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Andy McCabe was the 1st Assistant to the FBI Director, James Comey and he ran the FBI when Comey wasn’t available and would/should have been cognizant of most everything FBI Director Comey knew, so he could step in, if needed. So let’s agree that he knew that the former Secretary of State was the “Subject” of an FBI criminal investigation, by definition. The FBI doesn’t do “matter” investigations, nor noncriminal (except background investigations on applicants, appointments), and by definition…an investigation always has subject(s) who are the individuals being investigated! AND HQ never investigates anything. The FBI Field Office in DC, WFO, covers all HQ leads! Without subjects, there is no case! We don’t investigate empty space, only people… some with empty space between their ears!

There are MANY “things” that McCabe said and did that would make a normal Citizen believe that McCabe violated several Federal Laws. I personally doubt that you will find ANY retired, informed, experienced Criminal FBI Agents who would believe that McCabe should NOT be charged for his crimes! For example, he said under oath that he leaked information to the press about current investigations and then lied about leaking under oath, to Congress…he said he was ordered to do that by Comey…Comey said ,”Oh boy, oh no”. So what to do? How about a Grand Jury investigation and a trial, that’s why we have such things and, oh yes, Laws, that one is against Perjury.
Allow me to go on….McCabe, according to him, was in charge of the Hillary Clinton investigations; then who made Headquarters (HQ) the Office of Origin (OO) and deleted her name from the Title as, “Subject”?

Remember, FBI Headquarters does not have an investigative staff, that’s why only FBI Field Offices are EVER named OO. That’s so very important because whoever did that was attempting to micro-manage the Clinton cases and distance/remove Clinton from criminal responsibility for her actions. In my opinion, that was Comey’s call, to micro-manage the cases…there’s no other plausible reason. That’s Obstruction of Justice in a pending Prosecutorial proceeding. The Field ALWAYS investigates and HQ ALWAYS second guesses. That’s what HQ does best!
Both the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and FBI Rules apply differently to Subjects and NON-Subjects…to treat a Subject as a Non subject demands different Rules and Laws. Non- subjects are not generally given their rights…subjects mostly are. If you screw up and DON’T tell a Subject their Rights, you could easily get the case thrown out for not giving a “Subject”, their rights, Due Process.. Did Strzok tell her, her rights? I’m sure …NOT! It’s okay, because she didn’t say anything incriminating …or did she…did she lie to Strzok? Is that lie admissible? Ask the expert Strzok or his boss McCabe. Shouldn’t we have Grand Jury testimony to see who will lie on that one? Or does the District of Columbia US Attorney not believe a conspiracy with overt acts to swing a Presidential election or over throw the Presidency, is important enough to thoroughly investigate and then INDICT? Also, when Hillary kept saying, “I am not the “subject” of an FBI investigation,” I knew something was amiss! She had to have inside information and I thought, from AG Lynch…wrong…it was ,in my opinion, FBI Comey, the snake.
Both or all 3 or 4 or however many there were trying to overthrow our government, must be, not important enough. We did spend $35 million on Mueller’s Special investigation, which proved the whole investigation was a fabrication to overthrow our Rule of Law.…why not a few million on an investigation, where there is evidence of corruption, to see which one; McCabe, Strzok, Comey lied under oath…they all did…but they DECLINE prosecution…?

McCabe and Strzok directed that investigation to intentionally disrupt/corrupt the prosecution and corrupt the evidence…were they directed by Comey or operating on their own? Mr Barr, you claim you know Comey well, which is it…I know and never met the man. Why isn’t a Grand Jury investigation working to get to the bottom or isn’t it important to find out who committed Conspiracy to commit Treason?

According to all FBI policy, nobody is allowed in the interview room of a subject (let there be no doubt, Hillary was the Subject) especially her Attorney(s), another potential Subject (Cheryl Mills) or a witness (Cheryl Mills). So who allowed that? Before any lawyer gets into an interview with his client there must be a proffer, immunity agreement and GJ testimony to what the client/subject will testify, no exceptions, unless you never did an interview before!
Who allowed her to get away with saying she was never trained on the handling of classified information? Are you suggesting neither Strzok, or McCabe or Comey knew that paragraph #2 in Hillary’s NDA clearly states, she had training!


McCabe ,Strzok and Comey and others worked together to open a fraudulent Russian Intel case against the President, using the Steele Dossier and used it to obtain a FISA wiretap on the President’s campaign, Carter Page and to get Page to flip against and testify against the President. Comey admitted he leaked info to get the Special Counsel, Mueller Appointed, why… to ILLEGALY remove the freaking President of the United States! What is wrong with you? Can’t you recognize a Conspiracy when it hits you in the head?

Or… are they all Obama holdovers? AG Barr, why in the world would you allow this to go to the DC Circuit? Have you not heard your boss talk about the Washington Swamp…what the hell do you think he’s talking about?

Right after Mr Trump won, I wrote several columns strongly recommending that he fire/replace EVERY single Obama appointee, without exception, , starting with DOJ. Eric Holder totally corrupted DOJ ,was a militant and in my opinion a Racist, he hates whites, lawman in particular ! I specifically recommended, that he fire Sally Yates! He didn’t listen and he has paid the price over and over and over… IT’S NOT TOO LATE Mr President. Fire all Obama DOJ appointee holdovers, starting with the Civil Rights Division…period!

So McCabe was in the middle of; an investigation that turned out to be a direct attempt to clear Hillary Clinton and prevent Trump from winning (directing a Presidential election) and if he won…getting an insurance policy to remove him; he was a driving force to illegally, wiretap US citizens and the Republican Party Campaign; He signed ,under oath, to a FISA warrant…he chose the FISA warrant as there is no requirement that there be a crime, no PC required…only prove that a US Citizen is a Foreign Agent…which he lied to do. That’s why the FISA LAW prohibits US Law enforcement from wiretapping Citizens…to prevent corrupt people like McCabe,from wiretapping innocent Americans!

McCabe also, himself, tampered with evidence, violated Chain of Custody Rules of Evidence and hid incriminating evidence found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.
So please tell us Mr Barr, what exactly does it take? They jailed Flynn, Stone, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and others for “passing gas on an elevator and lying about it” . McCabe is a guy who is guilty of Treason by any definition and the WDC USA declines? I thought you supervised DOJ…maybe it is time for you to pay closer attention to his tweets instead of whining about them!
How about, how and why Mrs Wiener, Huma Abedine, took a flash drive with State communications home and downloaded them to her ex-con, husband’s computer, and called the file, “Just In Case”?? Why isn’t Abedine under Indictment?

McCabe signed a FISA wiretap warrant before God and Country and swore , to the best of his ability, that the information contained therein is true and correct…”SO HELP ME GOD”.

If any of you believe McCabe didn’t know, didn’t have intent, you have no business being paid prosecutors…you belong on the other side and you are all a disgrace to this country!


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I hate to say it, but I told you so. This was a no-brainer. Anyone with common sense could see it coming from 1,000 miles away. Mike Bloomberg is the Titanic-Hindenburg-"Poseidon Adventure" of the Democratic Party.

For weeks, I've said Bloomberg is the worst public speaker ever. He's boring, whiny, elitist, arrogant, stuck-up and thoroughly unlikeable. Plus, he's really, really short. But "Mini Mike" beat even my low expectations during the Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

But give Bloomberg credit. He just set an all-time record. He's the first gambler in history to lose $350 million in one night in Vegas!

My observations after watching every minute of the debate:

I have a new nickname for Bloomberg. I think President Donald Trump will love it. From now on, call him "Nondisclosure Mike." That's the end of Bloomberg.

By the way, that was the worst debate performance ever. Can you imagine? Bloomberg didn't know his presidential rivals would ask about all his former female employees' lawsuits and their nondisclosure agreements? That question never came up in debate preparation?

And no one ever bothered to ensure he had a good response? A guy worth $65 billion didn't know it wouldn't be received well by liberal feminists if he answered that the nondisclosures are for "the women's protection." Really?

Wait; it gets better. Nondisclosure Mike also claimed that none of these women was harassed by him. They were just offended by "a joke." Oh, boy. Clueless Bloomberg doesn't understand that radical feminists think a sexist joke by a wealthy white male should be punishable by death.


Well, he does now.


Enough about Bloomberg. I didn't come to bury Bloomberg. He already did that himself. (The lines about Bloomberg just write themselves.)

The other biggest loser of the night was socialism -- not on that debate stage and not among that audience but among the rest of America. Democrats have painted themselves (and isolated themselves) on an island: Communist Island. They look like crazy people. I have the perfect island for them: Cuba. They'll feel right at home.

Then there's the Culinary Union Local 226. It was a big star of "the Night of 1,000 Losers," too. Everyone was focused on union members angry at the thought of losing their hard-fought health care benefits in a "Medicare for All" system. Welcome to my world.

When President Barack Obama wrecked the finances of millions of middle-class Americans and small-business owners, the union couldn't have cared less. When my rates went from $500 per month to $2,000 because of "Obamacare," the union couldn't have cared less. Labor leaders have proven to be the worst greedy, selfish hypocrites of all time.

Oh, and the big winner of the night? That's easy. President Trump.

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The Future of Diabetes Care Is Here (And It’s Affordable)

Although we are still many years away from the artificial pancreas, technology does make it easier to live with diabetes. From apps that can help you make healthy food decisions to continuous glucose monitoring devices, science and technology are on your side. And the best part is that new advances are being made every day, pushing costs down. Here are a few of the best and most affordable technological breakthroughs that can help you bring your diabetes management into the digital age.

Smart Devices

Weight alone cannot help you see the big picture of your health, and a standard scale won’t give you anything other than a number. But, smart scales are different. These are devices that measure not only your weight but analyze body fat. Using a smart scale, you’ll know everything from your BMI to how much water you’re carrying around your waist.

Another connected tool that can be beneficial for diabetes patients is a fitness tracker. Your doctor has likely already discussed with you the importance of exercise. A wearable activity monitor can serve as a reminder to get up and go and motivation on the days you really don’t want to.

This type of technology, however, is not covered by insurance. That does not mean that you can’t afford the items you need to improve your health. You can use sites like Rakuten to find the best deals at big-box stores like Target. With a Target coupon code and cashback opportunities, you can save on everything from fitness trackers to heart rate monitors to smart refrigerators.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM)

Gone are the days when it was necessary to stick yourself in the finger every other hour just to survive. Today, systems like the Guardian Connect CGM, which is recommended by Diabetes Self-Management magazine online, take the guesswork – and the work – out of knowing your numbers. This system and many others like it keep a close watch on your glucose readings, which are stored on your mobile device via, in this case, the Sugar.IQ app, which is free.

The combination of a CGM and easy access to your readings, including timely alerts when your sugar levels get too high or too low, can help you manage your condition without interrupting your life. Fortunately, despite the lingering high prices of these devices, Medicare covers CGM for seniors and disabled people with the federally-funded insurance. Make sure to check with your provider if your preferred model is listed as a therapeutic CGM, which means that it is approved by the FDA and design with the express intent of helping individuals make decisions regarding their diabetes treatment.

Your smartphone

Another piece of technology that can help you take control of your diabetes without spending a dime is in your pocket right now. Your smartphone is a tool you cannot ignore. You may use your device to download apps, such as Runtasty. Android Police notes this app offers up healthy recipes for people with many different dietary restrictions. Use these meals as a starting point for your weekly grocery shopping excursion. You may find that you not only spend less money to fill your refrigerator but that you are also eating healthier without sacrificing taste.

As technology becomes integrated more and more into our lives, it only makes sense to use it for things that really matter. That includes taking care of your health. When you have diabetes, technology is a smart and accessible way to help manage your condition without draining your savings.


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