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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 20:19

Caravan Puts Trump Legacy on the Line

Our mainstream media remain consumed with the grisly killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and how President Donald Trump will deal with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Understandably so, for this is the most riveting murder story since O.J. Simpson and has strategic implications across the Middle East.

Yet far more critical to the future of our civilization is the ongoing invasion of the West from the Third World.

Consider the impact of the decision by Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015 to throw open Germany's doors to 1 million refugees from Syria's civil war.

Last weekend, in a crushing blow to Merkel, the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister party of her CDU, won its smallest share of the vote in half a century, 37 percent. Her coalition party, the SPD, saw its share of the Bavarian vote fall to a historic low of less than 10 percent.

The right-wing Alternative for Deutchland saw its support rise to 10 percent and has become a force in German politics. Some conservatives are urging the CDU to adopt the AfD hardline on illegal immigration.

The message sent by the Bavarian electorate is the message voters across Europe have been sending to their own capitals for years: You are failing in your first duty -- defense of the homeland from foreign invasion. Mass migration of unassimilable peoples and cultures from a global South represents an existential threat to our Europe.

As Merkel's chancellorship approaches its end, French President Emmanuel Macron, her progressive EU partner, has seen his approval fall to below 30 percent.

The U.S.-led NATO alliance may guard the Baltic and Black Sea regions against a Russian invasion from the east. But in Central, Southern and Western Europe, the more feared invaders are the peoples of Africa and the Muslim world, whose numbers are expected to triple or quadruple by this century's end.

And as their numbers grow, so, too, does their desperation to escape, even at risk of their lives, the poverty, wars and repression of their homelands to cross the Med and fill the empty spaces left by a depopulating Europe.
It also now appears that the U.S. elections, not three weeks away, may be affected by another immigration crisis on the U.S. border.

As of Thursday, a caravan of 4,000 refugees without visas had crossed from Honduras into Guatemala and was heading toward Mexico. By Election Day, it will either have been stopped, or it will be here. And this caravan is a portent of things to come.

According to The Washington Post, during FY 2018, which ended last month, 107,212 members of "family units" crossed over into the U.S., "obliterating the previous record of 77,857 set in 2016."

Citing DHS figures, the Post adds, "Border patrol agents arrested 16,658 family members in September alone, the highest one-month total on record and an 80 percent increase from July."

When Trump, under intense political fire, ended his "zero tolerance" policy of separating refugees from their children, this message went out to Mexico and Central America:

Bring your kids with you when you cross the border. They will have to stay with you, and they cannot be held for more than 20 days. Thus, when they are released, you will be released to await a hearing on your claim of asylum. The odds are excellent that you can vanish into the U.S. population and never be sent back.

Enraged, Trump has threatened to cut off aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala if they do not stop the caravans and has warned Mexico he will use the U.S. military to secure our border.
Unwanted mass migration is the issue of our time, as there is no foreseeable end to it before it alters America irremediably.

As these migrants are almost all poor, not highly skilled, and do not speak English, most will join that segment of our population that pays no income taxes but qualifies for social welfare benefits like food stamps, medical care and free education in our public schools.

They are thus a net drain upon the resources of a nation that is already, at full employment, running a deficit of $779 billion a year.

These migrants, however, are a present and future benefit to the Democratic Party that built and maintains our mammoth welfare state, and which, in presidential elections, routinely wins 70 to 90 percent of the votes of people whose trace their ancestry to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Not without reason, Democrats believe that if they can change the composition of the American electorate, they can control America forever.

If Donald Trump was elected on any one issue, it was immigration and his promises to secure the border, build the wall and halt the invasion.

How he deals with the impending crisis of the migrant caravan may affect both the fate of his party in November and his presidency in 2020.

Patrick J. Buchanan

Published in Politics
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 20:16

Walk Away from Counterfeit Indians


          Elizabeth Warren's identity crisis should doom the left's exploitation of racist identity politics.

          The U.S. senator's disastrous 23andMe reveal opened a bottomless well of social media memes, including a satirical #MeSioux movement and a goldfish claiming stature as 1/1024 great white shark.

          Fun at the wannabe president's expense should linger as a serious and disruptive mood that improves the culture's political trajectory.

          Warren, D-Mass., isn't the first Caucasian to feign minority status. Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill falsely identified as a Native American at the University of Colorado-Boulder, before the school fired him in 2007 on charges of research misconduct, plagiarism and exploiting a false identity.

          As an Africana Studies instructor at Eastern Washington University, Rachel Dolezal colored her skin and faked being black. She led a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's chapter in Washington state before a reporter outed her as white in 2015.

          German actress Martina Big commissioned a medical procedure in 2017 to transition from white to black.

          Dolezal wants "transracialism" accepted like the transgender movement. Critics see the likes of Dolezal and Big as frauds in blackface.

          Regardless, the Warren sham and other "I'm-not-white" dramas cast light on a racist sociopolitical fungus growing in obscure literature and classrooms of modern Academe.

          The insidious movement toward identity politics advocates a social economy that places a high value on victim status while blaming achievers for problems of the aggrieved. It foments hostilities toward majority demographics that could make Caucasians want to crawl out of their skin.

          "White domination is so complete that even American Indian children want to be cowboys. It's as if Jewish children wanted to play Nazis," wrote then-professor Churchill in his book "Fantasies of the Master Race."

          "The hard truth about our criminal justice system: It's racist. I mean front to back," said Warren, in a recent lecture at Dillard University in New Orleans.

          "There's a black and white divide, and I stand unapologetically on the black side of that divide with my own internal sense of self and my values ... and with the greater cause of really undoing the myth of white supremacy," said Dolezal in a 2017 interview with NBC News.

          Blacks, American Indians and other ethnic minorities have historically struggled in the United States. Enlightened Americans of all backgrounds crave eradication of injustice. Toward that end, they fought the Civil War, passed civil rights laws and enacted affirmative action. Like poverty, hatred always survives. Only through unity and love can we keep it at the margins.

          Warren and minions of lesser-known promoters of identity politics show no interest in a culture of loving solidarity. They prefer segmenting humanity like breeders at a dog show. After demonizing the traditionally predominant demographic, to promote division and victimization, they resent being part of it. In extreme cases, they invent for themselves a grievance identity and pursue the phony empowerment they assign it. They can attain minority status by checking a box, without enduring life on a reservation or other hardships they blame on whites and claim to worry about.

          Living out their fantasies, ethnic identity thieves consume accommodations intended for those who endure the obstacles endemic to authentic minority circumstances. When media questioned Harvard Law School about its all-white faculty in 1997, the administration denied the premise. Law School spokesman Mike Chmura assured the Harvard Crimson the faculty wasn't all white, because professor Warren is "Native American." Fordham's law review labeled Warren a "woman of color."

          Satisfied Warren fulfilled the minority quotient, Harvard had no problem to solve. Recruiting a minority was not important, because they had professor Elizabeth Warren.

          White Americans are not "persons of color" for knowledge of minute traces of minority DNA in their blood. They enjoy full white privilege and suffer none of the challenges unique to minority demographics.

          Fake minorities should remind us all to focus more on character and talent than immutable traits that become less relevant as the culture pursues equal justice. Counterfeit Indians highlight the need to walk away. Say no to the racist curse of identity politics in all aspects of life.

Published in Politics

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