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Thursday, 28 July 2016 15:53


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John Scott, native and lifelong
Floridian and passionate advocate
for Florida’s environment,
publicly announced his candidacy
for Florida State House District 79
against Big Sugar funded incumbent
Matt Caldwell who hasn’t
found a corporate special interest
he doesn’t like.
According to recent
records, 93% of Caldwell’s
$206,000 campaign funds raised
so far this season have been from
corporations such as Big Sugar,
Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big
Pharma, etc. There is a pattern
here. Of the 7% of non-corporate
money, only ONE donation was
from within District 79. He is
more concerned with his own political
aspirations than representing
the people of District 79.
There is a direct correlation
between Caldwell’s campaign
contributors, his voting record and
resultant policies and their effect
on our environment and economy.
The public announcement
of John’s candidacy will address
environmental concerns, specifically
our local and statewide water
quality problems, algal blooms,
Lake Okeechobee discharges, and
buying land south of Lake Okeechobee
so we can store, treat and
convey fresh, clean water into the
Everglades and Florida Bay.
This is a moment for all
Floridians to take notice. After
flirting with, and now enduring,
water quality havoc for the past
several years along South
Florida’s east and west coasts and
in the Everglades, we have to
question if our governor, federal,
state and even some local officials,
are willing to do whatever is necessary
to protect Florida’s waterways.
Are they simply too
political, too partisan, too beholden
to corporate special interest
polluters to do what must be done?
To spend what must be spent to
protect our state’s most valuable
natural assets?
John Scott has a “whatever
it takes” mindset to solve our
water crises while Matt Caldwell
has a “whatever it takes” to win
the next election mindset: takes
trips to King Ranch, takes enormous
sums of dark special interest
money and takes marching orders
from his paymasters when voting
for policies that are destroying our
way of life in South Florida.
In addition to environmental
concerns, John will also address
other, numerous issues
where he differs with Caldwell.
The People’s Voice has
been lost in Tallahassee. John
Scott wants to represent the people
of District 79 and all of Florida as
a public servant. He hasn’t taken
corporate money, preferring to run
a people powered campaign instead.
John Scott has officially
qualified and will be the Democratic
candidate on the ballot in

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