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Friday, 01 April 2016 11:34

Trump Has Exposed the Corruption in Party

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Donald Trump has done more to expose the plutocrats hiding behind the Republican Curtain than any Democrat ever could.
He called out George W Bush on his 9/11 negligence and his bogus invasion of Iraq that cost thousands of lives and trillions in treasure, and accomplished nothing except to destabilize the Middle East of decades, radicalize millions to hate America, and make his crony corporate capitalist chums ever more wealthy.

He has spoken of the economic decimation that job off-shoring, H1B visas, and illegal immigration has brought the American middle-class.

He has exposed the bigoted hateful nature of the Republican Party Base to the point that it can no longer be shoved under the rug.

He has exposed FOX News for the biased drivel spewing factory that it is.

He has recently softened his stance on global warming, sworn to protect Social Security and Medicare, and stated he will not let Americans die in the street because of no healthcare.

All improvements over the establishment Republicans and also the very reasons the corporate-owned establishment Republicans like Romney and Kristol hate him.

Tom Bondurant

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