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Thursday, 14 May 2020 11:47

Why This President? Why Now? Featured

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Why is a billionaire from New York who came down from an escalator who is three times married and twice divorced the most pro-life president in history, why is it that it took a billionaire from New York who formerly a Planned Parenthood donating Democrat to put Gorsuch and Kavanaugh  and  200 2nd Court judges on the Supreme Court, why is it that a guy that never served before American politics is able to renegotiate NAFTA get out of the WTO ... tell the WHO to go pound sand ,tell the UN to go pound sand, renegotiate NATO altogether, get us out of the JCPOA, make sure those billions of dollars we sent to Iran are not going there anymore, move the embassy to Jerusalem, recognized the Golan Heights, deregulate the American economy, make us energy independent,  finally build the wall ......

Why is it that that guy did it?  It's because every single the person that preceded him besides President Reagan, was part of the problem or they were part of the very same community of people that were Ivy league-educated, said one thing and did another,  were part of the ruling class that protected the agency,  protected the bureau,  protected the DOJ and as long as you said the right things and kept the deficits going.... raise the taxes deteriorated the Industrial base, boosted Wall Street profits, kept the boarders wide open so we can have foreign nationals domiciling in our country that do not share our values,  eventually get benefits, their kids can vote against our own values....  then things will be just fine !!!

Why is it that this guy is different ???

Because unlike any other president he could have been in the ruling class .... he said no thanks... He had enough money to be on the ruling class... he's got more money than James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok.... his lover Lisa Page and the person who probably publish his book combined and multiplied by100 .... He's 

 the only President in modern history to have his own plane and actually go to probably a smaller plane when he becomes President of the United States...  the only president that was a bestselling author, number one TV show in The Apprentice on NBC, in every single rap song, was glamorize....  President Barack Obama said the American dream is to be what? is to be Donald Trump ... that's what he said the American dream was!

Why is it that this guy is all of a sudden the populist chair?  he supposed to part of the ruling class!   Because he is a Defector from it .... he was in the dinners, he was in the cocktail parties,  he heard the language, he heard the content that the ruling class, the Wall Street financiers, the Washington DC lobbyist  and the Silicon Valley Elite that he had to be around.... he knew the contempt they had for the plumber, electrician, the Carpenter, the bricklayer, the person building very same building that he was financing.

So he took the woman rank mentality, the philosophy that built that woman rank quicker and better than anyone could have imagined, despite the New York City bureaucracy and the municipal burdensome rules and said I'm going to bring this to Washington DC and I'm actually do something a politician has never done before....  I'm going to tell you the truth no matter how brutal and honest it is and I'm going to do what I say I'm going to do

From the time he went down the escalator he was the only person running for that talked about China and immigration.... the two issues that are most affecting our country now .... how was this possible? cuz he listened the very people the ruling class hated!

He would walk a job site and he'd ask them... what what's on your mind?  "man I'm really worried that we're getting taken over by China, I'm really worried that we're letting too many people in this country, I'm worried I can't pay for healthcare" 

He internalize it, that's what a populist is...someone who listens to the people!

So what makes President Trump different? This is the president who didn't need his job, this is the only present American history who's going to be poorer after becoming president then before,   he's not going to sign a book deal big enough to possibly make up for the gains. 

His son investigated by every single authority imaginable from Bob Mueller to the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, after being set up for that very same meeting. 

His business audited and currently under criminal investigation by the New York attorney general for no reason and no grounding for evidence.

His other son Eric Trump, his charity gets shut down for self-dealings despite no evidence at all... he just wants to give treatment to cancer kids.... St. Jude's hospital.

His eleven-year-old son under constant and daily attacks for just existing as a teenager or 12 or 13 year old in this dare he live!

He's the only person that would be more damage materially, philosophically and morally..... every other president ends up better on the back at the end, they end up being able to write the stoic journal/drama,  being better respected. 

This guy is a vessel for us, a vessel for those of us that have nothing but resentment for the kingdom of Washington DC.

Charlie Kirk

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