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Friday, 26 January 2018 07:38

The Right Side: FISA- What Is It and What’s The Big Deal? Featured

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Several years ago, before Trump, I wrote that you should not be surprised when you start hearing about all the illegal things that Obama and his band of thieves did during his tenure in the White House, after he’s out…he ran it like a Racketeering Operation, NOT a Presidency!

But even I am surprised, at how corrupt he made the FBI! In my 28 years, I knew 1 Agent who broke the oath of trust and honor and couldn’t believe he could do that! Now, here’s a whole team of Assistant Directors, DOJ Attorneys…sort of an underground Black Ops! Where’s the head of the snake…(a) Comey, (b)Lynch, (c)Holder, (d)Obama (e) Hillary or (f) all of the above?

Stay tuned for the answers which are soon to come!

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA, was created in 1978 and is intended to improve the ability of the U S Intelligence Agencies to intercept “Foreign” Actors and foreign agencies, committing or believed to be committing illegal acts against the USA.

Remember, our 4th Amendment prohibits illegal Search and Seizure against “US Citizens” and the only way to intercept a citizen’s private conversations is with a Title 3 warrant issued by a duly appointed Federal Judge based upon Probable Cause!

FISA deals with overhears of “Foreigners” and Title 3 pertains to US Citizens but BOTH MUST protect our Constitutional Rights to privacy under our Constitution!

So what happens if the FISA wire picks up a conversation, email, FAX, etc between a foreigner and a citizen? That’s a very big problem that could be a very complicated problem that is covered by rules and regulations that I am not privy too as they are complex, some are classified and I have no experience with the FISA court. I do have experience with Title 3 Applications and have participated in several. Understand this, the entire FISA Court, proceedings, processes and pretty much EVERYTHING about it, is Secret; the FISA court is in a secret location, in a secure, sound proof room that is presumably guarded 24/7. The FISA judges are appointed without House or Senate approval! The reasons for the security are National Security and the 4th Amendment! “ALL” Wire Taps are a very big deal, legally; from a procedure point of view and most importantly, from a Constitutional Right against illegal search and seizure and the citizens Rights to Privacy!

So let’s say that a US citizen is overheard speaking to a KGB agent Comrade Putin. The assumption is made that the overhear is through a legal, FISA wire on Comrade Putin and until proven otherwise, the citizen is “innocent” and their identity must be protected, not shared in any disseminations and follow certain rules and regulations regarding who is entitled to know the citizen’s identity and who can release or “unmask” the identity. Violation of ANY unmasking rules, dissemination rules or FISA Rules allows for severe penalties! It would be in line with arresting someone with no Probable Cause for a warrant or not allowing legal representation, in other words, it is a serious violation of citizens Constitutional Rights!!!

There are BOTH criminal and civil penalties for violating the Regulations!!! People can lose their houses, pensions, savings accounts and the Federal Government or municipalities CANNOT pay punitive damaged!!!

Up until the very end of Obama’s tenure as President there was only a “handful” of people who were allowed to be cognizant of this information HOWEVER, just before President Trump was sworn in, Obama, by Executive Orders allowed the dissemination of this information to almost all Federal Agencies thereby compromising the heretofore security that was afforded by law to the FISA wiretaps. Everyone wondered… why would Obama do that? The reasons are coming to light and it’s not for legitimate reasons!

Now let’s say a corrupt “lawman” or prosecutor fabricated evidence, to obtain EITHER a Title 3 or FISA warrant. Unfortunately fabrication or altering evidence has happened … it happened multiple times during Obama’s corrupt administration. During AG Eric Holder’s tenure, MANY of his Assistant AG’s were held in Contempt of Federal Courts in, Missouri, New Orleans, and Texas for Tampering with Evidence, Tampering with Witnesses , Fabrication of Evidence ,Violating Court Orders and Obstruction! Several were banned from appearing before 23 different Federal Court Districts! What did Obama/Holder do about such serious offenses alleged by Federal Judges in 3 different jurisdictions?? Nothing… after all Holder was himself the first AG in our countries history to be held in Contempt of Congress! So he fit right in with his band of criminal Deputy AGs!
If what we are hearing is true about faulty dossiers being used as PC for FISA warrants, resulting in illegal overhears of US citizens and if numerous lawmen/women and prosecutors, conspired together to alter a Federal Presidential election…this will become the biggest scandal in our country’s history! None of those involved from the highest office to the lowest appointee will escape unscathed!!! That I can promise! How? Because we now have a law and order President who believes in our Rule of Law and he will do whatever it takes to bring ALL…each and every one, to Justice!

Now if, as I suspect, Obama put in place a plan to win Hillary the election, by using all his “Black Ops”, to discredit Trump, create allegations of “Russian Collusion”, allege Obstruction of Justice by the firing of Comey… using ANY info from a FISA warrant based upon a flawed Fusion GPS dossier where a DOJ attorney ,1 door down from the AG, has a wife working for Fusion GPS involving the conspiring with other the players…many people are going to jail.

*Who would benefit by candidate Trump being destroyed by the left?

*Why would someone do that?

*What did Hillary have to gain?

*What did Obama have to gain?

They are both easy to answer questions aren’t they? In Obama case, all his work to “change” America will go down the crapper with a President Trump but NOT with a President Hillary? Hmm!

Who’s going to jail?

This is why I wrote that President Trump needed to appoint a former “retired , older FBI Agent”, as Director because of all the suspected corruption, starting with former Director Comey! Director Wray may be a good ,smart man but he has NO experience as an Agent ,does not know the UNIQUE Rules and Regulations pertaining to being an Agent, does not know the “street Rules” of Miranda warnings, interview rules and the “why” these rules were made and how important they are. That ONLY comes from working important, major, criminal investigations and running into “VIP” subjects, both real and self imagined! These “hot shot” Agents (ADICs), broke every rule in the book for Hillary and the question is, “WHY”? The things they did, that retired Agents like me, who are “out of the loop”, outsiders now, could tell just from the information that is available to the public, that the FIX was in, and I mean …LONG before Comey rendered his illegal prosecutive option to the WHY?!

The answer is that we need a MAJOR RICO CASE, investigation, that must be conducted by FBI Agents ,current and former, brought back to help, handpicked by the President with help from people like former ADIC, Jim Kalstrom under a new DOJ prosecutor (NOT a Special Prosecutor) and a purpose centered Grand Jury with a new Assistant Deputy AG to replace Rosenstein, again, handpicked by the president! This way the President’s duty and responsibility to keep that investigation, honest, unbiased and on the straight and narrow can’t be challenged by a Special Prosecutor who thinks he has a Constitutional exception to being unbiased and is not controlled by the President or DOJ!

Director Wray, in the least, should immediately suspend all the FBI personnel involved in the Clinton email/Trump Election matters that are in question! He should open an “administrative” investigation and every one including McCabe, Strzok, Strzok’s girlfriend ordered to take a lie detector…fired if they refuse and subpoenaed before the Grand Jury while search Warrants are executed on their residences!

Employee refusals may be immediate grounds for dismissal and subsequent criminal charges.

It’s “let’s make a deal time” boys and girls…who’s in?

The NEW Director Wray needs to understand that FBI Agents CANNOT do what these people did, period. I don’t care what Wray’s personal opinion is, or that McCabe will lose his $150K pension and benefits…
READ the AGENT’s Manual of do’s and don’ts!!! McCabe’s time to be sorry and beg forgiveness is LONG gone!

The damage a half dozen people did to the decades old reputation of the FBI for Fidelity Bravery and Integrity has been destroyed by a handful!
That is is unforgivable…six or so people who were NEVER real Agents!

NOW WE UNDERSTAND WHY THESE “PEOPLE” WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP GONE…but I believe the cat is out of the bag and it’s way too late!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

J Gary DiLaura
(Retired, Extremely Dangerous)

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