not understand this is a GAME according to these Congressmen… a way and means to harass, disrupt and try to overthrow a duly elected President that they dislike, for no other reason…why should you succumb to their illegal and unethical demands?

gary small



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