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Thursday, 28 July 2016 10:27

Local Family Fun Amusement Park

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One of the busiest weekends
of the year is upon us and if
you’re in the mood to have some
family fun, you won’t need to
leave Lee County to do it. If fact, if
you're a parent like me, you’ve
probably found yourself looking
for something to do with your
"under-age" children. If that’s the
case you’ll be delighted to know a
local kid friendly amusement park
– Zoomers – is right here in our
On a bright summer day
when I decided to head over and
meet with Yicila Almeida the manager
of the park. She had invited
me to enjoy the wide variety of entertainment
they offer, since the
Park is less than five miles from
Fort Myers Beach, another great
holiday destination, the family can
make a whole day and evening in
the area without ever getting
Zoomers is an indoor/outdoor
facility with multiple attractions
for the whole family to enjoy
no matter what the age spread.
They have different styles of gokart
tracks like the Rookie-Go-
Kart track and the Slick Go-Kart
track. Even Moms' and Dads' enjoy
racing around the track.
The Slick-Go-Kart track is
designed to simulate driving on ice, and most of us
know how harrowing that can be!
You need to be at least 56 inches
tall to enjoy this track as a driver,
but if you’re a bit short, you can
still enjoy the thrills as a passenger.
But if you can’t do without
driving, then head over to the
rookie track where the height requirement
drops to 40 inches but
you still need to be at least 4 years
old to drive. Don't be discouraged
from if it’s a rainy day because
Zoomers stays open seven days a
week - rain or shine.
The fun at Zoomers also includes
a number of interesting family
attractions such as; Voodoo
Island Mini Golf, the Family Fun Arcade, Bumper Boats, Hippo
Water Slide, a Tilt a Whirl, Water
Wars, and of course the six brand
new Midway rides. “These coasters
are designed specifically for
younger children.” Almeida said
"they wanted to make sure the kids
can ride, it seems when you go to
the big amusement parks that the
kids don't meet the height requirement.
We don't want that problem."
With a little more research I
found that there is still a height requirement
of 36" and young children
must be able to sit up on their
own as well as having control of
their neck and head.
There is no admission to
get into the park you simply enjoy
what you want. If you like arcade
games they have a huge selection
to choose from that averages only
65 cents a play or purchase a Z
card with any amount you'd like.
Maybe you prefer just a round of
mini-golf, if that's the case you can
head over to the Voodoo Island to
play the 18 hole course for only
$7.50. If that's not enough than
you can ride any 1 of the 6 midway
rides that are only $5 a ride.
"Most parents like to
watch their kids having fun" said
Almeida, "it brings a smile to my
face to see families have a good
Zoomers offers party packages for Birthdays, company
retreats ect. The different
party packs are tailored to fit your
varied interests. each of the party
rooms offers a panoramic view of
the park and surrounding areas.
Zoomers truly is a
child's dream land considering they
have endless entertainment.
The Zoomer Party is a 1
hour and 45 minute party that includes,
1 hour of unlimited coaster
rides, amusement rides and Go-Kart
rides. 45 minutes in the party area
so everyone can enjoy eating their
cake along with 100 prize points
for the birthday child, 50 for each
guest and one game of mini golf.
As your child plays the arcade
games they earn bonus points that
can be used for more play time or
prizes. This package only costs
$199 for up to 10 children,
Zoomers also has a Zoomer
Fest Package which includes a 3
hour and 45 minute party. The
children get a whopping three
hours of unlimited amusement
rides, Go-Karts, and Mini Golf. 45
minutes in the party area, 500 prize
points for the birthday child, 100
for each party guest, and a $5 Zcard
per guest.
"This package is probably
the most popular because the kids
get to enjoy three hours" said
Almeida "Instead of 1 hour when
they just get warmed up for the entertainment."
The Zoomer fest package
costs $299 for up to 10 children,
that’s a $493 value.
Zoomer Tastic is another
party favorite for the kids and
adults that like to have fun as well.
Zoomer Tastic offers 3 hours of
unlimited ride time for Go-Karts,
Mini-Golf, and the coasters. 1
hour and 45 minutes in a private
room, 1000 prize points for the
birthday child, 200 for each party
guest, along with a $10 Z-Card , 2
games of water wars or 1 hour of
unlimited video games. This party
package gives a birthday T-shirt to
the birthday child, and the staff
will take pictures during the outside
activities with a flash drive of
the pictures so you can cherish the
"Water Wars is so much
fun, especially if it's a hot day and
you want to cool off, than you will
probably want to join the fun"
Almeida quipped with an excited
tone in her voice.
I'm sure your wondering
what water wars is, she asked, my
curiosity was piqued. Essentially,
it's a more exciting style of a water
balloon fight.
"That's what we shoot for,
a good memory they can leave
with" said Almeida.
As you can see Zoomers
does not have a shortage of fun or
activities. The next time you're
wondering where to spend your
child's birthday, or if you’re still
thinking about what to do on
America’s birthday, consider all
the activities you can find so close
to home, to enjoy and put
Zoomers on your “to do” list.
Zoomers is located at 17455 Summerlin
Rd. Fort Myers Hours:
opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm
every day , except Friday and Sat it
closes at 11 pm

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