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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 15:45

The New Mercedes-Maybach Is the 6-Meter-Long Car of Your Dreams Featured

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Tonight in Carmel, Calif., Mercedes-
Benz unveiled the latest of
its Maybach line: the Vision Mercedes-
Maybach 6.
The gullwing 2+2 concept has a
low, sleek hood, a massive touchscreen
inside, and an all-electric
powertrain. It’s meant to show
what a Mercedes-Benz car could
look like, and do, in 10 or 15 years'
Named for its 6-meter
length, the Mercedes-Maybach 6 is
totally electric, with a massive battery
pack located along the bottom
of the car. The engine can achieve
750 horsepower; the car will hit 60
mph in less than four seconds. It
has an automatic driving function,
although Mercedes executives said
it’s meant to be driven.
“This is a car you want to drive
yourself,” Gorden Wagener, the
Daimler AG head of design, told
attendees at a cocktail-heavy debut
event held on the lawn of the famous
Pebble Beach Resort. Mercedes
VIP buyers and media drank
champagne and ate canapés while
white private yachts floated in the
nearby bay.
“We see a big movement in analog
things, and they are sustainable. …
This is something you pass to your
children, like a Leica camera or a
chronograph watch. Driving has
been a pleasure since 130 years
and will stay that way another 130
The grille on the front is
made to look like the pinstripes on
a suit; the 24-inch rims, dual rear
window, narrow side “mirrors” and
spine-like divide along the back
make the car extremely distinctive.
Mercedes executives said it is
meant to evoke emotion and intelligence,
hot passion and cool rationality:
“The key is to combine
them,” Wagener said.
Inside, although media were not allowed
to open the doors to the concept
model, the car apparently has
spacious seating for four. It has
dials behind the steering wheel
made to look like the dial on a mechanical
watch and warm, polished
wood accents. Executives say it
can charge to a range of 62 miles
in five minutes, if you use the
strongest charger.
This is the latest product
unveiled since Mercedes reignited
the Daimler-owned Maybach line.
Maybach had discontinued its
standalone cars in December 2012
after years of making the type of
stately European-style schooners
that power players such as Jay-Z
and Swizz Beatz drove around
New York City. It launched the $1
million Mercedes-Maybach S600
Pullman and the $192,000 Mercedes-
Maybach S600 sedan last
Mercedes executives wouldn’t
comment on if, or when, they
might produce the Mercedes-Maybach
6, but they certainly picked
the right time to introduce such a
statuesque car. The Pebble Beach
Concours d’Elegance—the world’s
premier car show and auction site,
which showcases the most beautiful
and expensive cars ever
made—starts Sunday.
Hannah Elliott

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