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Thursday, 06 April 2017 23:31

The Right Side: Unacceptable Featured

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Hillary Clinton, is given Classified Document Training by 2 FBI Agents; has a “Non Disclosure Document” READ to her, reads it herself, signs her name after reading it and then ,UNDER OATH, tells the FBI, when interviewed “officially”, about her illegal use of a private email and closet server…that she never had any training on Classified Documents. If you haven’t read what she signed, you must go on line and read it to see how outrageous her statement was!

Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton ALL lie about Benghazi being caused because of a video about Islam and then Hillary tells the same lie to the bereaved parents of the deceased US victim killed in Benghazi, AS HIS BODY IS OFF LOADED ON THE TARMACK! Then Hillary lies that she ever said THAT… EVEN after the father showed his notes taken as she spoke!

Eric Holder is held in contempt of Congress, his Assistant DOJ Attorneys are held in Contempt of Federal Courts in Ferguson, New Orleans and Texas, and even barred from appearing before a Federal Court by a Federal Court Judge involving 23 different Federal Jurisdictions for violations of Perjury, Evidence Tampering, and Witness Tampering!

Loretta Lynch, meets with Bill Clinton on a remote runway with two different planes, two different Security details and Flight plans for a “coincidental” meeting, while Hillary is under a criminal FBI investigation.

Hillary Clinton is given the questions, by Donna Brazil, of CNN, before the CNN, Matt Lauer Town Hall Meeting. Brazil arrogantly objected to being asked that and denied it…for about 6 months…then admitted it as if …so what?

I could go on and on about the despicable acts of Obama and his Band of thieves…okay, I will!

Then someone (Susan Rice?) releases the identity of US Citizens who are “ overheard” by a legal wire, lies about doing it and the names are leaked! That, my friend, is a serious Federal Violation and a violation of a US Citizen’s right to privacy. I have seen entire Federal Criminal Cases DISMISSED for mishandling of legal wiretap info, that wasn’t intentional!

None of the above are a concern of the major media as it receives little, if any coverage and nothing is done about it!

Yet… contact by anyone in the Trump administration of anyone in Russia, for any reason, is a MAJOR story about… NOTHING! There is NOTHING wrong with anyone speaking to Russians UNLESS they are plotting something illegal!

The corruption in the Obama administration is unlike anything I can ever remember.

President Trump MUST fire FBI Director Comey and replace him with an EX- FBI Agent Administrator, like Jim Kalstrom, and then order Sessions to open a RICO case on the Obama administration, with a special Grand Jury NOT a special prosecutor. The Investigation MUST be handled by the FBI under new leadership. Neither a Senate nor Congressional Investigation would result in anything as neither Congress nor the Senate can find their own asses with their own two hands and you can’t do an “investigation by committee” and meet one week every month!!

J Gary DiLaura
FBI Retired

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