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Saturday, 03 September 2016 08:45

Letters To The Editor

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Hello Sun Bay Letters Editor.
I found this opinion piece that sheds some interesting light on the alternative
darling of the Democratic Party - Bernie Saunders. I am hoping you
will reprint it...................
No, Bernie Sanders is not a sellout — but it is pretty amusing that the nation’s
most prominent socialist just bought a third home.
There are no grounds for suspicion: Bernie is a kook, not a crook. It
seems an inheritance for wife Jane allowed the Sanders family to buy a
$600,000 summer house in North Hero, Vt., an area they’ve long loved.
The four-bedroom crib faces 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront; the
couple will use it mainly in the summer, spending most of their time at
their Capitol Hill rowhouse and another home in New North End, Vt.
The Sanders’ income from the Senate, Social Security and various small
investments is a bit over $200,000, enough to put them in the top 4 percent
— still safely out of 1 percent territory. Estimates of their wealth had
been around $500,000 before Jane’s windfall.
Call it the result of a life of modest living, albeit in decades on the government
payroll: It’s still proof that even a fervid socialist can do OK in a
nation he insists is dominated by the super-rich.
For all that his own success belies his political views, here’s hoping
Sanders enjoys the beach.
Ed Note: Thank you. Interesting submission. We have identified it as New York
Post editorial board piece. It is insightful.
The front page Sun Bay paper of Aug. 10 appeared to have a news article
about Clean Water, but after subjecting myself to the lengthy read, it
turned out to be more of a letter to the Editor, written by a former Beach
newspaper owner, Carl Conley. It appears on pg. 13 that Mr. Conley still
holds some personal animosity toward the incumbent commissioner,
Larry Kiker, whose name was even misspelled on his front page picture.
The entire article makes slanderous allegations against Commissioner
Kiker but is short on offering factual proofs. The exaltation of Kiker’s
opponent, Dick Anderson, (also spelled “Andersen” throughout Mr. Conley’s
letter) likewise fails to list credentials showing him to be qualified
to handle the many and varied responsibilities of the office of County
Commissioner, such as budget preparation experience. Perhaps you don’t
care about the quality of material you print with soybean oil and recycled
paper, but the people deserve better news based on facts and not political
opinion starting on the front page of a “news” paper!
Sincerely, Leon Moyer.
Ed. Note: Thank you for you letter. We appreciate all replies to material featured
in The Sun Bay Paper. We could like to note that Mr. Anderson has years of experience
working in government including writing comprehensive provisions for Lee
Country that helped maintain our environment. That information appeared in an
earlier Sun Bay article, We also note that Mr. Kiker, who is well known to this
newspaper, was a boat captain before entering the political arena and cannot boast
of the "budget preparation experience" you tout. Furthermore, Mr. Conley - who
was indeed the founder, Editor and Publisher of the Island Sand Paper for over ten
years not only knows Commissioner Kiker personally but actually endorsed him
during his first attempt to win public office as a beach councilman. Mr. Kiker
sought Mr. Conley's endorsement at the time and did go on to win the election.
Conley supported Kiker until Kiker's policies made in impossible for the Editor to
do so. In the last election - and a pattern being repeated in this one - Kiker is
backed by considerable money funneled to his benefit by Big Sugar and others
bent on using public resources at taxpayer expense both in terms of fiscal responsibility
and environmental stewardship. Kiker is very pro-development and has
been embroiled in controversy since becoming Commissioner. Many on the Beach
remember his opposition to our Beach Library and his submission to the proposed
development of Grand Resorts which fortunately was stopped by a concerted effort
of informed Beach residents. Many are attracted to power and Kiker holds
some of the reins at this time but that does not make good policy nor make those

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