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Monday, 28 December 2015 15:12

Pay Attention to What is Really Going On

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With regards to all the articles about migrants, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, I find it so funny how they always just put pictures of women and children just like the global warming articles always have to have a picture of a smokestack it's like look at this smokestack its big it’s scary and it's dirty!!!! Give us your money!!! But they never show the pictures of the men holding signs that says open or die or what about the men that were holding the signs convert to Islam or be killed. Or what about the men in Germany that were walking around in orange jackets that said Sharia law enforcement on the back the men were arrested then let go and told they could do that. What about these immigrants raping women what about them robbing people what about them defecating and urinating in people's yards on the sidewalks in in people's gardens... what about Muslim man refuses to be treated by female medical staff what about them and insulting and physically abusing medical staff? What about them complaining that they do not get enough free stuff and that they want bigger TVs and faster Internet. What about these people telling the natives of these countries that Islam is going to take over the world? If you're strictly paying attention to mainstream media you are absolutely going to love these undercover terrorists but if you actually pay attention to what's really going on through alternative media stations that actually report the truth you will begin to hate them as much as I do.

Roger Huggins
Online Reader

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