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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 01 February 2020
Sunday, 02 February 2020 14:57

FM Beach Town Hall Meeting

FMB Neighbors;
Click link below to see this Thursday's agenda at the 9am Town Council Management & Planning Session. One link is just the agenda, the next link is the back up material for those who want it.
They'll be discussing "Branding" our Town, the Sheriff's Captain Matt Herterick will be there to discuss traffic and public safety, a presentation on design concepts for Time Square, Bay Oaks, & Bayside Park (I hope a Veteran's Memorial is in there), town lights on Estero Blvd, amendment to the code regarding fences, walls gates..., review of listed uses for Places of Worship & Religious facilitates, Comp Plan & LDC scope review, Minor structure in the EC zone, compliance policy discussion (doesn't say what kind of compliance)
At the last meeting they said they were adding the rewritten NEW Island wide Ordinance on Vacating Public Right of Ways etc to this Planning Session, it was added late so its not on the agenda, but an important topic island wide and especially for those living near beach and bay accesses, or who have right of ways in your neighborhood. 
Tracey Gore
(239) 849-3603
Published in General/Features

ADAM SCHIFF, ALEXA SCHIFF, ERIC CIARAMALLA, MICHAEL ATKINSON. JOHN CARLIN, NANCY PELOSI, JERRY NADLER, all need to appear before a Federal Grand Jury to answer a few questions…as soon as the Impeachment process is over.

Adam Schiff, early on, stated under oath that he doesn’t know who the Whistle Blower is, that he never talked to him and he never met him. He also said that the Whistle Blower heard the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian President and told a 2nd NSI employee who told a third party who reported his concerns. That is exactly what Adam Schiff said and it’s probably true!?

ACIG Mike Atkinson, reported he took Eric Ciaramalla’s compliant even though it was not in accordance with Whistle Blower Rules that the complainant be 1st hand …so Atkinson changed the form to be able to take a noncompliant, complaint. Why? DOJ refused the complaint because it didn’t follow the “direct evidence” Rule so Atkinson took either Ciaramalla or just his complaint to Congress possibly with NSD Director John Carlin’s help.

Eric is reportedly the boyfriend of Adam Schiff’s daughter, Alexa . If that is true then the following all falls in place, nice and neatly making a perfect RICO case and makes very good sense…and it is a criminal conspiracy, several RICO predicate crimes.

Let’s call #1 the Whistle Blower, #2 the relay person and Eric… Schiff’s informant. I believe that Person #1 listened first hand to the two Presidents phone call. If he didn’t, it makes the case even better because it is then Fraud all the way through!  Person #1 told #2 that he believed the call was illegal. At this point I believe we have #1 and #2 (Dumb and Dumber) trying to figure out what to do as I am certain that neither #1 ,#2 or Eric had any idea what Quid Pro Quo means. They (1 &2), consult with someone and go to Eric (Dumber Yet) .

Eric tells his story to Alexa Schiff, Adam’s daughter, who absolutely has no Secret- Classified Clearance and absolutely no business knowing what two Presidents discussed privately.

It’s a Felony for Eric to tell Alexa anything NSI, it’s a Felony for Eric to leak, it’s probably a Felony for #1 to tell #2 to tell Eric! Just because they all work for an Intelligence Agency , an oxymoron, doesn’t mean they can talk about what the President says at the water cooler.

Alexa then told her Daddy…Adam Schiff, another Felony. Most Congressmen have no Security Clearances, none. Some on special committees do. Schiff violated numerous conditions that his clearances are based upon, leaking being high on the list!

What we have is two or more people, working to the same goal; to overthrow, impeach and remove a Duly Elected President and overturn our Constitutional Republic by Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Espionage and other predicate crimes and interfere in a Presidential Election to place their choice in the oval office, without any Direct evidence of a crime, violating the President’s Constitutional Rights under the 6th and 14th Amendments. They did so through a pattern of Racketeering Activity with the common goal to remove and replace a duly elected President with someone of their choosing.

They did this for the financial benefit of retaining their high paying jobs.

Mr President…this is not a game nor the time to show any compassion…direct AG Barr and Director Wray to do a Grand Jury investigation. We all heard your Attorneys declare how illegal the Impeachment is… even their attorney, Mr Dershowitz, said their actions violated the law and the Constitution…what more do we need? There must be consequences or there will never be an end to their illegal acts.

Also, don’t let James Comey or Hillary go…get them charged.


gary small

J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED

Retired Extremely Dangerous

Published in Politics
Saturday, 01 February 2020 20:12

FM Beach Town Hall Meeting On Monday Feb 3rd

Fort Myers Beach Neighbors;
Click link below to see this Monday's agenda at the Town Council meeting.
If any of these subjects concern you or your neighbors, come out and speak at public comment.
Please note they are rushing through an ordinance that would change the way we vacate OUR public property, it is basically a copy/paste from the City of Fort Myers - no rational or careful consideration or even discussion about why their ordinance should replace our current ordinance.
No mention of it on the agenda management.
The Dune Walkover Rehearing is also on the agenda and a number of other things. Check it out below.
(239) 849-3603
Published in News Around The Bay

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