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Thursday, 10 December 2015 10:08

Thus, No Member of the Commonwealth Can Have a Hereditary Privilege as Against His Fellow-Subjects

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Thus no member of the commonwealth can have a hereditary privilege as against his fellow-subjects; and no-one can hand down to his descendants the privileges attached to the rank he occupies in the commonwealth, nor act as if he were qualified as a ruler by birth and forcibly prevent others from reach¬ing the higher levels of the hierarchy through their own merit. He may hand down everything else, so long as it is material and not pertaining to his person, for it may be acquired and disposed of as property and may over a series of generations create considerable inequalities in wealth among the mem¬bers of the commonwealth. But he may not prevent his sub¬ordinates from raising themselves to his own level if they are able and entitled to do so by their talent, industry and good fortune. If this were not so, he would be allowed to practice coercion without himself being subject to coercive counter-measures from others, and would thus be more than their fellows.

Emmanuel Kant

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