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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 13:23

If I Were Donald Trump

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The Trump 101 version of protecting the American Public by banning Muslims was not very well thought out.

If I were The Donald here is how I would put it:

“ My dear fellow American, over the past several years , beginning in 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed by Muslim extremists, we have been subjected to many attacks by Muslim extremist who wish to destroy us and our civilization. I do not need to repeat what happened on September 11, 2011 when over 3,000 American citizens were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

However, we should not blame the religion of Islam or blame all Muslims.

The religion of Islam is defined and articulated in three sets of scriptures: the Koran, the hadiths which are records of the words and actions of Muhammad, the founder of Islam and the siras which are the biographies of Muhammad. There are a huge number of narratives promoting murder, robberies, pedophelia, oppression of women and non-Muslims in these books. Muhammad himself participated in the murders, robberies,pedophilic acts and worse. But our Judeo-Christian scriptures, in particular the Old Testament are not innocent books. I would therefore not touch the issue of whether Islam is a good or an evil faith because we ourselves live in glass houses and should not throw stones.

Now what about Muslims? There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and of these 3 million live in the United States. According to generally accepted polls, such as by Pew Research, only 15% of Muslims or 450,000 Muslims living in the United States either are actively involved in Islamic terrorism or support Islamic terrorism thru financial donations or moral support. That leaves 2,550,000 Muslims in America who are law abiding who would never think of committing violent acts. And we must not therefore blame all Muslims.

So we must not attack either Islam or Muslims when we speak or write. But we must do anything that is needed to keep Americans safe.

The 450,000 violent or potentially violent Muslims in America are a veritable army and these Muslims are embedded in every Muslim community in the United States and they on the surface live very quiet and ordinary lives. It is very difficult, as a matter of fact impossible, to know who they are and where they live until they strike and kill innocent Americans. The Muslim couple that murdered 14 Americans in San Bernardino lived pious and quiet lives and even had a six month old child. Who would have thought that they would go this rampage?

But that should not stop us from protecting ourselves by ferreting out the violent Muslims living amongst us, deporting them if they were not born here and banning the entry of Muslims into the United States except for Muslims who are already citizens of the United States.

We need to whatever is necessary and , if I am elected President, I will work with the Congress to pass immediately legislation that would include the following first steps.

1. Immediately ban the entry of citizens of countries that are known and confirmed to have large groups of people that are Islamic terrorists. These will include a first tier: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, and Somalia. The ban will be reviewed 5 years and a decision made as to whether to let citizens of these countries into the United States. This ban will reduce, in my estimation, the probability for future terror acts by a significant percentage, perhaps as high as 95%.

2. The Immigration and Naturalization department will be instructed to put in place stringent regulations and checks before allowing the citizens of these countries before they are let in: UK, France, the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria and Italy as they have sizeable number of immigrant and natural born Muslim individuals. The no-visa regulation for the citizens of these countries will be immediately shelved.

3. The Immigration and Naturalization department will be instructed to put in place stringent regulations before allowing the citizens of these countries before they are let in: Malaysia, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, all the Gulf States such as Bahrain and Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Russia. Any no-visa regulations for the citizens of these countries will be immediately shelved. Note that the Muslim country, Turkey, is not on the list because there is very little terrost movement in Turkey.

4. All Muslim citizens and members of their family living in the United States will be required to register themselves with the FBI and they will prohibited from owning devices such as guns or any other device that could be used kill innocent Americans. If they are ever found to violate this restriction and if they were not born here they will be immediately deported and all their visas including citizenship will be permanently cancelled.

5. All existing mosques will be required to get approval for their Friday sermons in advance from the local police authorities before they are delivered.

6. There will be 10 year ban on the construction of all new mosques and the the ban will be reviewed at the end of this period.

I wish to emphasize that Muslims, most of them, are wonderful people. But I have to do what I have to do to protect my American brothers and sister who have been repeatedly subjected to violence by a minority of Muslims.

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