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Monday, 28 December 2015 15:06

The World Doesn't Owe These People Anything

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I read a liberal politician commenting on why we should take in Syrians and other migrants. He stressed that "demonizing and scapegoating these people based on their religion, ethnicity or country of origin has no place in the 21st century."

How about demonizing these people for being ungrateful to host countries, for demanding more accommodations, disrespecting host countries' laws, for bringing an increase in rape and assault, terrorism, hatred for the West, for forcing changes in host counties' culture, depleting welfare coffers, refusing to eat food or to accept sleeping arrangements given to them because the items weren't up to their standards, mocking host countries' citizens, organizing mob attacks against police including breaking down barricades, throwing rocks, out running police, picking and choosing which country in which to claim asylum based on how much $ they will receive, only to change their minds and go back to their country of origin when they realize they won't get as much $ as they thought?

The world doesn't owe these people anything.

Julia Bondurant

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