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Friday, 17 January 2020 07:47

Comparing Watergate To Trumps Impeachment

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To the Editor,

People keep comparing Watergate to Trumps impeachment. Really?

Nixon had agents break into a hotel room to steal documents. Trump attempted to resurrect an investigation into a case of national crime (alleged crime because there are no laws against having your son hired by foreign companies ..... but there should be!) that borders on the edge of espionage and election meddling.(The Steele Dossier). Biden actually bragged about having the prosecuting attorney of Ukraine fired or else funding would be held back and this is what they impeaching Trump for?

Also, I would think surveilling a candidate of the opposing Republican Party during an election while your former Secretary of State is running for President in the Democratic Party is closer to Watergate than Trump investigating corruption in Ukraine

Georgie ‘Hughie’ Braden

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