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Monday, 28 September 2015 10:10

Bias Overload: Mistrust of Media at All Time High

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Media bias one 1

What most media publishes is not what the majority of readers believe. All a person has to do is read a number of online articles on controversial subjects, observe media headlines and then go to the comments section and read what the people have to say. Frankly, it is amazing just how far media strays from commonly held views. If I didn’t know better, I’d believe the media still thinks they have the voice of the masses. We devoted considerable space this week to illustrate this disconnect between what “news sources” would have us believe and what we really know is happening.

The divergence is particularly acute when the issues involve the most pressing subjects of our times: what constitutes racism or bigotry, acceptance of immigration especially illegal immigration and mainstream views on political candidates.

As early as the 19th century, journalists began to understand that unbiased reporting should be an integral part of ethics in the field of journalism as a profession. It was also around this time that journalism began to grow as a powerful social force. Yet, today, according to Dale Jacquette in Journalistic Ethics and the Moral Responsibility in the Media, “even the most conscientiously objective journalists cannot avoid accusations of bias.”

And it’s not just newspapers. “Broadcast media (radio and television) have been used as a mechanism for propaganda from their earliest days, a tendency made more pronounced by the initial ownership of broadcast spectrum by national governments. Although a process of media deregulation has placed the majority of the western broadcast media in private hands, there still exists a strong government presence, or even monopoly, in the broadcast media of many countries across the globe. At the same time, the concentration of media in private hands, and frequently amongst a comparatively small number of individuals, has also led to accusations of media bias.”

According to Media Resources there is a pattern of decreasing trust in modern media. In an article entitled, “How People View the Media”, two-thirds (67%) said agreed with the statement: "In dealing with political and social issues, news organizations tend to favor one side." That was up 14 points from 53 percent who gave that answer in 1985. Those who believed the media "deal fairly with all sides" fell from 34 percent to 27 percent. "In one of the most telling complaints, a majority (54%) of Americans believe the news media gets in the way of society solving its problems," Pew reported. Republicans "are more likely to say news organizations favor one side than are Democrats or independents (77 percent vs. 58 percent and 69 percent, respectively)." The percentage who felt "news organizations get the facts straight" fell from 55 percent to 37 percent. www.mediaresearch.org/biasbasics

So let’s take a look at some specific examples. Our first issue will be how people view the presence of Muslims in America. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is a key concern of both the media and the citizens of the U.S. Last week, in just over a three day span, we counted over 100 articles from varying media sources on a single site – Yahoo News -using this subject as the focus for reports.

In the first two articles we examine, Presidential candidate Carson said he wouldn’t support a “Muslim candidate for president,” and Trump, in response to a question from someone attending one of his rallies, said that Muslims are “currently a problem in many parts of the world.”

The many media headlines addressing these remarks, with few exceptions, cast both Carson and Trump as bigots, anti-constitutional, unfit to be a candidate or generally, as being out of step with mainstream America. Yet when reading the comments sections, practically all the readers agreed with both Carson and Trump’s statements and, more to the point, felt the media was misrepresenting the issue.

Furthermore, it was apparent that, at least as far as the readers of the article were concerned, “mainstream Americans” also feel Muslims in the USA are a problem. It’s not xenophobic, Islamophobic or any other media manufactured phrase to understand when a problem exists. The comments below were taken sequentially without altering from the comments section of a Ben Carson article. They are not isolated “finds” nor “selected to fit this article,” they are typical and clearly show the disconnect between Big Media and the people reading the content.

Teknoman Saber 2 hours ago

I have no issues with Muslims wanting to live here in this nation as long as: 1. They are willing to conform to our established laws, rules, regulations and way of life. 2. They are willing to become productive members of this society. 3. They are willing to roll over on their radical brothers whom believe the western society should be destroyed. Essentially report them as necessary to Law Enforcement and let our justice system execute the laws and punishments accordingly. 4. Be willing to accept the fact that such actions may cause you to be deported and returned to their respective country and their Law Enforcement Authorities for admonishment.

Now having said this, these are really the only issues I have personally. And... whether they want to admit it or not, the Muslim Faith has never had a good track record with ANY of their Christian neighbors. Regardless of the reason, (which I don't care about), these issues are as old as the Bible and will never be solved.

BillyW 2 hours 10 minutes ago

Now I address the Muslims directly about their religious intolerances.

You people treat your women like second class citizens, both here in the USA and around the world. You also are so ready to wear your religion on your shoulder(s) like a big "chip" that you are challenging others to knock down.

Your people refuse to roll over on religious radicals in your society. You think that "killing them with kindness" is going to prevail. It’s not, because the only thing these idiots in your culture understand is violence. Yes we have Christian radicals too, but they are not willing to strap 10 pounds of C-4 to their chest and walk into a public shopping center and blow the whole thing up regardless of who is in there. FYI, when you idiots do this, you kill innocent Muslims too. So ask yourselves how smart that really is.

If you want to practice your religion, and pray to Allah, then be my guest!

But I will point this out. The Jews, a long persecuted religion for their faith's and beliefs aren't walking into shopping centers and blowing themselves up along with innocents, nor is ANY other religion on this planet. That stupid Jihadist #$%$ belongs to you folks and you alone!

So before you go pointing fingers at the "Imperialist Nations", and assume we are soooooo bad! Point the fingers at yourselves, pull your heads out of the sand and get your own problems solved before blaming the rest of the world for your shortsightedness and shortcomings.

Case and point. Directly across the street from my home is a wonderful Muslim family. Mossir and his family are wonderful folks, I've had them over in my home many times, and consider Mossir a good friend. But he agrees, that many in his faith need to practice the good in the Koran, not the garbage. And... point being SO SHOULD YOU!

Nuff Said!

CTLosAngeles 1 hour ago

#$%$, Muslims!!!

- Why don't you call on your religious leaders to step down and change their rhetoric?

- Why don't you call on your native Muslim countries to allow non-Muslims to live in peace like you demand here?

- Why don't you ferret out and turn over to the police the "bad" Muslims filling your ranks under the guise of "moderate" Muslims?

Yahoo wants people to believe that the majority of Americans support CAIR and other Muslims; however, I've seen time and time again that the massive outpouring on forums is completely for Ben Carson and his claims.

Craig 1 hour ago

Ben Carson questions AND does not believe that a large swath of the Muslim culture and teachings are consistent enough with the founding of the country and the constitution. If you go down the road of Sharia Law, this becomes plainly obvious. In my mind, if a Muslim were to run, the Muslim would have to CONVINCE me, that they are no threat to the US Constitution in order to gain, MY TRUST. To quote Bill Maher, "for the past 30 years, which culture has been running around blowing @$#& up!!??"

Because of 9/11 a Muslim will never be president. That was our 21st century day of Infamy. I mean to have that wrong not only go un-avenged in 14 years with the destruction of that Black rock of theirs in Mecca the Kaba I think it's called. I mean the POS thing is still standing. Then add to that a Muslim POTUS. It's absolutely unthinkable. That would mean abandoning 2996 American souls and saying Shanks Ville, WTC, Pentagon, were just accidents. HOW COULD WE DO THAT!!!

Eatatjoesforadvice 47 minutes ago

John Adams wrote Jefferson a letter advising that Islam’s founder and prophet was “a military fanatic.” In another writing, he condemned Islamic law as “contemptible.”

His son and future president, John Quincy Adams, went further, arguing that the essence of Islam is “violence and lust: to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.” He suggested the Quran’s commands to fight and conquer other lands “in the cause of Allah” were at odds with democracy, peace and the Judeo-Christian ethic on which America was founded.

Credit is due to another poster Dr. Carson just won my vote.

3 hours ago

Muslims are allowed to lie to American infidels, and you see almost no one condemning Muslims that chant death to America. Where is the outcry of Muslims denouncing killing of infidels, and who is an infidel??? The outcry is from anyone that's not a Muslim. Because they don't condemn the killers and decapitations. Americans can’t imagine the horror of someone starting to cut your head off on one side and moving around your neck slowly decapitating you...it makes me ask - WHERE CAN I BUY AN AK FORTY SEVEN AND A TON OF AMMO?

Muslim don't have a good reputation because of what goes on in the Middle East. How could a Muslim be president of the United States when their beliefs are so different from ours. They give women no rights even when they move here women are still wearing head scarfs. A Muslim will never be president of this country so it is silly to even discuss it. If that's what Dr. Carson believes then in this country you are free to say it. That's what is going wrong in this country if you don't agree with others you are wrong or a bigot or a racist. We have freedom of speech here if you don't like it than move to the Middle East for there is only one way of thinking there.

These are just a few of the random comments taken from the Yahoo site. Some are poorly written, some are strident and some are just plain hard to take or read but one thing was clear, if one in thirty took the view Yahoo took and tried to push in its article and headline that would have been a lot. By and large the people disagreed with what they hold to be the “BIAS” in the media.

Let’s take another example. This time from an international issue – the admittance of millions of Middle-East and African migrants into Europe. Every day, thousands are fleeing their own countries to move into Western Nations that will have them. Many countries have been putting up barriers to prevent them from coming in. The migrants have responded with violence against the very countries they seek refuge in - throwing bottles and rocks at police and refusing to register in entry countries per the EU rules.

Despite this demonstration of their unwillingness to abide by the rules - (headline from Tuesday this week - , Migrants scuffle with Croatian police; EU to hold talks) - the Media plays up the “poor refugees with children,” angle. Or the “Christian Duty” guilt. (This one is particularly hard to take since its well documented that these same people persecuted Christians in their Muslim homelands and are unwanted by their neighboring Muslim nations.)

Here are some of the responses to an article that decried these efforts by small eastern European countries to police their borders. The Headlines, by and large, were critical of them, like “Other Nations Feel Hungary Overly Harsh” or “Migrants Trapped in No Man’s Land As Nations Deny them Entry.” There were literally hundreds of articles like this appearing over the last month from sources all over the globe, including French news agency, AFP, Britain’s BBC and, of course, American sources like Huffington Post, Salon, Reuters and the AP.


John Silvis ·

Winona State University

Stop calling them Refugees!! Once again the media is framing this in politically correct terms which means reason and the big picture perspective are not allowed. They are invaders taking their religion of death into Europe. God bless Hungary, defenders of innocents and sanity.

Wilhelm Sack

Send them all home...

Stephen Donaldson ·

Works at Self-Employed

Obviously you feel for the refugees, but that doesn't mean they have a "right" in invade a foreign country. I don't blame hungry at all. It is time for the UN to create a camp to house them near their own country. IT is time we put a stop to ISIS and have these people return home.

Jeffrey Novick ·

Scottsdale, Arizona

A majority of these "refugee's" are military aged men who should be back in their home countries fighting for its freedom, if they flee their home countries there is no way they will fight for any other country they migrate too.

Ken Plowman

“We fled wars and violence and did not expect such brutality and inhumane treatment in Europe,” said Amir Hassan, the world owes you NOTHING, do not attempt to villainize the world because you have chosen to flee from your obligation to fight back for your own country

In addition to the most recent scuffling in Croatia, it has been widely reported that migrants have torn down and fought with police at the Hungarian border to avoid registration there, and similarly have skirmished with police and authorities in Macedonia, Greece, and Serbia. In addition, France has been forced to call in helicopters and personnel on those who have climbed on trains, trucks, and who have disrupted public transportation in a bid to cross over from France to England at the entrance to the tunnel connecting those two countries under the English Channel.

EXAMPLE III – comments addressing this point:

Brianne 1 hour ago

Funny how they cause scuffles wherever they go but no it's not their fault there the victims it has to be the police and immigration officials fault. Give me a break each and every one of these scuffles happened because the police and immigration officers were doing their job checking paperwork because if you come from outside the Schengen zone they have a right to which most DON'T have on purpose so they can claim whatever they want and trying to register them which is the law but they don't want to stay in a poor EU country so they break asylum law until they get to the ones with the best benefits. Forcing the locals to clean up there mess and attacking officials who won't be submissive to their wishes. Frankly as an EU citizen I find it funny that the majority of these immigrants are able bodied men who wouldn't fight for there homeland but will fight everyone they have to the get to the benefits of the countries on the other side of Hungary and Croatia.

JAMES 14 minutes ago

It will take the geniuses in Brussels months to figure out what to do with 120,000, meanwhile during that time 2 million more barbarians are at the gate. This is all Merkel's fault. She said that she would take in 500,000 a year for eternity, and now she wants her borders closed. Airlift them all into Germany. Flood this liberal, idiot country with millions of Christian hating Muslims. We are watching an entire Nation commit suicide, and try to make their neighbors join them.

Scortch Dearth 11 minutes ago

Fleeing poverty in search of better lives is not a legitimate excuse for claiming refugee status.

These are infiltrators, engaging in a "soft Jihad" where they may not be carrying weapons, but they are invading sovereign territory, nonetheless. They are currently establishing caliphates (like the Birmingham Caliphate in Britain, where the police do not enter & Sharia law prevails), from which they will bring in their friends and families (legally or not) & spread out, infecting all of Europe with their hideous presence.

Stop them NOW, or give up without firing a shot, it's up to you, Euro brothers.

Sammy755 1 hour ago

Amazing how these Muslim illegal aliens are too cowardly to fight for their own freedoms in their own nations and yet wish to force their way into someone else's country. It was reported yesterday that 1,000 illegals threatened to thrown their children into the sea if they were not admitted to Italy....what is the point of saving or even helping these parasites....

Globalist traitors obviously twisted Merkel's arm into opening the floodgates for Economic Invaders.

No leader of any country is that demented to toss thousands of years history, culture, standard of living down the crapper for invaders who will never assimilate.

abc 13 minutes ago

Enough already. Pick up arms and fight to take back your own country. These people fleeing are not refuges they are cowards.

rick 14 minutes ago

The Muslim invasion continues and they are doing it without weapons. Europe is just surrendering.

EXAMPLE IV: Some last minute selections from Yahoo:

JAMES 9 minutes ago

As a US Citizen I demand that the EU take in at least 100,000 Mexicans a year from our country. We are being overwhelmed, thanks to a Muslim, black racist President that you Europeans adored. These people need a home and Europe must help the US! Please tell us quickly your commitment so we can begin, for humanitarian reasons, shipping them to you.

Bottom of Form

Example V – An article relating to the American border with comments following:


Border Patrol: Family, kid arrests at border soar 52 percent

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Border Patrol arrested nearly 10,000 unaccompanied immigrant children and families caught illegally crossing the border with Mexico in August, a 52 percent jump from August 2014, according to statistics published by the agency Monday afternoon.

Susan 1 hour ago

You would think that on yahoo which is the only major liberal junk outlet which allows comments on their 100% support for these invaders would have at least a 10% support from their readers. They don't.

Darren C 29 minutes ago

The U.S. must secure the Mexican border and start deporting illegals A.S.A.P.

M 15 minutes ago

It's a complete invasion in the US too. They are all coming over the Mexican border but not all Mexican. Central American and South American too.

Our FINAL EXAMPLE comes from an article about Islam in Europe that “favored” the German approach to allowing more migrants, not less, into Europe.

It's incredible how stupid the Germans are.
Can they not see that it's an INVASION?

wtngent 45 minutes ago

The people see it, but the government chooses to remain blind to that fact.

Spac3nerd 31 minutes ago

The German government and ruling elite has long suppressed the masses by drowning them in consumer products, mass media and prostitution. The average German, or rather the average Westerner for that matter, thinks exactly what he is told to think.

Michael 24 minutes ago

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. German's enemy is Israel. The enemy of the immigrants is Israel. so . . .

George 10 minutes ago

There is a very peculiar arrogance among Europeans, shared with American liberal progressives, that third-world peoples emigrating to their countries will be so enthralled with the generosity of those countries that they will strive to assimilate and become like their hosts. Despite decades of evidence to the contrary, "the dream" persists. So, today, Europe commits cultural, religious and economic suicide by importing the pathologies of the Islamic Middle East, into their homes.

The Neo-Marxist Progressive Liberal Aristocracy probably think that Islam will welcome a position of servitude, after all the welfare addicted whites loved it. The welfare addicted whites and others were "prepped" and conditioned by Far-Leftist mind control. Islam, however, loves killing Leftists and getting rid of the competition, because Islam itself has its own "mind control" program it refuses to allow contaminated by Leftist clap trap viruses.
The regular people currently have no defense against the Liberal Progressive Leftist plague virus or the Islamic Jihad plague virus.
Also, Islam wants slaves only. When they invade they do not kill everyone, but just trouble makers. They want to tax and live off the host. Essentially parasitic the religion teaches superiority to make this seem normal. It is feudal, thrives on violence and ignorance and sets up like warlord kingdoms with a top strongman. It made sense in the sixth century for a political and economic system that wanted converts but in this century it is a deadly clash of civilizations.

Sun Bay Wrap-Up

In conclusion, we admit this was a long article and used many varying sources in what seems to be somewhat haphazard, but this is part of the point. People from all over the globe are engaged with finding the truth that best works for them. It may be an inconvenient truth to those in the media who work overtime to present their particular “bias” as the gospel, but it is clear the people are making their voices heard and they are not in lock-step with those who profess to hold the keys to our world.

Bias in the Media – you be the judge.

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