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Monday, 28 December 2015 15:15

One Reason the Middle Class is Dwindling

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I had a friend who just graduated with a law degree who can't find a job and he's been looking for over two years. He borrowed over $140,000.00 to get his degree. To me he is just another victim in the snow job of the higher education cartel. There is lots of money in the government giving loans to anyone who can fog a mirror to go into unforgivable debt to chase after the American Dream. We just went below 50 percent of the adult population recognized as being in the middle-class. In the 70s it was over 60 percent. Think about America in the 70s. Most households were headed by a single wage earner and women were just starting to enter the workforce in mass. College was affordable for those who attended and the degree paid off in a higher standard of living. Look where we are now. Young people need to ask themselves if it is worth chasing shadows. There will be no relief for this type of debt, because the system is set-up to screw people over. If you manage to make it into the middle-class you now have Obamacare to deal with. It will bleed you dry from one side, while student loan debt bleeds you from the other. How did we get into this situation? It must have been very carefully planned by those more powerful than you.

Ed Swengel

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